[Ira's Own-cyworld] She has done it again!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, January 30, 2010

 Najah and her so-call-scandal(the yellow pic)
Aish! Another joke!!!

LOL! ^_^ another unpredictable thing Najah did in that stranded Kampong!!

=)) << rolling while laughing

Can't stop laughing now!!

How am I supposed to admit that this is my best friend???
She is the word she always say, Bichoso!  (crazy :p)

Still laughing,
낄낄 웃음 이라/Giggling Ira
(크크크크크크.. kekekekekeke)

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Irah Aizi
Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy~ Happy~ But not so satisfied o_o"

I made Yejunnie gif pic just now..
OMG! It took 6hours to finish making these gif!!! 

My adorable Yejunnie in the house~~~ Kyaaaa~~

Haish~~ laju nye!!! 
When I upload this, suddenly it become faster.....
Wae gure???!!!! It supposed to be slow-motion...

And the colour, it should be 'pink'.. but when it uploaded, it turns 'peach'...??

This is the second one, (fast too??) It's the same vid, but different texture....

2versions... but not so satisfied~~
Need to practice more!!! 
Well, no worries though, since this is my first time making this kind of gif :)

another one Yejunnie's gif.. :p
I made this one about ...... 1 hour only, i think! haha 
But I need to practice more, right???

Eunhye Unnie, How is this?
(i think i learn it from u.... )

♥♥Currently In love with Yejunnie's smile~~~~

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]OMG!

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG! OMG! (I can't believe she did that!)

This afternoon I followed my mama to Tesco, and while we were at the cashier paying for our groceries, the next cashier short-fat auntie were like sooooooo ANNOYING!!!

Seriously! She should say that the "counter closed" properly to the costumer, but then she was like soooooo damn stupid sarcastic with her 'babi' face "Sorry ok! This counter is closed! go to another counter! cannot read this sign ke?"(she speaks malay btw.. while pointing at the "Counter Closed" sign)
I can't stand her stupid annoying face! Sooooo make people PISSED OFF!!!
She kept looking at the husband-wife couple with THAT SUPER STUPID ANNOYING face while walking away.
Seriously, the customer were like 'OK! FINE!' (the husband-wife customer said it out loud, I can hear it)

Ok.. I admitted there was a "counter closed" sign, but the sign was quite SMALL, so it's not really both at fault, either the cashier or the customers, but the cashier shouldn't have said with that annoying tone!!! 
I know she is tired, and that is the time where she'll relax2 a bit after closing the counter, but she shouldn't  chased the costumer away with a 'harsh' tone like that!!!
She didn't even say SORRY to the husband-wife couple.... OH MY GOSH!

If I was brave enough just now, I would have took her pics to show to you guys ALL!! >_<#

It's YOUR job to guide the customer, not chased away the customer because it's already your off-duty!!! (stupid people! If you go to Times Square, where chinese sell stuff, they were soooo generous to the customer.. Malay people are soooo annoying and stupid sometimes!!)
I went to Etude House MANY times to buy and tried new products, the chinese sales girls were all soooo generous and didn't care if I tried soooo many of their 'tester' products (7G did tried soooo many 'tester products there, but the sales girl were all layan us)..But malay just now, OMG! so annoying and pissed people off!!!

Because of people like HER, I sometimes ashamed of being a Malay-Malaysian... -____-"
Thank GOD the husband-wife couple just now were Malaysian, if foreign people, they would have talk bad about how Malaysians are!

Oh My Coach,
화난 이라 / Annoyed Ira
(Although I was not the victim, but I felt sorry for the husband-wife couple) 

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]Stupid Shake!!

Irah Aizi
Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is the worse day for us..ㅠㅠ~~

Jocelyn, Alia, Rowena and me were planning on going to buy dresses on friday, so we have to save money until friday with our day allowances.. ( i lost RM20 today... I lost 2 dresses already!!  T_T )

But then.. today we got cheated by one shop..

but then suddenly they start to promoting their product...
And they asked us 'What flavor do u like???'
(since we are too kind to say 'no', so we just chose our flavor) -___-"

OMG!!!! It was soooo awful and untaste-able!!!
Rowena felt dizzy after drank that shake.... (she said it felt like after she drink alcohol) MWO YAAA!!???

