Now, It's my treat!

Irah Aizi
Thursday, July 23, 2009

This week I get some BONUS from Appa, because I took care of Appa the past few days...
Since I want to eat Octopus Shop's Tomyum so much, I decided to treat Sya and Wani.. So we went there just now, to eat at Octopus. Hehe...

Owh btw, since I woke up late this morning, Sya scolded me and said 'BODOH' to me.. SHE IS SO MEAN!!!!

Then, she stayed at Wanie's house.
I went to Wanie's house and picked them up to go have a lunch at Ampang Point. I already promised to treat Sya, but since Wanie too Sebok, she also followed. hahahaha...

Before we went to makan, we go to the Kedai Baju for a while. We tried this one couple dress. Mine is Pink and Sya's Yellow. Here's the dress we wear in the fitting room.

#1 I look cute right??? Hahahahhaa.. me, always the cutest! Bwahahaha..... Oh! btw, we bought this dress. Ahaks~

RM21.00 for each dress. Cute right? Just admit it u guys... Aigoo..

Yah! Just don't lie to us la... We are cute right?

Stop it la. We are cute, we know. Even if you deny it, I know deep in your heart, we are cute!^_^"
Elelelele... Sya... gedik skali ya kamu...!! Pose seperti itu... Huh! Kite je pose yg same O_O"

Yaaaaah~~ Lie is not good!! Well, no matter what, I know your heart says We are cute and pretty! The cutest girl ever!!!
Hyukkie : Yah! Ira-ah, Neoneun Neomu2 yeppeo yo!!

Then we went to eat..... Octopus~~~ Here we come!!!

Ira : Crystal Noodle Tom Yum
Sya : Crystal Noodle Tom Yum
Wanie : Chestnut Chicken Rice
owh, we chat2... talked... gossip2...
Talked about.. ehem2... kutuk2 sket... :D
Then we force wani to eat what we want her to eat!!

I ENVY her!! Wanie is a bit thin than before!!! She is more smaller that before!!!
But me??? still the same!! Must go on diet!!!!!!! Andwea ireohke!!!

We ate and share foods together... I refill my green tea 3 times... First me calling the waitress, second time Wanie called the waitress to refill my glass. :p Hahahahah...

Perut penuh air..! dgn supnye.... Huh!

Then after that.. window shopping!!! Hahaha...

She is in the next fitting room. We weren't wearing tudung, so no pic for this dress. It was stripe dress. Mine was yellow, Sya's pink and Wanie's Orange....
This is Wanie, the girl next door! Hhahaha...

Then, we go find some other dress!!
But we found this instead!!!!!
Our stars t-shirt!!!

This is Wanie's ~Aries~

This is Ira's "Pieces"

This is Sya's *Aquarius*

Then after that, we headed to......... The REJECT SHOP!!

Jjang!!! This is the dress I choose to wear!!

Some pics of us...

Sya tersekat kat celah bedah. ^o^
Sya's dress is pink. Nice pose,right?

Mine is Blue!!! More like a blue+green... I dunno~~
I did pose a great one right? :p Woah!! I have the SHAPE!!! 24, 28, 22 cutting! ^=^

Sya1 : What are you looking at?? :p
Sya2 : Heee, just watching at how beautiful you are.
Sya1 : Aish~ I take that as compliment though. You are pretty the way you are!
Sya2 : Thanks!

Ira1 : Yah! you are cute!
Ira2 : Well, Thank you! You are cute too!
Ira1 : Thanks!
Ira2 : Let's go get Hyukkie!!! Kaja~~

CAK! We look like ice cream right?! :p
One thing from me....

Kenape dua2 tgn nk same je pose nye????
sebok je!!
We do look like ice cream!! ^_^"

I pose like.... Korean Model!! Gahahahahah!!!
Sya??? Hmm.. Just as usual! :p (me so jahat!)

Wanie met 2 of her friends there... (older one... didn't even expect that..)
I met Harith!!!! My old long lost best buddy in tuition!! He was with the 3 girls.. (Harith, friend huh!!? Duuh!)
and we met Mariah~~~ As I expected, she was on the phone with.... Kyian KK! Hahaha...

