Too boring, end up at College

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 30, 2011

Since yesterday was a lazy day for me.... I decided to go to college today.
Yesterday I just sleep sleep sleep and sleep.....and sleep..

The boring part is I can't enjoy much here, cuz lack of money.
And there's slightly a happy part though, my college's lab now can access Twitter. Miahahahaha..

Boring.. can't even write anything to kill the time. I am not a poetic person.

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B1A4 Fever!

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 30, 2011

Should I change my blog's layout?

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Classmates Bonding

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Went for second round of Johnny English today.
And this time with fellow classmates and a lecturer.
There's Rowena, Alia, Tannaz, Junsyung, Wen Zhen, Ruveeni(??) and Mr. Bernard.

Cool huh? This is the second time I'm hangin' out with a lecturer and classmates.
Mr. Bernard was a cool lecturer though, just like Mr. Peter.
He is not literally my lecturer though.

Oh! and after the credits of Johnny English, there was this special part where Rowan cooks for dinner.
It was pretty hilarious though, first time watching this, we just went out while the credits are on.

After the movie, we separated. Mr. Bernard, Tannaz and me walked all the way to KLCC to take the LRT.
I feel quite comfortable with Mr. Bernard, he talks a lot though. haha
BTW, Thanks for the treat, Sir! teehee..

I wanna have many bonding time with my classmates.
I am an anti-social girl before I must say, I am never a nice social girl who likes to make new friends and all, but this time I feel otherwise. I guess making new friends doesn't kill.

Bonding time with classmates and lecturer ROCKS! :)

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The day he feels frustrated

Irah Aizi
Monday, September 26, 2011

Hangin out with Shahindra today for shopping purposes.
and poor him, due to his height, he has the difficulty to find his attires.

btw, both of us injured our legs, but we still went for shopping!
from KLCC to Pavilion to Fahrenheit to Sungei Wang to Times Square, and back to KLCC again.

the point is, how will he ever grows?

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The Sunday

Irah Aizi
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Izan's lil sis birthday today :)
Happy Birthday, Ihah!

It was a day where I said goodbyes to Wanie, Amal and Farizan.
Blimeyy! It was a very exciting yet sad day.
The freaking last day for me and Wanie to hangout, cuz we have started our college life already...
Wanie and I spend a whole lotsa time together these past 4 months and all were very precious memories :')

And now, all ends here T_T (eh, Harry Potter's quote? LMAO!)
I bet we will be busy and kept on missing each other. like before.. haha!

Anyway, good luck to us, 7Gs on starting our semesters, and to whom are now facing their finals!

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Shafi's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another awesome eid celebration with my friends!
Thanks soooo much to Shafi Danial, cuz he invited us to his open house, and we get to meet lotsa old friends..
It was pretty cool, you know. Meeting old friends again after few years...
And the important part is that half of 7G was there ^_^
Amal, Masd, Wanie, Izan and Me! How I wish the other five were around T_T"

I just freakin love today cuz I laughed non-stop with my 7G!

Oh my god, I just love them soooo effin' hella much! They are my smile, they are my laugh.
We sat in the same table, (except for Masd.. well, never mind that!) and we just laugh all the way with sooo many stories and all. And one of da best part is, we unintentionally made a so-call-handshake when sumthing came up, we just hi-5 like dat. So funny!

Oh! and today, I get to meet Shahindra after 3 years... woah!
He is still like dat, nothing changes including his height haha!

And after that, we headed to Amal's friend's open house, afique.
Muka Tembok for Muhafiz, Farizan and Me cuz we just crashed his house haha! ;p
But I must say, afique's mother's rendang was awesomeeeeeee!
I ate like.... twice! teehee..

Then off we go back home. But the laughter doesn't stop here!
Cuz Amal, Wanie and Izan dropped by my house to pray.
And...................... we LOL-ed again in my room!
Teeheeee... that's 7G! always LOL-ing 24/7!

Thanks to everybody for making me laugh today.

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A day with Aliea and Ieyla

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 23, 2011

We rockin' in the Noraebang, and watch a movie called "Bini-Biniku Gangster".
Hell yeaaahh it was fun in da karaoke room.
And again, it was one hecka movie!

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Ice Skating :)

Irah Aizi
Thursday, September 22, 2011

A smily day on the ice with friends ;)

After a few of them went back to their campus...
only us are around =_="
and since Azizi wanted to go for Ice Skating so badly, so we planned to go for some fun..
The gurls are only Najwa, Sofea and Me today.

And the sad news is that I sprained my ankle T_T
Tonight, it was soooooooo pain.. put on some oil and I hope it goes away tomorrow..

Oh, we went for lunch at The Gardens though.
It was an awesome place to eat thanks to Sofea for da suggestion..
again, 7G should eat there and take a pic ;)

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New Semester!

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Uhuk! Uhuk!
New semester has just started!
First class was Taxation and I am soooo freakin love da new lecturer!
Super hilariously strict! ;p

And the second class was Management Account, as always the boring subject ever..
and the lecturer was just okay.

