Amal's House+Johnny English

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 16, 2011

(two photos, 7G didn't snap picture together today T_T hmm)
(oh oh! the most important is, there will always be "11 years" everywhere we go! LOL!)

Today is Amal's Open House!
We planned to go for Movie. Johnny Englishhhh!! Hell Yeaaahhh!

It was awesome at Amal's house,  although I made mistake by not "tagging" Amal on my status bout today.
Sorry Amal! :( I didn't mean it!
Ate Satay, Mi Soto.. Blimeyyyyy, it was bloody deliciouss! jyeeeaaahhh! ;p

And after dat we went straight to Wangsa Walk for Johnny English, Reborn.

And I must say it was a bloody hilarious movie ever!!! I laughed out loud through the movie!

And then we headed to Ampang Point(they all said "it's been a long time since I came here") for a early dinner. Delifrance babeyhh!
I recommended them to Delifrance's specialty! and good cuz they love it!

It was a fun day though, and an awesome dinner cuz we just made the Delifrance like "kedai mamak". Lepak there for 2 hours =_="
And met Azwan again after a long time ^_^

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