After that, went to buy Jagung "Sweet Corn In Cup"...
And Baskin13Robin!!! Kyaaaaaa~~~
Macadamia Ice Cream for me!!
Cookies Ice Cream for Sya!!
(Mianhae wanie..forgot your eskrim)
We eat a lot though... Hahaha.. THAT the purpose of us went out actually..
E-A-T!! ^_^

That's all for now....
Oh.. they both stayed at my house for a few hours...
And Sya even eats more rice after went back home...
and she forced me to eat too!!! Mwo yaaaa!!????

It supposed to be about me treating them for lunch!!!
Not Dress Model!!! Uwaaaa!!!!

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Uncle treats me again!!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, July 19, 2009

[Muke bersinar2 apabila diriku bakal di belanje oleh Pakcik Amarudin!]

Sya's appa treated me again!! (He always treat me to eat.. Gomawo yo Ajuhsshi!!)
and this time...... Restoran PELITA!!
Nasi Mamak yg sedap!!
Omo.. masshiisseoyo~~~

This is the workers~~ (They are all Sya's chingu! Since Sya always go there, so the Mamak made friends with Sya... hahah)

I met Sya's uncle yesterday!! Uncle Acu Mat!! He asked me...

Acu Mat : Kawan baby ke ni?
: Ha'a

Acu Mat
: Sekolah mane sekarang?

Ira : SEGi Kolej... dekat KL... dekat dgn masjid india..
Acu Mat
: Kolej mane?

: SEGi kolej name nye...
Acu Mat : Owwh..

YAH!! at least I talked to Acu mat and have a small conversation with him.. Heheh...

Owh! I eat Nasi Putih+Lauk Campur+Popadum+ayam goreng [Peeeh~~ Enak, lazat, Sedap, berempah, meliurkan dan rangup!!]

I eat with Sya!!! Well, since we are best friends (Slalunye kitorg xtunjuk kasih syg kitorg towrads our friends, tp dlm blog ni bole la..) so, I feel soooooo great, I got to eat with my best friends.. Mostly I will eat a lot(my appetite grow) when i eat with Sya! (Ah! Sya! Jgn perasan plak...jgn igt muke awk tu menaikkan selera makan ku plak.. Hmm... lalala )

This is all the foods... Ah~ I want more....

NOW!!! it's time to buy the food... and EAT!! HAHAHAHA
[Muke ku besar gle... O_O" Wae gure yo??? PErut dh lapar ni!!! Palli! ]

Me and Sya in the car.. On our way back while we suffer from kekenyangan.
[Gamba blurr.. Bergoyang.. Biase la.. dlm keter kn... Uncle bwk laju gle.. mcm kat litar F1 (cube teke ni perli ke x?)]

Owh! and I get to eat Sweet Corn! Sya's omma rebus it... huhu Supposedly I get 3 corn, but Sya eat one, and Along eat one... So I get one... I want cendol!!! ^_^"

Then I give them my 'Korean Sweet Soy Chicken' that I made it by myself!!!
Anya said I am their MakLong (Which is MakLong is a good cooker, and that means she perli me by saying I am good at cooking though I am not so good..-.-"]
Anya said again, that I put a lot of Kicap.. Well yeah. i did put a lot of kicap. Hehehe
But tasty right? hahahahah

Cute... is it?? haha.. Uri neun gwieop jyo??!
Alalala... dua2 cute!O_O" Perasannye....

Well, the day went well.. I love hanging out with Sya... and get treat by Uncle.. Haha..

Thanks Uncle and Auntie!!! Siap bagi jagung lg!!

Well. That's all!!! I am really2 thank Ajuhsshi and Ajumma for always treat me! Saranghamnida!!!

Sya! nnt awk nk gi mkn kt restoran lain, bawak kite lg ek?? hahahahaha

Owh! The dress that i wore yesterday... Along said I look stunning and thin!!
I have proof!!!

