Wanie's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's main topic was "Cinta 11 tahun menunggu"
awwww.. so freaking funneyh!

Today's were Azizi's open house, Wanie's Open House and Khairul's Open house.

At Azizi's, we talked about yesterday's incident.
and then his mother start asking us where are we from, and what are we been doing.
(ok! dah macam cari jodoh~ biasa dah di kampung pun macam gini haha)
Then, surprisingly Azizi and me has the same hometown!!!!!
Bukit Katil, Ya Allah, the world is too small. After sooo many yearsss... just knew it now.

Then at Wanie's house, finally meeting Amal, Izan and Farra!
awwwww.. miss them so muchhhhhhh!!! as in.. soooo much!!!
(how come we BFF always miss each other so badly?)
Wanie didn't treat us the whole time though, she was too busy doing.... doing... doing.. what was she busy about again? ;p
And Wanie treated her college-mates a lot, but we didn't mind though, she did the right thing anyway..

And then off to Nik Khairul's house.
The topic was CARS!!! It was boring cuz the guys kept on dragging the topic until the end, but it was cool to know all those effin' expensive cars!
after that conversation, I have a high taste in cars alreadyyy!
Okay, suddenly I want an SLK! ;p

It was quite fun though only a few of us were there. Not all can join cuz it is saturday, supposed to be a family day ;)
The reason why it was '11 tahun' is because of Farra and Azwan ♥ (omo! did I just said it in public? -yeah i did!)

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