I am 'BadLuck' T_T

Irah Aizi
Friday, February 27, 2009

WHY??? Why??? Why am I always get bad luck...

Firstly, I am a bad luck in my Family... I am the ONLY girl [besides my Little sister] in the family, so Omma and Appa expected me to do the HOUSE Chores. Even my Brother's room, I am the one that cleanes it. [What the heck?] Well, and ALL DAY Omma and Appa will say that I am useless, and won't help her out...dead I TRIED already... everyday, I wash the clothes, and EVERY NIGHT I wash the dishes.. but still.... I still got scolded by Omma...
I am like a turtle.. I can't work correctly and fastly... [The turtle is cute.. Thanks Sya!LOL]

Secondly, I am sad of my friends...
Well, In my grouppp, I think I am the saddest... On My birthday, idk... I feel... well... unhappy.. [That's the only proper word I Have] On my Birthday at Nando's [though th food is tasty] I think my friends didn't talk to me much.. Since FarahTerung,FarahLaut,Sya and MasD were BUSY with their BOYS OVER FLOWER!! Joonpyo!! I Hate You!!! [Wae Kkapchagi???]
While, Farra, Amal, Wanie and Farizan were BUSY with their on stuff... [I am not sure, since I only listen to the Loudest group one, which is the Boys Over Flower Group]
Maybe, I am the Boring-est member in the group... Maybe... Maybe...

Wae!? Wae!?Wae!?

Now, I am Bad Luck because I FAILED my Driving test.. TWICE!
Ya Allah! Apakah Hikmah disebalik semua Ini???

Well, at least I met NASREEN ZAKY at the driving school!!! I miss her... [Too bad I failed, so have to go home earlier.. I hope I get to spend more time with her... oh, and she failed too]
But what's that got to do with me???I FAILED TWICE!! She only failed once...
Ah~ Sad...
If we failed on the test, we need to repeat it back, and have to pay RM130 for booking fees. I Paid already... and now I fail.. so... need to pay another RM130...
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
Ya Allah, Apakah Nasibku??


Will appa pay another RM130??? Will I pass the next test??


I am DEAD!!!


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February CF ^_^

Irah Aizi
Friday, February 13, 2009

~IraSya Band Fake CF~

IraSya Band Is getting famous around the Asia and will steal the title 'BestOfAsia' from BoA as said by their Manager, Mr. Kliwon. (Hahahah.. I am dead laugh to this one)

Recently, IraSya Band has signed a contract with two company and will be the Main Model for Anycall-Not-so-haptic (No offense to Anycall, I am just joking! Please don't Press Charge me! Sorry) and Kliwon ChikedisTM for one month straight. After the new advertistment of Kliwon ChikedisTM has realesed, Kliwon Chikedis sold out for just one week. The Kliwon ChikedisTM has been the No.1 Best Chikedis in whole Asia. Kliwon ChikedisTM is now available in Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. (Hahahahahaha... I can't stop laughing!!!)

IraSya Band also will held their first Asia Tour Concert around the Asia including Korea, Japan, China and Malaysia. (Hahahaha.. This is killing me!!!) The first concert will be held in Padang Sekolah Bukit Indah, Malaysia. And the tickets is half sold in just 5 minutes. IraSya Band Fever is spreading to the whole Asia. (Bwhahahahahhaha.. My head went crazy!!)

Some sources said that their album sold out through out the Asia and Europe and has reached to USD150,000000 and they will be the top 10 of the Milionaire of the world beating Nadia Hilton. (I wish!! I wish! Nadia Hilton?? Kahkahkahkahkah)

Sources form SyaeRa@KliwonNews

Just JOKING!!!!
Okay.. this how MY day goes...

>_o Cha Cha Cha~
WInk Wink~~

Today, Sya went to my house again...
We do OUR Job, and that is SNAP pictures.

Jubah and Baju Kurung Model
I looked like a model, but Sya.... I don't know...

Ah! We acted like a 'Maling' again!!!
Today we stole Omma's Kari Daging and Rice.