And then we have to pay RM13 each for the shake.. MWO YAA!!?? (again :p )

After that, we went to the Mamak stall to have lunch.. OMG! The food.... -___-"
No meat! only chicken.. T_T
Jocelyn's meehun also tasteless... I only can taste the soy sauce (kicap) MWO YAA!!?? (again -_-)
The mamak wrongly give me Teh Ais Limau.. MWO YAA!!?? i ordered Teh o Ais!!!
Then the teh o ais was soooo sweet!!! MWO YAA!!?? I cannot eat or drink too sweet stuff!!
Rowena thought she took chicken, but then it was liver!! MWO YAA!!?? *puke*

It is TOTALLY the worse day ever!!

With sigh,
답답한 이라/Depressed Ira

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]They stole my attention!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, January 24, 2010

MBC 개그야 가슴팍도사 [MBC GagYa Chest Doctor(Fortune Teller)]

"고민해결!!" ("Problem solved!!)
 I like when they suddenly think they have solved the problem..
and the guest will go "what the..?"

OMG!! They are so funny! They totally caught my attention.
First I watch Teukie Hyung&Hyukkie Yeobo were their guests in an episode. 
Since then I started to like this show!

The one with the big chest is Shim Hyeon Seop.
The One with red thingy on his head is Hwang Je Seong(bias). 
And the one with blue thingy on his head is Hong Ga Ram.

-I like how Jeseong-sshi imitate Teukie Hyung, soooo the same!
Teukie Hyung's gesture, the way Teuki Hyung talks.... So the same!
-And Jeseong-sshi also loves to talk down about their guests... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-And sometimes Jeseong-sshi disguise as Harry Potter (OMG! So funny!)

-I totally like the part where they change the Idol's dance routines....
SJ's 'Sorry Sorry'
JunJin's 'WA' & 'Hey ya'
SHINee's 'Replay' & 'Juliette'  
KARA's 'Pretty Girl' & 'Honey'
SNSD's 'Genie'
2PM's '10 out of 10'  'Again&Again'

I started to like Gag since I fall in love for Professor Joon "Would You Please Dakjwojulle!!?"(Would u please shut up?) & "Ssamssa Meokeo!"(Go to hell *sort of* )

He is extremely funny and totally caught my attention! (btw, Jeseong-sshi reminds me of Professor Joon) 


With a wide smile,
웃는 이라 / Laughing Ira
(I love gag world!!) 

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]LOL

Irah Aizi
Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bwahahahahaha..... Ridiculous!!!!

This is what happen to my BFF, Nadia Deen when she got stranded in a Kampong called "Terengganu"
Hahahahaha.. Poor her, she hates this place, but still doing something unthinkable to me...
My Nadia Deen is the pink middle one wearing sunglasses..

Doing Yoga have to wear glasses meyh?!

She always did something that unexpected and so 'sengal'!!
(her schoolmates also got influenced by Nadia Deen)

That is My Crazy BFF!!

With laughing,
좋은 친구이라/Good Friend Ira
(I miss her craziness) 

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[Blog]7G Dinner!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....~~ (i want to show the excited-ness) LOL

OMG! I miss having dinner with 7G! The last time we went for dinner is when i treated them at 'The SHip' restaurant.. Well, that was like 5months ago!!!
And now.. we went to Naili's Place again... (though the food is not so good, but not bad) we still love to go there, because we used to have a great memories there. :)

8 of us were there...
(haiz~ always 8!! When are we going to gather all 10 of us!!?? I wish that would happen!)

Irah Aizi, Myra Mokhtar, Wafa Rahim, Izan Adnan, Wanie Adnan, Mas Hermain, FarahSoya Azmi, and Farra Feezar... were there!! And we had soooooooo much fun! Gossiping! Knowing the unknown secrets!! Muhuhahah

They are all soooooooooo precious to me! Without them, my life would be miserable..
That's why I rather stay single (although I want to have BF, because they say BF can take care of us), but since I have my 7G I think I have someone to rely on! They are my girlfriends!! (not lesbian ok!?)

