I am a director! LOL

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can you just believe it! I am a director!!!
I am like.. soooo young! (hehe)
I am one of the Board of Directors for 'Saranghaeyo Korea Club' !
Directors of Communications & Publicity! ^_^ (Nice, right?)
You can call me 'isanim' now~ LOL

And today, I went to meet the other B.O.Ds, and our 'Sajangnim' deul.. I mean.. Managers.. The only manager that I can remember is Mr Yun Jaejin. (Jaejin??? hehe FY Island! Joking2)
And I get to know other eonni, like Zira, Tira, Hazs, Yokee, ShienYin, and Jen.
Along with our so-call-mentor Ms Yeepei.
Yeepei is a reaaalllyyyyy nice person! ^_^ Like her already!
And Jeff, which we all appoint him as 'Oppa' . Even Eonni that is older than him, still call him 'Oppa'!
He is... cute~ (Korean, mestilah cute! LOL)

And btw, for your info, I am the Magnae!!! Hehe! *bangge*

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7G 5th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Monday, November 29, 2010

Mandi sungai!!!!!!
I mean.. we went to Sungai Gabai to play with water!!!
This is the first time we go to waterfall together!
I cherished this moment truly.. LOL

It was... AWESOME!!! ^_^
Farra, Sya, Najah, FarahSoya, Wanie, Amal were there!! Along with Najah and Soya's siblings.

I wanna play with water again! Very3 nice hangout plan! Wish MasD, Myra and Farizan were there..
Farizan had a cold and can't join us at a very last minute.

Sya didn't play the water along with us, because her mom didn't allow her to. I was planning to stay out from water too though, but can't stop from going in the river! haha! *naughty*
And again, sya was a 'mom' to us. She served the foods, took care of our stuffs and treated us.

Still remember Amal's "Mak! Nak Nugget! Mak nak air! Mak nyamuk banyak!!! Mak tolong!! Mak!"
and Farra's "Mak! Nak sweater!" LOL!!
I looooove them a lot!!!

Still can't forget Najah's driver outfit.. Panties only! haha!
Damn najah! Bertaubat lah!!

And THANKS to abang daim for being our cameraman. Hehe although he is sick... ^_^

It was such a wonderful time~~~

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Wedding vs Uncle Din's Kenduri

Irah Aizi
Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncle Din is like a second father to me.. well, I guess..
I mean he always treat me nicely.
He is Abah's old bestfriend aka our rich neighbour(LOL)
When I was in in Elementary School, I always go play at his house.
He always hugged me and kissed me. ^_^

Ok! Enough about him.

What I like about my Uncle Din's kenduri is that...... I get to taste ALL foods there!

In Wedding Kenduri, I get to eat one food only... And that is... Nasi Minyak...
uurrgghh.. Boring already! :p

Today I went to Uncle Din's house and you know what I ate....?
Guess! Haha!

Ok Ok.. I'll tell you! I mean... I'll list it! ^_^"
1)Yong Tau Fu
4)Curry Mee
5)Ice Cream
8)Kuah Nangka+Chicken Curry+Ketupat

And believe me he told me to taste ALL foods!!!
"Girl, eat slowly ya? At leats taste all the foods here tau?" as he hugged me.
Haha! OMG! I am extremely fullllllll!!

Uncle Din, buat la Kenduri lagi! I'll come! ^_^

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7g 4th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Thursday, November 25, 2010

Natrah! ♥
We went to musical theater at Istana Budaya.
We went for the first showing! Hehe
Advance 7G! Yeah right! :p

Again.. the same 7G members...
Wanie, Farra, Sya and me. With our pilot, Anya. :p

It was very cool!!
And you know what, I get to see Remy Ishak dance! The funny part is, he danced to Hindustan style. Very impressive! Haha! The best part is, I CAN'T stop thinking about him as the bangla guy in Cerekarama 'Sabar' . OMG!!! It was super hilarious! I just can't stop laughing watching him dance. My head were like 'That Bangla! That Bangla!' .. LOL! Sorry Remy.. I just can't stop thinking about that character!

It was a very nice experience! And this is my 2nd time in Istana Budaya, watching theater ^_^

Next destination, 7G... to where? .....

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7G 3rd Hangout

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[Caption : Them while waiting for me. hehe]

We went to eat lunch.. I mean.. brunch (breakfast+lunch) at Wangsa Walk Mall.
I had a discussion with my college-mates about our assignment, but I had to leave them and go to 7G.. haha!
Bad me! :p
Today, again.. the same members were here.
Sya, Farra, Wanie and me.

We went to eat at Octopus restaurant. And I get to meet with Nana, my old schoolmates.
Haven't seen here for like..... 2 years? Omo! Oraenmane~~ ^_^

Next stop....... jeng jeng jeng,

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7G 2nd Hangout

Irah Aizi
Saturday, November 20, 2010

2nd hangout.. Pavilion again..
And it's a Deathly Hollows day!
Harry Potter!!!!

We were talking about watching this since last year! LOL
and of course, watching it with 7G...
But not all 7G were here today.
Only Farra, Wanie, Sya, Izan and me only.. Owh, don't forget about Anya.. She went too.. as our driver.. LOL!

Anyways, I have to say this episode of Harry Potter was AWESOME!!!
I mean.. it's worth watching!! Love it so much!
Wayyyyy better than the previous episode..

Ron~~ ♥ hehe..

Hangout won't finish here LOL,

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7G 1st Hangout

Irah Aizi
Monday, November 15, 2010

1st hangout was at Pavilion.
Watching movie.
Movie marathon actually..
Skyline & You again!

NICE movies!! Both are cool!!

Waiting for next plan from wanie!
Futsal, Karaoke, Dinner, Jogging(aigoo.. haven't done our routine yet), bowling......

Come on wanie! Counting on u,

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Irah Aizi
Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Zulhijjah has started!!
I have to do something!!!!!

Fasting tomorrow? Aish~ no can't do!
Still have the puasa ganti...
Eotteohke Eotteohke???


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It's been a while

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Currently waiting for 7G to finish their finals...
Haish~ palli kkeuchiya!!!

My finals is like super duper faaaar away!

It's been 3months(??) since we hangout together....
I am waiting patiently for them....
Lepas ni, 7G photos will definitely scattered all over this blog!! \(",)/

waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

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Sorry ??

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Because I abandon my blog for a looooong time~
Nak kata busy, not really..
And I have a thousands of stories to write... but it's just too late...
My blog dah bersawang-sawang dah.

Shuuh! Shuuh you big spider!!! ^_^
ppfftt ! Itsy bitsy spider rupanya.

Will try to update again!! Mianhae, I abandon you.

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