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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Today is quite a not-so-good day(not bad though) for me..

Since this month I only have classes for a week, (three other weeks is Chinese New Year Holiday) so it is not worth it to buy the 'LRT Monthly Pass' RM100. So this week I have to buy LRT Tickets to go to class.

Using the tickets makes me unflexible to play around the LRT.. :p

Today I have to follow Samcheon(uncle) to the LRT Station, so I have to go class early today (at 8AM)
My class started at 12:15PM (mwo ya!?)

so i decided to play around the LRT today.. (as I used to do it to kill my free time)

From Cempaka Station -- Masjid Jamek(my college) -- I embarked at Sentul Timur(last station)

Suddenly I remebered! "I can't use the LRT ticket I bought just now to go out from the Ampang line station! I have to insert the ticket from the Sentul Timur Line! Andweeeeaaa!!"
(supposedly I used to go out with my monthly pass at the Ampang Line station, but now i can't)

This LRT ticket makes me unflexible O_O"

So i have to go back to Ampang Station (have to wait 15minutes for the train)
And then in the train, I watch 'kaseum pakdosa' in my HP!! :p

While excitedly watched the video, I realized I have passed Masjid Jamek Station (OMONA!!!)
Aiiisshh!! Eotteohke!?

So i have to embark at the Sentul Station (Since I don't wantt he policeman at Sentul timur Station to recognize me, so i embark at Sentul Station instead.. hahahah)
Then I embarked at Plaza Rakyat station to take the Sentul Timur Line to go to Masjid Jamek again... haiz..

So complicated..

Thank god there's cute chinese guy next to me just now! :p

Omona!!! problem again -___-" )
I bought the return tickets form Cempaka..... but then i have to go back to Ampang.. not cempaka!!!
aigoo.. na ui Shilsu!!! (my mistake)

I only have to pay extra 40cents to pass from Ampang Station..
Thank God!! ^___________^

Since Mama was so tired this evening, I have to walked home......
Mama!! One step MYR1, so that means I stepped 1000.. so.. MYR1000! :p lalalala

At Home,
Yaaaah! I got the third essay question from ustaz Faiz...
The 1st and 2nd essays, I didn't do it yet.. :p

Will start today!!! (hope so)

Ken : Ira! Ganbatte!! Aja Aja Fighting!!
(i dunno why Ken say this to us when he went out from class....??? )

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