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Final Destination 5

Irah Aizi
Monday, September 19, 2011

Scary Poster =_="

I am not so satisfiy with FD 5! Cuz the previous ones were more thrilled.
But so far it effects me and Aliea! hahaha.
Aliea don't wanna drive her car on dat day cuz of this movie LOL!

Then I went to her house for Beraya! (Raya tidak diundang LOL)

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Irah Aizi
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yeahhhh.. Catering at Bukit Mahkota Club House (Seriously missing Najah!)
Things happened today. Yeah it happens!

Along was driving da car from Nilai to go back to Bangi, but end up taking da wrong way and we had to go to Seremban =_=
Jauh gila....

But it was fun, get to chat with along, and laugh :))
Curi Tulang! Haha!

And then Sya, Bob, Anya, Lina and Me went to pick up the water lily at the lake. Suka hati je pick those water lily to bring home haha!

Tiring yet nice day!

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Soya's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today was Farah Soya's Open House!
Haha! So cool she even rent a tent for her open house.
She held a small "Tahlil" plus Open House though.

Chaos happens today =_= duhh! Supposed to go to Soya's house around 2pm,
at 12pm : Soya changed her plan and asked us to come at 12:30pm cuz she gotta wrap the tent at 2pm. at that time, I was at Umairah's friend's house, Farizan still not yet ready, Wanie still stuck in traffic jam and others are lost!
Waiting for Farizan to get herself ready took lotsa TIME! I had to wait for her under da hot weather..duhh! Super sweaty!

And at the end of da day, we reached Soya's house at 2pm as well... haizz.. baik tak payah change da time..

Today I met Azim, Yusuf and Shahir after a looong time :)
And met Uncle Azmi ^_^

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Amal's House+Johnny English

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 16, 2011

(two photos, 7G didn't snap picture together today T_T hmm)
(oh oh! the most important is, there will always be "11 years" everywhere we go! LOL!)

Today is Amal's Open House!
We planned to go for Movie. Johnny Englishhhh!! Hell Yeaaahhh!

It was awesome at Amal's house,  although I made mistake by not "tagging" Amal on my status bout today.
Sorry Amal! :( I didn't mean it!
Ate Satay, Mi Soto.. Blimeyyyyy, it was bloody deliciouss! jyeeeaaahhh! ;p

And after dat we went straight to Wangsa Walk for Johnny English, Reborn.

And I must say it was a bloody hilarious movie ever!!! I laughed out loud through the movie!

And then we headed to Ampang Point(they all said "it's been a long time since I came here") for a early dinner. Delifrance babeyhh!
I recommended them to Delifrance's specialty! and good cuz they love it!

It was a fun day though, and an awesome dinner cuz we just made the Delifrance like "kedai mamak". Lepak there for 2 hours =_="
And met Azwan again after a long time ^_^

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Another Laser Tag

Irah Aizi
Thursday, September 15, 2011

This time around, another laser tag-ing with fellow friends.
And today Farizan, Amal, Hanan, Azizi, Tiew were here!!!

Another day with laser tag, and I wore BLACK!! yeahhh!
And you know what? it does effect da score!
Last time I always scored lower than them all, but this time, hell yeaaah I was in second place! ;p

And after dat, we ate Tiew's recommendation, "snowFlake".
it's a small stall with a nice ABC and Bubble Tea ;)

Went home with Hanan :)
With 6 of us girls in the car, but since MyVi is surprisingly big, so we don't feel so cramped.

They all dropped by to my house for Solat Maghrib, and we gossip for a while inside my room. Haha!

Seriously, I miss 7G alreadyyyy!

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Driving the New MyVi

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Driving with a smile!)

Aliea is on semester break! wee...
And we went for hangout today! with her new MyVi..
Nice one! haha!

For the wholeeee day!
First we went for breakfast at McD and chat a lottttttttt...
Then after that, we went to Wangsa Walk for sight-seeing but end up watching movie! haha!
Hantu Bonceng, kinda lame but fun to watch though..

Then we went straight to Sweetree Restaurant for lunch! It was a Korean Halal Restaurant and the service was ABSOLUTELY awesome-err!
We took lotsa pics... and had a Korean Lunch together.. BiBimBap and Bulgogi! Sedapppppp! Seriouslyyy!

And after that we went home, cuz gotta chase the Zuhur prayer. Haha!

Wanna hangout with Aliea againnn while she is in break. Yay!

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Caramel Macchiato

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My new favourite drink! ^_^

Reminds me of Hyesung Eonni T_T cuz we shared this together before.

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The Boring Sunday

Irah Aizi
Sunday, September 11, 2011

Watching Dramas and eat and eat and eat.
Irah, you need a better life...

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Wanie's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's main topic was "Cinta 11 tahun menunggu"
awwww.. so freaking funneyh!

Today's were Azizi's open house, Wanie's Open House and Khairul's Open house.

At Azizi's, we talked about yesterday's incident.
and then his mother start asking us where are we from, and what are we been doing.
(ok! dah macam cari jodoh~ biasa dah di kampung pun macam gini haha)
Then, surprisingly Azizi and me has the same hometown!!!!!
Bukit Katil, Ya Allah, the world is too small. After sooo many yearsss... just knew it now.