-YM converstaion-
MazShairah MohdAizi: maze comel kn smlm?? pkai baju tu..
MazShairah MohdAizi : Ira look cute yesterday, right?? wearing that dress..
Hanim Amarudin: nmpk kurus
Hanim Amarudin : Look thin
Hanim Amarudin: beli la lagi
Hanim Amarudin : Buy more
Hanim Amarudin: pastu bergambar byk2 lg
Hanim Amarudin : then take many more picture
MazShairah MohdAizi: perli nmpk
MazShairah MohdAizi: Sarcastic eyh
Hanim Amarudin: yer rr..x de rr baju yg sama jer
Hanim Amarudin : Duhh! not just u wear that one dress..
Hanim Amarudin: kata nk jd awek jepun
Hanim Amarudin: You want to be like japanese girl right?
MazShairah MohdAizi: Baikla..
MazShairah MohdAizi: Ok..
MazShairah MohdAizi: esok beli baju lain lak..
MazShairah MohdAizi: Tomorrow I buy new dress..


I take that as a compliment...
Good at Cooking like MakLong..
Look Thin by wearing that dress..

Hahahah.. Owh! I saw it!!! The Mamak at counter... His hand is like octopus!! (well, as what Sya said.. I saw how the mamak typing.. yeah The fingers like Octopus's legs ^_^" )

I have a great day yesterday!!!
Gomawo yo~~

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Indepedent Girl!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, July 18, 2009

I bought this cool and stylow dress!! hahahahaha...
it is cute though.. I mean the shirt..
makes me look like Koreans.. hahaha..
(perasannye ^_^" )
Well, I bought it myself..
Kumpul2 Duit dan beli!


Hello!!! Annyeong Haseyo!!!

Today is a good day! Huhu..
I bought Super Junior stuff!! Kyaaaaaaa~~
(Talked about Suju's stuff, I still didn't pay and get the 3rd album from Aliea&Ieyla yet)

Well, Here it goes.. Mrs. Praba got headache today, so she call out a day for our class 1 hour early..
I still have 3 more hours to the next class. Then, me and Alia(classmate) went to TimeSquare..
(Shhh.. Omma didn't know!! Don't U dare tell her!!)
We went to watch 'Skrip 7707' movie... haha.. since we got 3hours, better not to waste the time, right? Gahahah..
I wanted to watch Harry Potter, but since I already made yaksok(promise) with my chingu, so I watched dareun(lain) movie!

Well, the movie... hmm.. dunno how to explain.. but it was good. Just good! LOL...
(if i watch Harry Potter, then ofcourse I'll say 'AWESOME' haha discrimination!!)

Oh! Before we watch the movie, we go for lunch first!
I eat Cantonese Mee, and Alia eats 'Green Pepper Chicken Rice' (Yaaa~ Alia's dish sounds delicious!)
I eat the cantonese mee until finish!!!! So delicious!! Yum~~~

Then, we watched the scary movie. Have to admit, the story was scary.. but didn't scares me...
Since I am scared of Thriller Movies more that Horror Movies.. :p

Then after the movie finished, the clock strike 2 PM.. Our next class start at 2:15PM...
So we went to Surau quickly to Solat...
Before that, I dropped by at 'My Star' shop.. and bought some Super Junior stuff!

Here it is!!!
I slotted my handphone inside this 'Super Junior Handphone Bag'

I have new and cute Pencil Box now!!! I use it now!!! The old pencil box, Mianhae!! This pencil Box is so soft!! huhu~

'EUNHYUK' phone keychain!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~ With Hyukkie's name on it and the picture of him!! OMO! this is my MOST valuable treasure!!!

And last but not least TAEMIN name tag with his picture! (i dunno why i bought this nametag.. I just took it and pay)

Here's the stuff I bought!!! Kyaaaaaa~~ My MOST Valuable treasure!! Kyaaa~

Then, because of this stuff, I am late for class... for real!!
45 minutes late!!! Mwo ya??

Since today is first day of 'Malaysian Studies' class, the lecturer only gave briefing for 45 minutes...
And THAT mean, we arrived just after he finished his briefing...
OMO! We are dead meat!!!

.................... ^_^"

Mianhae for lying! :p
Acctually, thank god! The lecturer is sooooo nice that he just said "I'll give you the briefing on next class, just tick your attendance here!"
Kyaaaaaaa~~ That means I attend the class!! Though I didn't really REALLY went to class..

