7G 8th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hahahahahaahahahahahah! 8th hangout! Freaking Cool!
We are having a Hot Times together! ^_^

Okay! Today we all went to The Curve. First time I went to The Curve. It is sooooo big!
We went for Karaoke again, at Redbox. (adoi! asyik2 karaoke aje)
Amal, Farra, Soya, Farizan, Najah, Wanie, Masd joined today! Finally Masd joined. Haha!

At the redbox, we had soooooo much fun before Najah's guy arrive. (kuikuikui)
Starter song was 2PM's I'll Be Back. Damn! We totally hit the floor with our so-not-shuffle!
But it was sooo fun! Very2 fun! Let's shuffle weirdly again next time hehe
And then we sang to a few songs, as usual Bieber's song is a must! ♥ Somebody to loooooveeee.. haha!

Then after Najah's BF(so-called-H) arrived, we sat down so innocently. muhuhahah
We are not used around boys (yeah right! LOL) tipu je tu~
Najah even brought 2 more boys. Damn! Not cool, man! (Apehal aku asyik mencarut je ni?)
Then, we sang a few more songs, after the boys took over.
Got to admit, the boys' songs were VERY classy *tangan di dada, mata ke atas* (mmg tak ah!)

Oh! by the way, foods at Redbox@Thecurve were NOT nice! I mean..it was okay, but not as nice as buffet in Pavi. Kahkahkahkah!
And then, they don't wanna go home yet, because it's still early. So we decided to watch a movie. Planning to watch 'Tron' or 'Narnia', but we end up watching 'A Soul To Take'. It's a horror movie, and it was Okay. Horror movies, duhh!
Before that we went to solat, and took a few pictures..

We were just about to go home quite early, but then Farra dragged us to eat IKEA's meatballs. It was VERY  delicious, fantastic, elastic~ hahaha. I mean it is freaking good!
I wanna eat that meatballs again! Jebal!

We go home around 7:30pm something like that... Anak dara balik rumah maghrib?
I'm not a kid anymore. I am a grown up! But without my own money. Muhuahahha

It was a very very awesome super duper freaking happy day to me and all of us!
Just wish that all 10 members of 7G were there, it will make the day perfect!
We miss Myra a lot! Haven't seen her for a while..

More to come! Hot Times! ♥

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Jeff Oppa T_T

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Had a great and fun Morning Coffee with Hyesung-sshi..
Espresso Macchiato! Her favourite coffee. :)

Peter Shankar's class. Accounting presentation....was a DISASTER!! o_o
I am totally NOT satisfied with our performances.. T_T


Today we all B.O.Ds went to have fun with Jeff Oppa and Hyesung-sshi for the last time..
Jeff oppa will be going back to Korea for good, since he have to further his studies~
말이 돼...!!?? 24 and still studying~ haish~
Hyesung-sshi will be finishing soon too.. And will be going back to Korea this end of year. T_T
WAE!!?? Kajima seyo!

We went to Noraebang to have a farewell party~ ^_^
With Kak Syaz, Huishian, Sandra, the two new intern... (err.. their names.. err..alamak!)

Hyesung-sshi, Kak Ziera, and me are the wildest!! hahaha.. We sing and dance a lot!! haha although I am wearing baju kurung -_-"
And we get to hear Jeff sings.. buhuhahahaha... *sgt suka*

Just can't stop being proud when Hyesung-sshi asked me 'Is your hometown, Seoul?' hahaha
Sounds sarcastic though!!! tch tch tch!
And Jeff said that 'Ira is the first name that I remember, because it's so easy' and keep saying my name 'Ira! Ira Ira!'  tch! Sarcastic!!
Yah!! Try saying my full name then!!? Aigoo...

oh! and the new guy intern was so............ err... genial... and... err.. friendly... LOL
something like that. We get along pretty fast. And he's 30 years old.. Ajuhsshi? hehehe aniya aniya!
He is just too nice! ^_^

And due to my curfew, I have to go home early T_T I bet the others had more fun that me :)
I went home with Kak Shaz~ Gomawo yo sending me home! ^_^
They said Oppa shuffle to 2PM? hahahaha.. tak tahu malu juge dia tu ye~

It was a lot of fun hanging out with them, because they love to play around... and I get to speak Korean more often... but still.. need to major my "formal korean", because I keep saying informal korean with them.. Not good. Jeff chide me though, because I said 'Gomapta' and he said 'It's Gomapseumnida' hahaha.. aigoo~ tch tch tch.. though he was just joking, but I just took it seriously~

We all SURELY will miss Hyesung-shhi and Jeff oppa, because they're like a family to us already...

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7G 7th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Monday, December 13, 2010

Breakfast + Wangsa Walk.

9:00am and RM2.40 in my wallet.
Farra, Farizan, Soya, Sya and me had our breakfast at usual place, Kayu~~
hehehe.. We get chocolates from Farra.
At that time, we are SERIOUSLY full!!!

And a very3 interesting thing happened today!
We get to humiliate Soya, because she humiliated herself at the first place..kahkahkahkah
She called the mamak 'err.. Mak~' as in 'mamak'
and we were like.. "buhuahahhahaha!! FARAH SOYA! what did u just called him?"
Damn funny! Just can't stop laughing when we just only hear the word 'mak' very clearly!
And Wanie dropped by to say goodbye to us, since she's going to Singapore for holiday with family.

11:00am and RM0 in my wallet.
Nothing much to do, so we just go for a drive...
And got lost in Wangsa Maju... hahahahaha!

