Smiling Day #3

Irah Aizi
Sunday, April 03, 2011

[Photo Theme: Masterpiece of Sya's hand.]
Weee… again.. time flies very rapidly~
It’s already the third day. And I went there early in the morning! Yay to me! Hehe
See See! The picture above! It is a masterpiece though! I was looking at our picture.. Ngee.. cooooooool right~ haha!

Oh! The very last day is the best day ever for gossip! Hiiiyaaahhh! *in mood*
Anya and I am soooooooooo freaking annoyed with this one guy!
OH MY GOD, seriously!! He was like sooo full of himself, so control macho and budget hensem! Padahal tak ada lah hensem mana! Seriously, he was so controlled that he even ignored at us when we try to smile at him.. Kau ingat aku HADAP sangat nak senyum kat kau! Pigi daaaah!

And to make the story more hot, hot deugeowo! He was hanging out at our booth a few times and was talking to Along.. I thought he was very closeee seriously closeee to Along, but it was actually udang di sebalik mee tomyam! (aigoo.. yummy!) He was checkin’ out Kak Hawa for crying out loud!! OMG! He was all the time controlling his macho-ness in front of us actually for kak Hawa..

Note to Mr. Annoying! Please and pretty  please with the cherry on top, don’t be so control macho lah! It’s not like you are THAT hot to even do that! Seriously, jajjeungna jeongmal!!!

The very last day, we all said goodbyes to all our new friends.. T_T
Good byeee.. Hope to see you again..

Aish~ as always… In the end, I am going to be alone… and only end up with old friends.. Hahahahahahahahaha… That’s my life.. Quote "What goes around, comes around"
The End.

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Smiling Day #2

Irah Aizi
Saturday, April 02, 2011

[Photo Theme: Masterpiece which end up us being very embarrass.]
Day two! Woah~ time flies furiously fast! And today, Anya, Azrol and Kak Hawa joined us!

On day two, I went there late at noon again.. Haha! Again, curi tulang :p

Actually, I have to accompany my sister to her Carnival Day at her school, and SERIOUSLY that Carnival was veryyyy lame! They distribute coupons for them to buy things on that day, but there were so many stuff sell there that had to use cash. wtH!? Baik tidak perlu distribute the coupon! Sooo lame!

And we didn’t explore the whole school, after we were on our way back home, we saw another spot where the go-cart and balloon loncat2 were. wtH? So at the back there! (Poor her~)
And…. Umairah cried………… but Azim came to the rescue, he quickly gave his iPhone to umairah for games, Umairah straightly stopped crying.. =_=”

Day two, I was on my way to booth Oleander Catering, I bumped into the nameless guy as I passed by his booth.
Sya eagerly want that nameless guy to greet her. Haha! But I get it first. Kahkahkah! On the second day, we get to know his name was tengku, because we were hanging out during break time. He told us he was 19 years old and was engaged. Woah! Geureohke palli!!!?? Nevermind lah, his life, not mine. Haha!

Well, many things happened today. We took a lots a lots a lots a lots of pictures! Hehehe.. Thanks to Azrol’s Dslr~ heeeeee…….. It is all in the facebook.

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Smiling day #1

Irah Aizi
Friday, April 01, 2011

[Photo theme : Employer Curi Tulang, Employees pun curi tulang.]
Today is the first day of Wedding Expo in PWTC. I was helping Along with her catering booth. Since I have class in the morning, I curi tulang and went to work late at noon. Hehehe…

Well, to be honest with you guys, actually Sya and I went there not to 100% work, instead we were looking for anak ikan(aka cute guys) for ourselves *ROFL!*
We wore cute shawls and dressed up ourselves with pretty make ups and all just to look gorgeous.. (Gorgeous la sgt….LOL)

Owh, Lina was there too, on the first day! And so does Ah Cheong… (As usual, full time-employee, have to work with us, though his always-clinging girl friend work at other booth leaving him alone.. and the detested thing is, he ALWAYS disturbed me…haiz..i don’t like! I don’t like!)

On the first day, we made friends with our neighbor, the very pretty sis, what-was-her-name-again? Sis.. hehe well, we just called them sis.. ^_^”

And then, we made friends with a nameless guy. He looks a very tiny little bit like an actor named, Fizo Omar. He kept giving Sya and me his pamphlets every time we passed by his booth =_=” what the heck…?

And… the most excited thing happened today was.. we made friends with.. who-was-the-guy’s-name-again? LOL! He was veryyyyyy funny!! I mean, his facial expression were veryyyy comical! Seriously! And we all LOVE him a lot! Among the new friends, I prefer hangin’ out with him!

Haha! Happy day #1 with Sya.

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