Irah Aizi
Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok.. Since it's my 101th post.. I want to change the the writing format of my blog..
I want to change using the Cyworld format..
Easier, don't have to be headache on writing a long post.. right? So here goes.. 
And it will be easier to post update everyday...

Ira's Own-Cyworld


So nice to meet Wanie after 2 month I've been missing her.. yay!

We go snap lots of photos, chatting.
but no movies or bowling, or karaoke.
(If want to go karaoke, the weekdays is cheaper -__-)

Myra, Wafa, Izan also came along. We have so much fun...

More story go to Myra's 61st Chapter

They are going to futsal at Bangi next week, which I can't go because of classes ▲_▲"
I want to go...!!!!
They will be sleep-over under the sparkling stars.. Haish! So nice! and since I can't join, I am sooo freakin' jealous!

Have fun, u guys!!

With love,
불꽃 카리스마 라 / Ira the Charismatic Flower
(It's actually SHINee's Minho's name. Haha.. Minho-ya I borrow your nicknames eyh?!)

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