Lastly, we found Wangsa Walk. Haha

Then we went to eat Wafer at A&W (like I said, we are FULL, but Sya keep buying us foods to eat.Haiz~)
I should have said 'Farizan pun~ bila kau nak bayar hutang kan pun aku~?' when asking for money~ hahahaha

And then Izan found Sya's muka bersepah! hahahahaha
We take pictures with a stuff animal that resemble us...konon~

1:00pm and RM26 in my wallet.
(because Izan ada hutang kan pun dgn aku~)
So suddenly I have money in my wallet when I get home. Haha!

It was so nice to hang out with them.. I have the reason to laugh when I am with them...

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Korean Dayout!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today, I went out with Ieyla, Aliea and Niera.
We went to a Korean shops and Korean restaurant.
The restaurant name is "B. Station"
I heard of this restaurant before, but I didn't know that the place was this near. haha!

We all ate Chicken Teriyaki. It was pretty delicious though.
Teriyaki is okay than Kimchi.. LOL! (Mianhae Koreans~)
Then after that, we saw a ChristmasTree-look-a-like, with polaroids hanging at it.
I was like "let's take some polaroids!"
We took 2 polaroids, and brought one home. cool! Other one, we hang it at the tree.
and we get to decorate our polaroids with some cute stickers ^_^ and "my awful" handwritings! -_-

Wanna go there with 7G! and take polaroids together! :)
and Rowena, Alia and Jocelyn too!! And I will try to bring Lyna along when she come! ^_^

really had fun with dongsaengs today! :)

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7G 6th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kekeke.. Ice Skating lagi! \(",)/
And today only 5 of us!
Sya, Najah, Wanie, Farizan and Me~ hehe
We had a great time, and again... since we are not 'pro' enough to play ice skating, will definitely fall! and get injuries~ hehe
oh~ Najah didn't join us for skating, because she was late.
Sya fainted though.. in front of my eyes o_o weird~
she was like seret/geser/sagat her face at the ice, I thought she was too embarrass when falling down, so she tried to cover down her face, but she actually fainted. FAINT!!
I was like.. helping her and sat down on the ice together with her(peeeh~ gile cold!) so that it will look less obvious (erk? Technically, more obvious!)
Wanie and Farizan came to us with a laughing+worried faces.

Then a wheel chair came to the rescue ~~ weeee~ ^_^
But since Sya is a "shy" girl, she refused to take the wheel chair and tried to get up.
And she did!

Then after that, I took another 3 rounds of skate, before we leave for Fullhouse!! :)
I haven't been there for like..... never! except for one time, with them. I am totally in love with that restaurant, although the food taste wasn't that 5 star, but the place is fantastic!
Again, we took pictures there.. gile cool!

After that we accompanied Soya and Icha for some New Zealand Ice Cream before went home..

Another experience of ice skating, with some "tragedy" from Sya.. hehe.
Wanna go again! And will go when it is NOT a school holiday.
Too expensive! huh!

I am OUT Of MONEY because of 7G Hangouts T_T,

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Irah Aizi
Monday, December 06, 2010

Niat dihati nak pergi tengok KimHyunjoong, but end up taking picture with 8tv crews. LOL!
(i look fat with that dress)
What were their names again? Baki is it? and.. Mike? Ha! Ye kot?

Anyway!!!! HE IS SOOOOO HANDSOME!! I mean Kimhyunjoong!

He is sooooooooooooo white and and and.. kyaaaa......!!!!
(Haish! I need DSLR!! PLEASE lah!!! Phone camera is awful!)

Jya! clear pictures of him. (This is when he said 'don't push and stay calm' with a hand gesture. He is just too adorable!)
Picture credit to Hyuniversal.

And Hanan get to meet Jay Park! I wanna see Jay Park as well!
Hanan-yah~ Lucky you!!! ♥

Last but not least, Hyunjoong is a handsome guy! Haha

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Inspiring Korean Night 2010

Irah Aizi
Thursday, December 02, 2010

First of all, this is our SKC Family!!! ^_^
With our 'appa', 'oppa' and 'eonni' ! Hehe

It was in Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. And I came with Rowena and Alia! from college.. hehe

It was an awesome night!! I get to see Zizan Nin sooooo close!!
Kyaaa... he is sooooo short but cute!!! ♥

Mawi and Ekin were there too along with Dafi.
Again, Mawi, Epsilon, Wakaka Crew and others performed.. It was very nice!
Get to meet Hyesung-sshi again!! oh~ I just miss her!

It was unfortunate, because I can't get to sit with Rowena and Alia.
Because I am the director, right? kekeke
I get to sit infront! haha! And again, I met Sophia Ridza.. haha! Sangat Comel!
We joked around and laughed... owh, don't forget, we screamed together as well!

Oh! Scandal! haha!
I said out loud 'He is mine!' (pointing to Jeff Oppa) because I wanna joke around with Hyesung Eonni. Hyesung Eonni kept saying "You miss Wooseok-sshi, right?", that annoyed me and I end up, spilled out saying I like Jeff Oppa. Aigoo... It was a misunderstanding, ok? Hehe.. (Just don't want to get awkward when meeting Oppa again) So to clarify things, Jeff Oppa is like an Oppa to me :) Same as Ziera Eonni ^_^
Though we took pictures with Jeff Oppa a lot!! Buhuhahaha!
My fault? that he can't do his job? LOL

I met Aida-Eonni again! She looked very stunning tonight! Haha. Well, I looked stunning too! :p
We ate soooo many foods!!! I am extremely happy and full tonight! Kekeke

It was an AWESOME night! Hopefully KTO will held events like this again!

SKC BOD Family Jjang! ♥

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