The Lecturer is sooo nice and Cute too!!! heheh.. I wonder if he married already or not?
YAH!!! What am I talking about??? :D

Ok! That's all for today! I got new Super Junior stuff! And I "attend" the class today, though I didn't. Hehe

EYh! not finish for today story yet!!! Mianhae Manje Unni! Aigoo..
Almost forgot...
Kak Manje! Gomawo yo! Thanks so much for the Caramel Pudding!!
For your infomation, Caramel Pudding is my FAVOURITE snack!!
Jjang!!!! This is the pudding! Kyaaa~ So delicious!!!
(Don't mind my way of dressing.. Just look at the pudding... -.-'' )

To Kak Manje,

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi,
Lain Kali Bagilah lagi.

Lepas makan suke rie,
Esok luse beli banyak sikit ye....?

Hahahaha.. Gurau je Kak Manje oi!! Ahaks~

Well, That all for today!!
I had fun! Watching Music Bank!!
Hyukkie~~ I saw you in music bank just now! Well, Just want you to know that.. Huhu..

I want to buy more usable Super Junior stuff and Eat Caramel pudding in the future!!!
Gu Junpyo!! Suddenly I think of you?? Wae yo??

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My Chingu got Secret Admirer and I got Animal -.-"

Irah Aizi
Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is weird!! Not that my chingu got secret admirer thingy, just that I heard a few animal's voice lately....
I have alibi for that!!!!

I heard Elephant's sound last week! and Sya was the alibi!
Then just now I heard Horse's sound! and Omma, Appa, and 2 dongsaengs were my alibi!!!

What's got in to me???
I heard wild animals' voices at my neighbour!! I mean, wild animals!!!?
Omma even looked outside with a torch light to look for the Horse.
It DOES sound like a horse!!!
And it DOES sound like an Elephant!!
I am not lying!!!

Is it me, or did I misheard it???
And maybe it's my SAKA??? Uwaaa!!! museowo yo!!!

Ok! enough with this scary movie!!

Now! about chingu! Won't say her name, but she have SECRET ADMIRER!!
I want one too!!
She said that guy keeps calling her on the phone, but when she pick up the phone and says hello, the person won't reply!!
Maybe because the guy want to hear her voice.. Waaaa.. so romantic!!!

My other chingu also have secret admirer!! It was her cousin, but the way he react towards my chingu shows that he in into my chingu...
He pretend to hold my chingu's leg as he said it is dirty. but in other side, he just want to touch my chingu's leg! What a romantic excuse to hold my friend's leg!!
And then that guy tried to salam with my chingu. And since my chingu can't resist it, so she reply the salam...
Gaaaah~~ What a romantic things to pretend, just so that he can touch my chingu!!!

Well, that's it!!!
My chingu have secret admirers, And all I have is... Saka???!! Man! This is annoying!!

Why? WHY me???

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I love This Morning's 6AM

Irah Aizi
Friday, July 10, 2009

Uwaaaaaa!!! Well, I set my alarm at 6AM.
Then, I woke up at 6AM this morning, but my eyes still needs some sleeping, so i decided to close my eyes back! :p and since my alarm have the 'snooze' thingy, so I'll be wake up every 5minutes.

Well, the 5minutes' sleep was unforgettable!!
I dream of me in the Korean world!! Well, I am not sure what "Korean World" it is, but there's SUJU, SS501, and Ju Sang Wook!!!! (Although I am not fancy towards Ju Sang Wook, but it's an honor for me to dream about him!! And now I am in love with him !! Andweaa!)

Well, the dream goes like this, we were at some 'new built shop' and we all were cleaning it....
I'm not sure, but Hyukkie and me.... Aaaah~ This is the best part! We were cabut the rumput together. Laughing and enjoying cabut the tumput.. ^_^"
Aaaa.... Me, Hyukkie and Teukkie were cabut-ing the rumput, while kyuhyunnie lie down on the grass... So cute!Uwaaa!!!

The suddenly, I don't know what happen, I was holding SangWook's hand!!!!!! I can surely feels the hand of SangWook-sshi! So.. Manly Hand.. :p
He dragged me to his car, If I'm not mistaken, it's Mercedes.. or maybe the Korean Car that usually used in Korean Movie.. Not sure, but I know the car was his!! HAHAHAH!!!
We were holding hands... I can feel his hand... aaa.. Want to hold it again!!!.. I keep and keep and keep holding his hand! Well, at first, he held my right hand with his left hand. While his right hand drove the car. Uwaaa!! So COOL man!!
Then he asked me 'Dda-ddeut-hae??' (It means 'is it warm?') Uwaaa!! The tone of him asking me was... so manly and like my BF or something!! (Aaa!! Wish it is true!!)
Then I smile, he smiled back. Then at that time, i took my left hand and holds his hand tightly, while usap-usap his hand. Both my hands held his left hand (Tangan Berak!!?? &_& xpe la! Asalkan laki tu hensem! Hahah)

He is pure manly!!! This is Ju Sang Wook!!!