We ate... and ate... and ate.. :p
Like there are no tomorrow.... (hahaha.. Gile ke ape?)

Owh, btw.. we gathered around today because Wanie Adnan will be going back to Kedah tomorrow..
Haiz~ Wanie and Najah are studying far away~~..

And then after went home.. Appa bough these..

Muhuhahahhaahahhahaah *satan Grin*

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Cadbury again!!!! LOL...

Today is soooo awesome! I love my 7G the most!!!

Saranghae Chingu-ya!!!♥♥♥

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Irah Aizi
Thursday, January 21, 2010

muahahah.... *wae gure?*

Mama's leg are 3% ok now... (Why 3% only!!!!!!????)
Today she has the energy to try and walk and cook..
But still, this morning I have to wake up at 5:45AM tu make breakfast for the family...
(and then, in class..... -_____- <
Hopefully tomorrow will have a better progress.. 10% recover........ *hoping*

Ya Allah, sihat kan la mama cepat.. Amin~~

Owh, today in Account class, FIC got a big room..
OMG!! Soooooooooo cold!!!!
I forgot my sweater.. o_O freaking cold!!!

 Super Cooling!!!

Extra Cooling!!!!

Then after class finished, Rowena and me goes to Times Square...
I was planning to buy The 1st Super Show t-shirt.... but then since sooo expensive, I bought Chibi-Siwonnie t-shirt instead... Since no stock of Chibi Eunhyuk t-shirt....
 Jjang!!!! love it!!! muhuhahah.. So cute!

Owh.. I have a pimple on my cheek -__-"

Owh, and I met my Farra Feezar in TS!!!!!! Can't believe it!!
She bought SuperJunior's light stick, since she is going to the concert. (semangat betol)

Since I save money to buy the RM75 Sushow T-shirt which I didn't buy, so I have quite a few more money left..
Then Rowena said "Yaaa! Shopping la!!!~"

Then I bought another 4 dresses! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~
There are sooooo nice! Maraming Salamat ha Ate Rowena for being my mom for the day! Take me for shopping, and help me choose the dress.. Hahahaha
The dresses were SUPER NICE!!!

Owh, just now I chatted with KakLong in YM...
She wants to buy EunHyuk T-shirt for me.. Kahkahkahkahkah... *hoping* LOL

KakLong!!! Nak baju gambar EunHyuk!!! :p

I will buy more shirts and dress in the future!! $_$

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]Mama on MC

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Omma is sick... Her leg hurts baaaaaadly... Until she has to walk like the 'Si Capik'
haih~ *worried*
Omma, Get well soon, please!!!

This week I am soooo tired.
Have to do chores at home after went back from class.
*Since Omma cannot do much thing*

Just now I have to cook 2 dishes...!!!
So lazy~~ :p But I have too....

Since I am in pain right now....tired and stuff.... I made Teukie Hyung's gif..
(is 'tired' the reason why I made gif pictures??? LOL)
Jjang!!! For Teukie Hyung's Lover!!!

I wanted to make Hyukkie's gif, but Teukie Hyung's pictures is easier to find...
I can't find the 'Hyukkie pics' that I wanted, so I made Hyung instead... :)

Tomorrow I have class in the morning...
And then will go to Times Square with classmates.. *hopefully*
Please pray for me so that I can find the t-shirt I've been wanting the most!!! :)

피곤한 이라/ The Tired Ira
(Tired and dizzy, but still have time to PS.. kekeke)

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]7G!

