Inspiring Korean Night 2010

Irah Aizi
Thursday, December 02, 2010

First of all, this is our SKC Family!!! ^_^
With our 'appa', 'oppa' and 'eonni' ! Hehe

It was in Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. And I came with Rowena and Alia! from college.. hehe

It was an awesome night!! I get to see Zizan Nin sooooo close!!
Kyaaa... he is sooooo short but cute!!! ♥

Mawi and Ekin were there too along with Dafi.
Again, Mawi, Epsilon, Wakaka Crew and others performed.. It was very nice!
Get to meet Hyesung-sshi again!! oh~ I just miss her!

It was unfortunate, because I can't get to sit with Rowena and Alia.
Because I am the director, right? kekeke
I get to sit infront! haha! And again, I met Sophia Ridza.. haha! Sangat Comel!
We joked around and laughed... owh, don't forget, we screamed together as well!

Oh! Scandal! haha!
I said out loud 'He is mine!' (pointing to Jeff Oppa) because I wanna joke around with Hyesung Eonni. Hyesung Eonni kept saying "You miss Wooseok-sshi, right?", that annoyed me and I end up, spilled out saying I like Jeff Oppa. Aigoo... It was a misunderstanding, ok? Hehe.. (Just don't want to get awkward when meeting Oppa again) So to clarify things, Jeff Oppa is like an Oppa to me :) Same as Ziera Eonni ^_^
Though we took pictures with Jeff Oppa a lot!! Buhuhahaha!
My fault? that he can't do his job? LOL

I met Aida-Eonni again! She looked very stunning tonight! Haha. Well, I looked stunning too! :p
We ate soooo many foods!!! I am extremely happy and full tonight! Kekeke

It was an AWESOME night! Hopefully KTO will held events like this again!

SKC BOD Family Jjang! ♥

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