Jeff Oppa T_T

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Had a great and fun Morning Coffee with Hyesung-sshi..
Espresso Macchiato! Her favourite coffee. :)

Peter Shankar's class. Accounting presentation....was a DISASTER!! o_o
I am totally NOT satisfied with our performances.. T_T


Today we all B.O.Ds went to have fun with Jeff Oppa and Hyesung-sshi for the last time..
Jeff oppa will be going back to Korea for good, since he have to further his studies~
말이 돼...!!?? 24 and still studying~ haish~
Hyesung-sshi will be finishing soon too.. And will be going back to Korea this end of year. T_T
WAE!!?? Kajima seyo!

We went to Noraebang to have a farewell party~ ^_^
With Kak Syaz, Huishian, Sandra, the two new intern... (err.. their names.. err..alamak!)

Hyesung-sshi, Kak Ziera, and me are the wildest!! hahaha.. We sing and dance a lot!! haha although I am wearing baju kurung -_-"
And we get to hear Jeff sings.. buhuhahahaha... *sgt suka*

Just can't stop being proud when Hyesung-sshi asked me 'Is your hometown, Seoul?' hahaha
Sounds sarcastic though!!! tch tch tch!
And Jeff said that 'Ira is the first name that I remember, because it's so easy' and keep saying my name 'Ira! Ira Ira!'  tch! Sarcastic!!
Yah!! Try saying my full name then!!? Aigoo...

oh! and the new guy intern was so............ err... genial... and... err.. friendly... LOL
something like that. We get along pretty fast. And he's 30 years old.. Ajuhsshi? hehehe aniya aniya!
He is just too nice! ^_^

And due to my curfew, I have to go home early T_T I bet the others had more fun that me :)
I went home with Kak Shaz~ Gomawo yo sending me home! ^_^
They said Oppa shuffle to 2PM? hahahaha.. tak tahu malu juge dia tu ye~

It was a lot of fun hanging out with them, because they love to play around... and I get to speak Korean more often... but still.. need to major my "formal korean", because I keep saying informal korean with them.. Not good. Jeff chide me though, because I said 'Gomapta' and he said 'It's Gomapseumnida' hahaha.. aigoo~ tch tch tch.. though he was just joking, but I just took it seriously~

We all SURELY will miss Hyesung-shhi and Jeff oppa, because they're like a family to us already...

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