Yum..yum... (Drooling)

It goes like this,
Ira : *while taking the Kari* Yah! Sya! Palli!! Before Omma's back.
Sya : Maling again?? Hahahaha...
Ira : Hmm.. What to take again?
Sya : Water? Where is the ice??
Ira : Inside the fridge la!!
Sya : I dunno how to do this???
Ira : Just put the Ice inside the cup la...
Sya : Yah!! Omma's back! I go upstairs first!!
Ira : YAH!! YAH!! What about the water??? Aissh...

Ampunilah dosa2 Kami!

Well, before we eat, we online for a while.
Online our YM, chatted with Anya and.... ??
Well, not sure, ask Sya who she chatted with,
because I am busy downstairs do the Laundry and Cleaning the Kitchen.
Seems like Sya is the LandLady and Ira is the House Maid.

Wuuuh, So tired I am...
Omma cooked and she left all the stuff she trashed while she cook...
And I am the one who cleaned it all up.

Owh, before ALL of the above happened, we caught a few Crazy Pictures.

1-Pink February Girls
(Jijik..Jijik...Jijik.. Hahahahha. I can't accept this!! Aaaa...)
Nadia has the Sya's Baju too.. Well, the Baju is mine
I wore Sya's dress, Sya wore my dress. ^_^

2-The February Black
We are white, just the Jubahs are Black..
Oh man.. Sya's tududng ruined the Title... *_*

Hhahahhaha.. X_X

3- Coming Home From Kuliah Subuh
(Aren't we a good girls.. Well, February Girl always the nicest.. Hehehe)

4- The February Good Girls
Sya, did u remember what the Ustaz tought us at the Kuliah subuh?? Because after I read this Japaese book, I think I lost everything. X_X

And lastly, We discover a MERMAID in my Room!!!
Well, Sya said it is Dugong, O_o
But I said it is Duyung!

This mermaid is Clever, she can READ books!!
I am Going to be RICH!!
LOL...LOL... Bwahahahahahhaha..

February girls CAN'T be stop!!!
They CONTROL this February..

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♫February Debut♫ ^_^

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♪IraSya Band♪

Name : Kim I Ra
Stage Name : Ira
Date Of birth : 19th February 1991
Age : 18
Place of birth : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Position : Main Rapper and Main Drummer
Talent : Rapping, Dancing, Chemistry, Mathematics
Past experiences : Participate in a English Drama Competition Peringkat Daerah, Participate in a Dance Competition in her Room ^_^, Performing songs in her Room.

Name : Sya
Stage Name : Baby Sya
Date of birth : 05th February 1991
Age : 18
Place of birth : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Position : Main Vocalist and Main Guitarist
Talent : Singing O_O, Smiling, Gossiping, Biology
Past experiences : Got an 'A' in her English For Science and Technology, Singing in front of 7G Judge, DJ for 'WhoHasAGreatGossipCallMe' Radio Station.


Actually the story goes like this ^_^

>_0 Wink~ Wink~
Cha Cha Cha
Sya went to my house this morning, She came about 7:45 AM. Sya came and we online our YM and Sya chatted with Anya and Hazim...

We had breakfast together.
We ate Omma's Leftovers Nasi Lemak together.

At first, we were waiting for Both my Oppas go to class.
While Omma was sending My Second Oppa to class, Sya and me went downstairs...

Sya : Rebus the 'Telur Rebus'
Ira : Heat up the Nasi and Sambal

We were like Maling!! or in english we call thief.
Hahahha.. Seems like we are stealing the Nasi Lemak while Omma's not at home.

And then Omma went home,
Sya : Yah! Omma is back!!
Ira : AH!! Take this upstairs quickly before Omma sees us!
Sya : Oi, What are we? Thief??
Ira : Bwahahahahahha
Then we went upstairs mencicitly. ^_^

We had our breakfast in my room, we not only ate Nasi Lemak, but we also had some Garlic Bread and Telur Separuh Masak.

Woaaah! We do eat a lot!!! @_@

And then It's tme to do the usuall thing we always do,
Took Pictures laa!!!

1-Pic Of the Day!

