Smiling Day #2

Irah Aizi
Saturday, April 02, 2011

[Photo Theme: Masterpiece which end up us being very embarrass.]
Day two! Woah~ time flies furiously fast! And today, Anya, Azrol and Kak Hawa joined us!

On day two, I went there late at noon again.. Haha! Again, curi tulang :p

Actually, I have to accompany my sister to her Carnival Day at her school, and SERIOUSLY that Carnival was veryyyy lame! They distribute coupons for them to buy things on that day, but there were so many stuff sell there that had to use cash. wtH!? Baik tidak perlu distribute the coupon! Sooo lame!

And we didn’t explore the whole school, after we were on our way back home, we saw another spot where the go-cart and balloon loncat2 were. wtH? So at the back there! (Poor her~)
And…. Umairah cried………… but Azim came to the rescue, he quickly gave his iPhone to umairah for games, Umairah straightly stopped crying.. =_=”

Day two, I was on my way to booth Oleander Catering, I bumped into the nameless guy as I passed by his booth.
Sya eagerly want that nameless guy to greet her. Haha! But I get it first. Kahkahkah! On the second day, we get to know his name was tengku, because we were hanging out during break time. He told us he was 19 years old and was engaged. Woah! Geureohke palli!!!?? Nevermind lah, his life, not mine. Haha!

Well, many things happened today. We took a lots a lots a lots a lots of pictures! Hehehe.. Thanks to Azrol’s Dslr~ heeeeee…….. It is all in the facebook.

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