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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ahlan Wa Sahlan, dear readers!
Oh Blimey! I haven't update you since my exam on June! Haha!
Too loooooong!
I've been doing quite a lot fun activities during my School Break but I just don't have the will to blog it!
I wanna blog it but..but...

Well, let me tell you what I did during my break.....
Hangin' out with BFFs as usual, watching movies, Went to Baking Class with Wanie, baked sorts of cakes cookies pie and all with BFFs, and then without noticing it RAMADHAN has finally arrived.

It was TOTALLY fun! I had a few thoughts of blogging again after my exam, but too busy with activities, sleeping my heart out and doing the same old house chores -__- man it's super tiring!
I now can cook! weeee...~
Sitting at home all dayyyy makes me so frustrated and sophisticated, so I motivated myself to start cooking for sake of my future-husband, or frankly say, EUNHYUK ♥

I helped mama a lot in the kitchen nowadays, and mama rely a loooooot on me.
What of I am goin' back to school again? Mama will be doin' the things all alone again... Poor her.
I bet my second year of bachelor will be kinda busyy.. I bet!

I am now posting a few pastries, cakes n all that I've baked!
btw, baked them with 7G as usual! SOOOO HAVOC in the kitchen!
Well, what should I call it? "Chaos in the Kitchen" ? hahaha! so true!!

1- This is tarts made by Farra, Wanie, Sya, Masd, and Me! This is the first attempt of baking alone without a seuseungnim ^_^
And to be proud (LOL), I baked Egg Tarts for the first time own my own, and it was a success! ♥

2- This is during baking class, Seuseungnim baked Savoury  Muffins and it tasted so good! But we never get the chance to bake it alone..

3- Chocolate Chip & Nut Cookies. We made this a loooot of times! :p I mean... Wanie likes to bake this cookies a lot :) (kan wanie? haha)

4- Haha! another brave-attempt of baking! I baked a sweet brownies in first attempt and 7G likes it so much despite me hating it cuz it was TOO sweet! (I am sweet enough to be eatin' sweet stuff ROFL)
Syafiqah baked her Mak's recipe of 'Kek Pelangi' soooo rainbow!
And Wanie baked those 'Cinnamon Rolls' and it tasted soooo freaking D.E.Alicious! ♥ 

5- This is another pan of brownies I made for Najah's Bday Party! ♥ She never get to taste it cuz other 7G ate all of this without waitin' for Najah.. haha! (7G pulak!)

and then, we hanged a lot... since Wanie, Sya, MasD, Soya and Me is on summer break, we hangout everyyyy week! and nowhere to go but Tutti Fruity! ♥ Our Favourite Lepak place!

I had a looooootttttsa fun!!!
It was quite sophisticated yet fun Summer Break I have ever had!
Never had thisss so-long break before!

4 months at home = Sophisticated
4 months free from study = Fun!

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