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a while since I made the 'gerak-gerak' picture aka gif. pic.. hehe
last i made was like 2 years ago...
When 7G went for Karaoke~
(Made this vid gif. 2 years ago... haih~)

This was so funny and humiliating and 'no-cmomment' -___-"

7G!!! I present this to you!!!~~

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]Yuuuhuuu~~

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kyaaaaaaa..~~~ *happy*
All assignments already finished.
Only one English Essay and a few Islamic Studies Essays.
(But I won't be doing the English essay because we did a vote just now, and I am the one who will read it in front of the class, so I am excluded from the essay writing)

Haish~ I don't want to read!!! ㅜㅜㅜ~

Now... it's time to PS-ing~~~

Owh, just now we had an English Drama Presentation at college, I got a VERY VERY good compliment from Ms. Praba (my english lecturer)
She said I have a GOOD English pronunciation... She thought I was a student from an American HighSchool...
(I never realized I had a pretty good english... -__-)
But Ms. Praba said my chinese classmates said I was good on acting and english..
meheheheheh *bangge*

Thank you my fellow students, for the compliment!! :)

With happiness,
행복한 이라/ The happy Ira
(Money, money, money, sweeter than honey... LOL)

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[Blog]Happy Birthday Ate Rowena!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is my close filipina classmate friend's birthday!!!
Since she is a foreigner and older than me, so I sometimes call her 'Ate'..
meheheh *i am young*
(owh, mr. onny said I am old, 19 considered old!)
But I am still in teenage-life.. lalala

Since Rowena wants to eat at Pizza Hut, so we went to KLCC for lunch, after class.

We ate a lot!!! Pastas... Pizza... soup of the day.. garlic bread...
And... Rowena paid for us. I mean she treat us!!

Maraming Salamat ha Ate Rowena! Mahal Kita!!

Then after that we go walked around in the KLCC (nothing much to do..)

Hot Girls caught on TV!!!

This was in front of the.... (aww, come on! You guys know where is this right?)
Well, better tell la. It was in front of the Petrosains.. hehehe..

Then after that, we are out of idea where to spend our time (oh btw, we went to clebrate 2 things, Rowena's birthday and Assignments finished) *giggles*

We sat on the bench for discussing our 'Drama' presentation.
Jocelyn will make the script (well, usually I made script, just too lazy. LOL)

Then after finished our discussion, we headed to TGV, since Rowena wanted to watch some movie.

We went for......


(suddenly I found Ju-On poster with Korean writing...)

Well, though I NEVER understand the previous episode of Ju-On, but this Episode somewhat quite understandable.. =ㅁ=
But still, I don't know the purpose of this ghost...
Why it wanted to kill people by possessing someone?
hmm.. Only the writer knows.. haha

Oh! BTW, the story is quite FUNNY!!!
Seriously, the child's scream, the halmoni(granny), the crazy guy who want to find his 'little ma' and the Shaman Girl is soooo makes me laugh!!
I laugh more often in the cinema than shock.

Jocelyn was tooooooooo afraid with ghosts, so she just close her eyes and ears inside the cinema..
Poor her! We all dragged her to watch the movie she doesn't want to watch.
Sorry Jocelyn-ah~~

After that we went to drink some Young Coconut..
zzzzzzzzz *frizzy*

Then after that, bought some 'RotiBoy' and went home...

We SURE had fun today!! Although my leg are killing me!!!
It was sooo nice!

Happy Birthday Ate Rowena!!

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]I'm good

Irah Aizi
Friday, January 15, 2010

I am already good with the SJ Concert thingy!!

I don't know why, but I am not frustrated because I can't go to the concerts..
Maybe Allah gave me strength to overcome my problems..

Though SJ is not so important... I rather Solat Maghrib on 7PM, than go wait for SJ in the stadium..

Mianhae SJ-oppas, i have to say this. But I still love you guys!


With calmness,
해피 이라 / Happy Ira

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[Ira's Own-cyworld] Frustrated

Irah Aizi
Thursday, January 14, 2010


ALthough I want Super Junior to come to Malaysia, but I just can NEVER go to their concerts...
Well, I don't like going to concerts though....

The tickets are........ -___-" Aigooo~~ Expensive!!!

T_T" Haih~~

I wish they come here in peace.. No delay schedule or any other problems..
I don't want our boys to be burden coming here... Have fun visiting Malaysia!!

And hope you all can walk around in KL again.
I wish I am lucky enough to meet you accidentally on the street..

Or maybe bash your Hotels.. Hahahaha...

