Shafi's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another awesome eid celebration with my friends!
Thanks soooo much to Shafi Danial, cuz he invited us to his open house, and we get to meet lotsa old friends..
It was pretty cool, you know. Meeting old friends again after few years...
And the important part is that half of 7G was there ^_^
Amal, Masd, Wanie, Izan and Me! How I wish the other five were around T_T"

I just freakin love today cuz I laughed non-stop with my 7G!

Oh my god, I just love them soooo effin' hella much! They are my smile, they are my laugh.
We sat in the same table, (except for Masd.. well, never mind that!) and we just laugh all the way with sooo many stories and all. And one of da best part is, we unintentionally made a so-call-handshake when sumthing came up, we just hi-5 like dat. So funny!

Oh! and today, I get to meet Shahindra after 3 years... woah!
He is still like dat, nothing changes including his height haha!

And after that, we headed to Amal's friend's open house, afique.
Muka Tembok for Muhafiz, Farizan and Me cuz we just crashed his house haha! ;p
But I must say, afique's mother's rendang was awesomeeeeeee!
I ate like.... twice! teehee..

Then off we go back home. But the laughter doesn't stop here!
Cuz Amal, Wanie and Izan dropped by my house to pray.
And...................... we LOL-ed again in my room!
Teeheeee... that's 7G! always LOL-ing 24/7!

Thanks to everybody for making me laugh today.

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