7G 5th Hangout

Irah Aizi
Monday, November 29, 2010

Mandi sungai!!!!!!
I mean.. we went to Sungai Gabai to play with water!!!
This is the first time we go to waterfall together!
I cherished this moment truly.. LOL

It was... AWESOME!!! ^_^
Farra, Sya, Najah, FarahSoya, Wanie, Amal were there!! Along with Najah and Soya's siblings.

I wanna play with water again! Very3 nice hangout plan! Wish MasD, Myra and Farizan were there..
Farizan had a cold and can't join us at a very last minute.

Sya didn't play the water along with us, because her mom didn't allow her to. I was planning to stay out from water too though, but can't stop from going in the river! haha! *naughty*
And again, sya was a 'mom' to us. She served the foods, took care of our stuffs and treated us.

Still remember Amal's "Mak! Nak Nugget! Mak nak air! Mak nyamuk banyak!!! Mak tolong!! Mak!"
and Farra's "Mak! Nak sweater!" LOL!!
I looooove them a lot!!!

Still can't forget Najah's driver outfit.. Panties only! haha!
Damn najah! Bertaubat lah!!

And THANKS to abang daim for being our cameraman. Hehe although he is sick... ^_^

It was such a wonderful time~~~

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