He is handsome right? Well, I'll be honest here! At first I don't like him. But then, after I experienced the 'MAN' in him, I stared falls for him! Although his face not as handsome as Hyukkie, but he is older... and i think his face looks mature enough to be my husband!! Uwaaa!!! I want him! (Yah!? What's wrong with me??)
Like Sya said, we should find an older and mature guy to be our life partner. So... omo..omo...!! Mwo ya? I can't fall for him like that??!! I want Hyukkie!!

Uwaa!! I started to have feelings towards my dream-BF here!! He held my arm so gentle and manly. Like he cared for me.

Owh! Then, while we were holding hands in the car, down at the basement, I see ss501 swiping the floor. I can see Jihoo Seonbae's face clearly holding the broom! Hahaha...

Kind of odd isn't it?
Maybe the Synopsis of my dream is...

Ira is SangWook's GF - Ira helps the SUJU and SS501 with the "place" - SangWook was a rich guy - SangWook don't want to see his GF(mate kelip2 ni!!) working like a 'maid' in that shop - he dragged Ira in his car and drove away - SS501 looks sad with my leaving(that i see JiHoo Seonbae's holding the broom with his sad face looking at me!) - then SangWook tried to comfort me so I won't be angry at him, he holds my hand - SangWook acted manly and gentle as he care for me

Uwaaa I feel so pampered! Maybe that's the plot of my dream!! ahah!!

I Want To Dream Of Me&SangWook-sshi life AGAIN!!

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College Life started =|

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yaaaah~~ It's already started!!

First of all, I am sooooo SAD!!!!
Don't have korean classmate!!! Andwea! This is unacceptable!!!
I want one...!!! There's only Filipino, "Talaga??? Buhay Ko Si Ara!!!"
Well, and the class is so boring, didn't have any JalSaengkin Namja in class! Cannot cuci mate!! (How to translate JalSaengkin Namja in english?? Ah!! Good Looking guy!)
Uwaa.. God! At least give me some cute classmate la! Cannot study like this la... Aiyoo~~

Owh! I am independent girl now! My second day of class went well! I go to College on my own! No guardian!! Gahahaha... I even went home by leg!!! I mean.. walking home.. Hahah.. Exercise!! Exercise!!

Owh, I make new friend though.. Alia. She is a nice Malay girl. She is from Putrajaya. Man! Jauhnye!!
And I talked to the filipino girl, only that I didn't ask her name. I'll do it later then...
Hmm.. Alia and I didn't go well though. We just talked. About accounts.. Duh!!
Owh, and she is a nice girl. She gave me her time table. Uwaa.. How should I repay you!!?

Ah! Cham! While I was on my way home, I saw the chinese PLKN Delta girl. I forgot her name though.. I thought she is Li Pei, but then Li Pei was the other girl from Charlie..
Huh! So many chinese, i forgot easily.. My Short-term is back!! Andwea!!
And I thought Bao Wei was supposed to study in SEGi too, but... hmmm.. I don't know.. She said she will go to SEGi.. Omo! Miss Bao Wei already!! LOLss

Hmm.. my class went well. The teacher was understandable. haha. I can do 'Journal Entry' and 'T Ledger' thingy.. Hahaha...
I've done my homework... Hmm.. tomorrow no class. I will have class on friday, since the Economy and Quantitative Class not started yet.
So now, my class will be on Monday, Tuesday and Friday only!! Asa!! Johda!! Haha

That's all!! I am all alone in the class. I want to talk to that chinese guy, he looks a bit cute. At least i have someone to look at while study. But Eunhyuk is cuter la!! Ofcourse la~~
Please, I want Korean classmate!!! One only also can ma~~ A korean girl also i accept!! I want someone to talk with!!! in Korean!! Want to major my Korean speaking!
Debit my Korean Speaking, Credit my Malay Speaking. hahahahha...
Debit Korean friends, Credit Malay Friends... Hahahahahahahahahhaha.. That's the 'Dual Effect' of accounting!
ROFL!!!! Well, whatever!