2-Let's Jam~~ ^_^

3-suddenly become WEIRDO!!
Owh, behind me is the Nasi Lemak if you see.. Heeee

4-Suddenly playing the Gambus O_O"

Hahahahahhahaha.... ^_^

Well, we had fun!! And I wish that MY 7G Group will form One Band!
WE?? Play musics?? X_X
No Way!! LMAOooo..

Actually the Main reason Sya came to my house is because WE ARE MAJOR BORING staying at home!

This Year is MY

♥♥BestFriend Year♥♥

I Do hang out MOST with my BestFriends~~

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Boring Day

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As usual, today is a NORMAL day for me...

I didn't do anything special, although today was HOLIDAY!
I didn't even text with my dongsaengs Aliea or Ieyla...
We were supposed to meet each other today but no offense to Omma, she always the laziest to send her kids somewhere...

Huh~ (Sigh)

Well, first of all I woke up at 2 PM.... (I know it is SO late, but for me and my family that's usual thing I always do.. O_O )
And then I wash up... Shampoo.... brushed my teeth.... and put some cloths on...

Then I went down stairs, I noticed that my Omma wasn't at home and so did Appa and Umairah(My lil sis)...
Then.... Dududud ~ I am free to online my YM using the downstair's PC...
That's my Appa's PC though, cannot use it anytime I want...
So when appa isn't home, I use the PC! Wuuuhuuu~

I chat with Yongmi-sshi, she already done with some icons for me.
TWO Icons of my pictures. She is soo talented at PS-ing.
Then she asked me for some help too, to find DBSK's Picture.
And I found it! LOL Lucky Me!
Then she went to cut the chillies, her mom asked her to... And I wait.. and wait...
Then she come back and we keep YM-ing...

And then Appa and Omma are back, they brought KFC!!!
I ate one pisces of chicken only! And some coleslaw with Cheezy wedges!!

I watched Music bank, but it was raining this evenig, so the satelite is a bit dow, can't watch FULL Music Bank.
I think I only miss SeungRi's Strong Baby performance and BaekJiYong's new Song...
This week SNSD's Gee won...
Since I can't watch astro at the rainy time, I watch SpaQ instead...
Kinda lame, but I still watched it..
But I think today I didn't see "Abang, abang tau tak..??" girl.. LOL

I ate anothe pisces of chicken again! With some mash potatoes and coleslaw.

Well, I am not sure what I did after that... LOL... Sorry, Ira The Short Term Girl is BACK!

I watched JK Hitz at MTV. I watched DBSK's Wrong Number MV... and then Omma changed the channel... SO Sad...~~

I ate Satay and some Mee Hailam, appa brought home for dinner.
And then Omma forced me to Eat her Nasi Lemak.
I am already full, but i ATE it half plate! Kyaaaa~~ Burp! Owh, Excuse me! ^_^

I watched Entertainment Weekly at KBS, I only get to watched the ChweGo Minam(Hot Guys) part and some One day with SNSD part. Then Appa went home...
Bi(Rain) got no.3 of Hot Guys! Hehehe

Well, then I went to bed...~

But before that I updated blog and onlined my YM for a while...

THE END! 10th February!

Kinda boring day but it is NORMAL to me!

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♥Sya's Party♥

Irah Aizi
Friday, February 06, 2009

Sya's Surprise Party
Arranged by : Nadia,MasD,Anya and Ira

Well, a day before her birthday, WE ALL friends were teasing her. Pretend that we forgot her birthday.
All of us wrote statuses on Our YM
"Tomorrow will be the same day"
"Tomorrow will be Boring"

"Who's birthday tomorrow??? I Don't know"
and stuff..


And at the same time, Nadia, MasD, Anya and Me were at the conference,
Ira : U guys, want to celebrate Sya's birthday or not?
Nadia : SURE!! Naili's!! And Dinner!!!
MasD : Yeah! Sure!
Ira : OK! I'll ask Sya if she's free...
MasD : YAH! Why tell her? Stupid, surprise la!!!
Ira : O_O
Nadia : Hahaha.. OK! Ask Anya to distract her and stuff..
Then, Anya joined the conference,
Ira : Anya,we want to do surprise party for Sya
Anya : OK! Set!!

