[CY]I want to be with her.

Irah Aizi
Thursday, February 25, 2010

I planned to wake up at 10:30AM today, but I was woke up by my message ringtone at 7:50AM
"Meseeeeeeeejii~~" was heard,
I took my phone and looked at the message,
"He passed away with his Grandma on a car accident this morning"
My eyes widen as I read the text, straightly I think about her, without stopping I kept thinking about her.
I am tired and sleepy but I can't sleep, my brain won't let me sleep.

Immediately I text her "Are you OK? I am sorry to hear that."
The only word she replied was "I am not OK"

I started to get worried. I called her.
She was crying.
Her voice makes my leg trembled. I can't stand up straight anymore.

She told me the whole story, with a frequent stop.
She tried to explain everything to me but she stopped it with a whine and started crying again.

She said she will be ok. She ask me not to worry so much about her.
But deep inside her, I know she needs me.

Right now I kept thinking and worried about only Exam and Her.

Why is she so far?
Why I can't reach her?
Why I can't hug her in a time like this? 
Why? Why?

I wish I can go there and hug her.
I wish I can go there and comfort her.
I wish I can go there and let her tears fall on my shoulder.
I wish I can go there and let her cry on my lap.
I wish..... I wish....

I felt so useless when I am not around her right now.
I felt so hopeless when I can't comfort her right now.
I felt so worthless when I can't let her tears fall on my shoulder.
I felt so meaningless when I can't let her cry on my lap.
I felt awful... So awful...

She is a part of my life.
Bestfriends.... NO! We are more than bestfriends!
We are like sisters! 
Like twins that never be apart.
Like water that never be divided.
Like real diamonds that never breaks.

She is
My life. My love. My darling. My sweety. My dear.

My love! Please stay strong! Please pretend that I was there for you.
Please.. I beg you.
Although we are far away, but you are in my heart. I am in your heart.

Sarang ah!!,
니 사랑 이라/ Ira Your Love
(I miss you)

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[Blog]Presents.... ^_^

Irah Aizi
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jjang!!! Now I will show all the presents I received for my birthday... :)

SPAO Super Show Shirt!!!! Long-sleeves.
Super Junior Sapphire Blue T-Shirt
Smarties Earphone.. I want to eat that!! LOL

Pink long shirt with bicycle :p
  Pink dashed shirt with a sleeveless cardigan (idk, maybe omma likes pink)

Alia gave me this cute Cow stuff animal.
And she also draw Chibi pic of me :)

 This is me, with SJ bag :p
It's a Birthday Card look-a-like. hehe
Thanks 4 being a nice friend. I luv u. Happy B-day. -Rowena-
Happy Bday girl, I'm glad I have you as my friend. -Joss ♥-
dah tua.. -Alia-

Thanks so much IRIS friends! I love you and I am also glad that I have such a great friends like you guys!!!

(this one, I got free from SEGi college. LOL so consider as a present ^_^)
A wristband "I♥MY" (Malaysia)

I never wear eye-shadow, so dongsaeng bought it for me, but she use it instead.
Hmm... so not fair!

Kamsahamnida for the presents!!!!
I am soooo happy with every presents I got!!

And now....
I am waiting for presents from 7G CHINGU!!!!
Yah! 7G! Where are u guys!!???I miss u guys so much! T_T

Gomawo yo for the LOVELY presents!! ^_^

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[Blog]Birthday(saeng saeng il)

Irah Aizi
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Annyeong Haseyo!!! Heheh..
Saeng il chukahae for me.. huhu...

This year, i didn't get to celebrate my birthday with 7Gs because of many many many unwanted reasons.. so I am celebrating my birthday with Appa and Omma.. heheh (alaa.. just eat cakes only)

[They have a few problems, but I don't care as long as I can celebrate my birthday T_T I care but pretend I don't care.]

I totally LOVE this cake.. Fruit Cake.. Nice, not too sweet, juicy and super awesome!! hehehe

Taking picture with lil dongsaeng and Appa. (my style was a bit horrible because I was at home, so I took whatever shirts and tudung there and wore it.. hahaha)

waaaa... We ate ikan 3 rasa today. Omma made it! Hehe.. yummey~~~

I didnt know samcheon did that to me!!! aiiisshh!! hahaha

Omma was beside me, but she didn't put her tudung on, so no pics of her here...

I got 2 shirts from Omma, and a eye-shadow from lil dongsaeng..... (I am not the type who wear eye shadow, so my lil dongsaeng took it instead... She gae me present but she is the one who use it!! mwo ya!?)
and I got Super Junior Shirt from Appa!!! weeee~~~ RM200 (expensive.... -__-")

I am waiting for present from 7Gs... muhuhahahahah....

Got phone call from Sya and FarahSoya and they sing Birthday song for me..
Although their voices are not so well, but I cried when they sang it to me..
Gomawo yo Chinguya!!! :)
Farra wishes me 5 times, through text, FB, Tweet, YM, and FB again.. :) Gomawo Chingu-ya!

The others also wishes me so well..
And I am waiting for MakNgah Waina for present from Korea... hahahhahahaha.
Mak Ngah Waina! I want something nice from Korea!! hehehe...

Happy 19th Birthday Ira-ah!
Wish to have a great year!! And wish for great exam results...
This year is my final year for Foundation!

Wish to celebrate with SJ oppa.. :(
(SangSang(imagining) only.....)

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[Ira's Own-cyworld] Omma worries about other things than me

Irah Aizi
Monday, February 08, 2010

Ira : Omma, Why you care so damn much for Samcheon(uncle) until you fall sick like this??