Then at Wanie's house, finally meeting Amal, Izan and Farra!
awwwww.. miss them so muchhhhhhh!!! as in.. soooo much!!!
(how come we BFF always miss each other so badly?)
Wanie didn't treat us the whole time though, she was too busy doing.... doing... doing.. what was she busy about again? ;p
And Wanie treated her college-mates a lot, but we didn't mind though, she did the right thing anyway..

And then off to Nik Khairul's house.
The topic was CARS!!! It was boring cuz the guys kept on dragging the topic until the end, but it was cool to know all those effin' expensive cars!
after that conversation, I have a high taste in cars alreadyyy!
Okay, suddenly I want an SLK! ;p

It was quite fun though only a few of us were there. Not all can join cuz it is saturday, supposed to be a family day ;)
The reason why it was '11 tahun' is because of Farra and Azwan ♥ (omo! did I just said it in public? -yeah i did!)

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Since I went to Hanan's so sekejap

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 10, 2011

went jogging with her this morning, and told her everythingggggg.
Finally I am free from stress.

Hanan is like my Club Banger lah! ;p

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My work is done

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 09, 2011

Explained everything to both parties about the misunderstanding and my part is done.
It's up to them to make up with each other.

Good Luck dear friends

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The day I feel sorry...

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 09, 2011

Today, sumthin happened.
It was a small misunderstanding which ends with a seriousresult -_-"

Gonna put initial for their names, not gonna reveal them in public, though if they read this post, they know themselves who is who ^_^"

It was a lovely day to start with.. (tibe-tibe LOL)
I went to Wanie's house for baking, cuz she needs da Cookies for her open house da next day, and we were happily baking our delicious cookies...weeee...
I planned to go to Hanan Tajima's (LOL!) open house around 3:30pm with Masd, but since we finished baking around 2pm, so we decided to go to Puteri's Open House to meet our old teacher, Puan Raja.
Since Shafi already called me asking are we coming to Putera/Puteri's houses or not though.....
And there we gooooo, around 3pm after Prayers and waiting for Wanie to get ready(*tongue out*).
On our way to Puteri's, we came across N and R (initial starts here!hehe)
We asked them "What are you doing at Putera's, aren't you goin to Puteri's?"
N repied dat she'll go there with her dad since her dad on his way to pick them up.
So, there we go leaving them both without knowing their real situation.

As we arrived at Puteri's, Putera was around so Wanie whispered to me "did Putera leaves N and R at his house and went here?"
and I was like making the "watever" face...haha!
After had a reallllyyyyy short conversation with Puan Raja, S asked A to picked N and R sumwhere around A's house. So Masd and me was dragged to the "tempat kejadian" with A. Masd drove her car and saw N and R walking to a different direction, so we chased them.
A went out from the car first asking them to get in da car, but N started to cry, so I went out of the car to fetch N.
R was wayyyy in front leaving N alone.
They were kinda pissed cuz we were like ditching them in da rain.
The misunderstanding was open house was at Putera's first, then at Puteri's, but as the arrived at Putera's all of us are already at Puteri's. So there goes....

A quickly ran after R though. Like a Korean Drama, chasing after a girl in da rain. haha! cool! It really happens in real life :))

Masd and me tried to convinced the sulking N to followed us to Puteri's. They were already insisting on going cuz too embarrass i guess. It looked like they were the one that too excited to be friend with us while we just playfully treated them T_T
We took about almost an hour to find them on the road and convince them to go back and forgive u. We didn't mean to do that on purpose though...
That's when I felt so guilty and sorry to N and R cuz we did that to them, tho it sounded so simple, but we have to jaga our kawan's heart also maaa...

and then,
Time passed by soooo quickly, and I was late to Hanan's houseeee.... Anticipating to eat Hanan's Nasi Ayam but........................... TT_TT

Only get to chat with Hanan for a while, had some drinks and went home........ ahah! Hanan gave us duit raya!! Assa! ;p

The best part is that A chased R in da rain like a lover! The important part of the day! ;)

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Laser Day!

Irah Aizi
Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ho yeahhhh! First time I went to Laser tag-ing with friends.. I mean lotsa friends :)
The game was kinda cool though, you get to shoot people without hurting them literally, and can sweat urself. (kire undong la tu kan? teehee)

The best part was when dat Abang Filipino suggested to let him take our pictures while battling.

Some faces showed that they played the game seriously, but most of the faces showing that we fooling around a lot in the battle room haha!
btw, Najwa = Gargamel/GarbageSmell ;)

I saw Tiew, Joseph, Matt and Suwen played this thing before, so I was kinda excited to try them out.
It was kinda addicted at first, so we planned to go for a second battle next week :DDD

and gonna go again with 7G next time around ;)

It was the day where FarahSoya dangerously drove her car.... cuz we're practically late, (padahal kitorg sampai awal dulu! FSGDHDJFKHSGSH!)

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