7G 6th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kekeke.. Ice Skating lagi! \(",)/
And today only 5 of us!
Sya, Najah, Wanie, Farizan and Me~ hehe
We had a great time, and again... since we are not 'pro' enough to play ice skating, will definitely fall! and get injuries~ hehe
oh~ Najah didn't join us for skating, because she was late.
Sya fainted though.. in front of my eyes o_o weird~
she was like seret/geser/sagat her face at the ice, I thought she was too embarrass when falling down, so she tried to cover down her face, but she actually fainted. FAINT!!
I was like.. helping her and sat down on the ice together with her(peeeh~ gile cold!) so that it will look less obvious (erk? Technically, more obvious!)
Wanie and Farizan came to us with a laughing+worried faces.

Then a wheel chair came to the rescue ~~ weeee~ ^_^
But since Sya is a "shy" girl, she refused to take the wheel chair and tried to get up.
And she did!

Then after that, I took another 3 rounds of skate, before we leave for Fullhouse!! :)
I haven't been there for like..... never! except for one time, with them. I am totally in love with that restaurant, although the food taste wasn't that 5 star, but the place is fantastic!
Again, we took pictures there.. gile cool!

After that we accompanied Soya and Icha for some New Zealand Ice Cream before went home..

Another experience of ice skating, with some "tragedy" from Sya.. hehe.
Wanna go again! And will go when it is NOT a school holiday.
Too expensive! huh!

I am OUT Of MONEY because of 7G Hangouts T_T,

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3 Response to "7G 6th Hangout"

  1. sya says:
    December 12, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    jgn risau..kite x pernah lupe bace blog awak sayang.. <3

    ohh terime kaseh ye sebab same2"join duduk" dekat ice yg sejuk gile tu untuk melmbangkan yg "eh eh mane ade kite jatuh lalu pengsan utk beberapa saat..kitrg cume duduk borak2 jela..kitrg mmg suke borak tgh2 laman ni!nk perhatiankan"haha..

    oh saya tidak boleh menafikan sayang saye ni kepada awk.. <3

  2. FarraFeezar Says:
    December 12, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    haaaah besst gile korg lepaking! sumpahh nak join dowh!! 1st time nieh aku xjoin korg hang out time holiday!! ahahhaha next tolonglaa complete weyh wahai 7g!! love u with all my heart! the best bestfriend ever!

  3. Irah Aizi says:
    December 12, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    sya : haaa! sayangi la saye pun~~ baguuih3~
    tula.. kite kan mmg suke sgt duduk bersama2, 7G kan, kalau tak stop tengah jalan tak sah kan! hahaha

    farra : tu la! hopefully cukup 10!! tapi si sapikah ni nk balik mpung gi kenduri pulak~ haiz~