Ira! Himnae!!

With Frustrated mood but good with it,
달콤한 초콜릿 이라 / Ira the sweet chocolate
(hahaha.. love to give hot name for me..mehehe)

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[Ira's Own-cyworld] Depressed

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Full of homework and assignments... ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

But I still have time for Facebook, Blogs, Twitter(melayan Shindong-sshi n Drunken Tiger), SJ-or13 forum and SMS-ing... 하하하.... ^_^

I need a time-out!!!
Both! time-out(time) and time-out(chocolate)..ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ .....

Though I don't usually eat sweet stuff, but if in depressed condition, I will take it!
Like a Depression Pill... -__-"

All assignments will be due next week, so.. I can't wait for next week!!
하하하하하하하하하...... ^_^

Have to go now, assignments are waiting for me...

With depression,
빛나는 이라 / Shining Ira
(borrow SHINee's nickname..LOL)

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Irah Aizi
Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok.. Since it's my 101th post.. I want to change the the writing format of my blog..
I want to change using the Cyworld format..
Easier, don't have to be headache on writing a long post.. right? So here goes.. 
And it will be easier to post update everyday...

Ira's Own-Cyworld


So nice to meet Wanie after 2 month I've been missing her.. yay!

We go snap lots of photos, chatting.
but no movies or bowling, or karaoke.
(If want to go karaoke, the weekdays is cheaper -__-)

Myra, Wafa, Izan also came along. We have so much fun...

More story go to Myra's 61st Chapter

They are going to futsal at Bangi next week, which I can't go because of classes ▲_▲"
I want to go...!!!!
They will be sleep-over under the sparkling stars.. Haish! So nice! and since I can't join, I am sooo freakin' jealous!

Have fun, u guys!!

With love,
불꽃 카리스마 라 / Ira the Charismatic Flower
(It's actually SHINee's Minho's name. Haha.. Minho-ya I borrow your nicknames eyh?!)

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100th Post : 7G Limited Edition

Irah Aizi
Thursday, January 07, 2010

Muhuhahahahahah.. Since this is my 100th post as a blogger, I wanted to do something for 7G! My Bestest Best Friends ever!!! Without them I am completely lost! I guess...
(Haih~ It's already been a year I've becoming a blogger)

Ok, ok.. since I have learn how to make banner from Yongmi-sshi, so I guess It won't hurt to do banners for my best friends...

(Owh, btw, Yongmi-ah, I don't care how many times I wrote your name in my blog, I won't pay any commission!!Unnie don't have money to pay you.. Mian..  )

Owh, btw, Don't be shocked, because we have 10 members in our group..
Haish~ I got headache doing all 10 of us!!

Owh, I will place the picture in order of how long we have been a 7G member...

And now.......... my 7G banners using Fazo's Style will be reveal...

1) Nadia Version (Joined in 2004)

2) Izan Version (Joined in 2004)

3) Wafa Version (Joined in 2004)

4) Ira Version (Joined in 2004)

5) FarahSoya Version (Joined in 2004)

6) Sya Version (Joined in 2005)

7) Farra Version (Joined in 2005)

8) Wanie Version (Joined in 2005)

9) Mas Version (Joined in 2005)

10) Myra Version (Joined in 2005)

OK... that's all from me..
Some of the picture of my friends are kinda "not good"
Since the pictures used different camera.

I did all 10 of my bestfriends because I am practicing doing banners, as What Lee Yongmi-seonsaengnim asked me to do...
"Practice Makes Perfect"

Owh, btw, This is my first trial on doing banner, though Yongmi-seonsaengnim said it's not right one..
It was Choi Si Won.

cr. Choi Si Won's Smile

and this is the second trial, and this is the correct one.

cr. Kim Hee Chul's Lips

Lee Yongmi-seonsaengnim, I am good now right???
I hope to learn other stuff from you soon!!
I am already a PS Freak.. LOL..

7G!! You are a part of my life!!!!

That's all for now..
I can't wait to meet and Hangout with Wanie on Saturday!!
I miss her so much. It's been 2 months since we met!
Palli nawa~~

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