That's all for today! Hope to see Bao Wei soon!!
Hope my 7G Chingu will do well in their study life now!!!

Chingu yaaa~ Jaljinaesseoyo? Eojjetdeun, Jalhaebwa! Joshimhae juseyo!! Yedeul-ah~ Jeongmal Saranghae yo!!
(Guys! How are u doing? Anyway, Good Luck! Take care of yourself!!! I love you guys so much!!)

MasD!! Good Luck on your Hamilton... Hamilington??? Hamigton..?? yah! mwo ya??? i always forgot MasD's college!!! Mianhae Mas-sshi!

Yah! Ira-ah!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!
Jal HaeBwa!!! I'll study hard!!
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!! Jal Butakdeurimnida!!

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♦Dongsaeng's SaengSaeng il♦

Irah Aizi
Monday, July 06, 2009

My little sister's birthday party, but I invited my friends.. Hahahha...

Ok, here's the deal! Since my sister is in Elementary School, so her friends can't come (too young to join the party.. LOL )
So, Appa told me to bring some friends over.. So it was My 7G small gathering.. Ha ha ha!
But not all 7G was here yesterday, since some of them are already in University and College.
Nadia at Terengganu, so she is not invited.. Heee~~
Wafa, Farizan and Farra were busy with their business... Molla yo~~
So 7G that gathered yesterday were Sya, MasD, FarahTerung, FarahLaut and Me!!

This is Sya and the Birthday Girl... My sister.. (Huh!~ have to admit that she is my sister.. Huhu)

Sya and Me, before the party begin, we online for a while.. Actually, we online during the party.. Hehe Nice view!! Like the view so much~ Huahahah...

Sya-FarahLaut-MasD-Ira (There's some balloons behind us.. Well, the story of balloons that day is.... Sya and I bertimbang tulang & berusaha blow the balloons, but since the balloon's quality is poor, whenever we blew it, the balloons keep pecah all the time.. Huh!! so annoyed! and our jaw hurt because we keep blowing the balloons... After we putus asa to blow the balloons. we took the pump basikal to pump the balloons.. haha.. and it keeps pecah and pecah and pecah.. aaaarrggghh!!!! Sakitnye my heart!! )

This is the Elemetary Students.. Hahaha I am not sure with their names, but the birthday girl is wearing the black necklace. I have the similar necklace too, but since wear tudung, I'm not sesuai to wear that... Gweanchana~~

My Chingoo~~ Chingu... Hehhe.. Sya-FarahLaut-MasD... MasD brought McD ice cream, but she didn't bought one for me... Uwaaa!!!! How could you mas!!! Xpe.. xpe!! LOL She eats it with her innocent looks! Mwo ya!!?? ROFL

Angel-FarahLaut-MasD-Sya (I call myself angel because I am so bercahaya~~ Hahaha LOL. AngelTeuk vs AngelIra.. Ngahahah,, ofcourse la the ELF would be choosing AngelTeuk instead of AngelIra.. Huh! Ireohke andwea yo!! Sokey.. sokey... I still can consider myself as AngelIra since Heenim gedik2 consider himself Cinderella. Tch~ He thought he have the cinderella face! Perasan!!!! though he has.... :p )

We do have some fun!! and all my friends watched Omma and me fight.. Not fight... fight... We perang mulut only!!! Omma always talk bad about me infront of other people... Uwaaa!!! ChangPhi hae!!!
Sokey..Sokey.. I am a tough girl!! I can still survive!!!!
Thank god only my chingu were there.. and some my sis's friend's omma.. (Auntie la...)

Well anyway.... Happy Birthday Umairah!!!!
Saengil chukahamnida~~~ Umairah!!!!

And soooo nice to meet FarahTerung and FarahLaut.. Since I didn't meet them after I am out from my military....
I miss you guys!!!
Hope we can gather again with all of 11 of you guys!!!!
Wish~ Wish~ Wish!

Suwoneul malhaebwa~ bwa~ bwa~!!! hehehe

Today i will start my study at SEGi college. Well, wish me luck!!!
Jalhaebwa Ira-sshi!!!!
Hyukkie help me!!!!

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