Omma said "I don't care much about my daughters and sons because you guys have a father, But I care about my lil brother because he don't have his mother, and I as a older sister can't help him with money problem"

What the....??? Hyuuu~~~ *left out*

(Just now, I have to went home from College alone, because she is busy preparing for the 'hantaran' of marriage)

And now......... this "thingy" has become a burden to me.

I can't go out and celebrate my birthday with 7G Chingu because.... I have to help omma take care of Samcheon's marriage planning.

(singing to ZE:A's Mazeltov) Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....no outing for me...

Mwo ya!!! Neomu JaJJeungNa!!!!! Michigesseo!!!! Shildago!!! Miwohago!! Jugeosseo!!! Jugeosseo!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

슬픈 이라/Sad Ira
(T_T uwaaaaaa)

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[Ira's Own-cyworld]7G Sya birthday!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, February 07, 2010

Our Unnie's birthday!!!
She is the oldest in our group!!
So she is the 'kakak' !! LOL..

Saeng il Chukahae yo Sya Unnie! :p

Happy Birthday!! I went to celebrate with her on the night.. 
and We will definitely go out together and celebrate your birthday when Wanie and NAjah come home...

Haih~ 7G will reach 19 this year.....
19 is my favourite number though... :p

Birthday Bash,
웃음 이라/ Ira the smiling eyes

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[Blog]Out with IRIS

Irah Aizi
Sunday, February 07, 2010

hahahha.. I have other group though...
Called IRIS.. :p

Me, Rowena, Jocelyn, Alia and Jaya...
(but Jaya...... she is like 'Kibum' in Super Junior.. never with us)

Me, Jocelyn and Alia..
we went to shopping actually.....
Since Jocelyn & Rowena want to go shopping, so we headed to shopping mall..

 Hahaha.. Our sister, model... LOL...
We have finished our study classes... and now, it's time to do some revision because our exam is on 27th feb!!!
Aigoo... We will definitely revise together... Rowena, teach me Account!! Alia, teach me economy!!!
Jocelyn, teach me.......... erm.. english(??) .... :p

So, this month..no play2...
Only study2....

Ira-ah! Jal Hae Bwa!!!

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Irah Aizi
Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Today is quite a not-so-good day(not bad though) for me..

Since this month I only have classes for a week, (three other weeks is Chinese New Year Holiday) so it is not worth it to buy the 'LRT Monthly Pass' RM100. So this week I have to buy LRT Tickets to go to class.

Using the tickets makes me unflexible to play around the LRT.. :p

Today I have to follow Samcheon(uncle) to the LRT Station, so I have to go class early today (at 8AM)
My class started at 12:15PM (mwo ya!?)

so i decided to play around the LRT today.. (as I used to do it to kill my free time)

From Cempaka Station -- Masjid Jamek(my college) -- I embarked at Sentul Timur(last station)

Suddenly I remebered! "I can't use the LRT ticket I bought just now to go out from the Ampang line station! I have to insert the ticket from the Sentul Timur Line! Andweeeeaaa!!"
(supposedly I used to go out with my monthly pass at the Ampang Line station, but now i can't)

This LRT ticket makes me unflexible O_O"

So i have to go back to Ampang Station (have to wait 15minutes for the train)
And then in the train, I watch 'kaseum pakdosa' in my HP!! :p

While excitedly watched the video, I realized I have passed Masjid Jamek Station (OMONA!!!)
Aiiisshh!! Eotteohke!?

So i have to embark at the Sentul Station (Since I don't wantt he policeman at Sentul timur Station to recognize me, so i embark at Sentul Station instead.. hahahah)
Then I embarked at Plaza Rakyat station to take the Sentul Timur Line to go to Masjid Jamek again... haiz..

So complicated..

Thank god there's cute chinese guy next to me just now! :p

Omona!!! problem again -___-" )
I bought the return tickets form Cempaka..... but then i have to go back to Ampang.. not cempaka!!!
aigoo.. na ui Shilsu!!! (my mistake)

I only have to pay extra 40cents to pass from Ampang Station..
Thank God!! ^___________^

Since Mama was so tired this evening, I have to walked home......
Mama!! One step MYR1, so that means I stepped 1000.. so.. MYR1000! :p lalalala

At Home,
Yaaaah! I got the third essay question from ustaz Faiz...
The 1st and 2nd essays, I didn't do it yet.. :p

Will start today!!! (hope so)

Ken : Ira! Ganbatte!! Aja Aja Fighting!!
(i dunno why Ken say this to us when he went out from class....??? )

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[Blog]Layout changed! Yay!

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February has come.. ^_^
Since February is my birthday, I want to change my layout..
and maybe celebrate my birthday with my Dashing Three Musketeers!!


I made this layout myself!!!! MYSELF!!!
hahahahaha.. I am good now... LOL...

though I only take the HTML body from other layout.. but I did change 90% of it to make my new layout...

So I designed my own layout, and only play with the HTML coding... muhuhahaha..

One thing I didn't change, and that is my Header aka blog name..
I changed to 'Musketeer's Princess' just now, but I changed back to 'Hyukkie's Princess'..
Because Hyukkie's Princess is so precious to me..
though I love my other 2 musketeers, Taeminnie and Yejunnie..
But my husband is still Hyukkie.. :p

Yejunnie & Taeminnie are my namdongsaeng only!! ^_^"

How I wish I can celebrate my birthday with Hyukkie, Taeminnie and Yejunnie...

Happy! Happy! Happy!
Bye2 January, Hello February!!

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