Anya incharge on cake and bringing Sya to Naili's
Ira incharge on asking Sya to a private Dinner of two
(Sya and Ira only)
Nadia incharge on Booking and be there earlier
MasD incharge on bringing friends over
(Well, supposedly, Anya was the one that booked the place, but it turned out Nadia did)

So, All are here at Naili's already, except for Sya,Anya and Along.

And the she CAME.... *_*
WoOt!!! She was like 'Where's your Appa??' at her car..
Since I said that my Appa would be sending me here..

Then we went upstairs....
Dudududud~~~ (Drumrolls)

I was the one who drag her upstairs and then......

All of Us are here!! Sya was like...
and then she smiled happily..
"Waa. Can't believe this! ^_^ *shy smile*" (owh, she did say that!)

We took a few pictures and eat...

@_@ We called it...
"The Bawang Girls"

(We ordered solo dinner)
Sya n Ira : Naili's Special Nasi Goreng
Nadia, Wanie, Farra, MasD, Anya n Along : Chicken Chop
Farah Terung : Fish n' Chip, Cucur Ikan Bilis, Marinara Pizza

-Feeding Each Other Time-

Nadia feeds Sya her Chicken Chop
('Nadia's feeding' is the best O_o)

Nadia Feeds Ira
( I got to taste the 'taste of Nadia's Feeding'.. ^_^)

Wanie Feeds Ira
(I got it AGAIN!! ^_^)

We ate.. and ate and ate...
We jokes and jokes... and jokes...
We laugh.. and laugh... and laugh...

And NOW.... Again drumrolls...
Time to .....
Sing a Birthday Song to Sya
Blow the candles..

-This is the cake!!-
"Happy Birthday Baby @ Sya"

♥♥Before Blow the cake, we snap a picture♥♥

And then,

Happy Birthday to you ,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Sya B
aby Cute... (Sya Baby Cute?? O_O)
Happy Birthday to you~~

EVERYBODY in the restaurant also join cheering for Sya's Birthday

Fuuuuuh~~ The Blowing Candle went perfectly great!
Then it's time to E-A-T as in Eat the cake!! ^_^
Wuuhuuuu~~ ☻

Time to FEED the Birthday Girl!!!
~Ira and Farra feed Sya~
(Along, what's with the Bawang??)

~Wanie,Nadia,FarahTerung,MasD,Farra,Along n Anya feed Sya~

And then we ate by ourself... @_@


Snap More Pics....
7G (Important People)

HEY! Don't get us wrong!! We weren't what you see we are!

Sya and Ira
(Two Best Friends whole universe)

Nadia and Sya
(The first 2 cute girl in the geng) O_O Cute ke??

(So sweet~~~ ^_^)

!!All of the Party Peeps!!
(Before we went home...)

And this is what Sya wrote on her YM Status

"waaaaa...x sngke dpt suprise party smlm..hebat tol drng plan!!tapi ape2 pon..time kaseh sume!!korngla kwn the best among the best..cmne nk bls blik ni??sob2(trharu gileeee) luv u alls!! mmmuuaaahhh!!!(nk peluk sket..hee)"
"Waaaaa...I never imagine that I could get a Surprise Party last night..They planned awesomely!!But whatever it is..Thanks you guys!!You guys are my friends best among the best..How to repay all of this?? T_T(I am sooo touched) Love you all!! mmmuuaaahhh!!! (I wanna Hug..hee)"

She must be really Happy and Thankful! ^_^

Happy Birthday To You Sya!!!

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♥Thank You Kak Manje♥

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thank You Kak Manje becoz you NEVER forget me!!!

Cheee wah~
Never ke??? lol..

Well, I would like to say thanks because Kak Manje gave me this!

A Moo Pencil...!!!! SO CUUUTE~~
The cow is soooooo DAMN cute!!!

Owh, btw.. Kak Manje, this gift is just for fun right?
You'll give me the REAL bday present on my Bday, right?
On 19th Feb???

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