[CY]I want to be with her.

Irah Aizi
Thursday, February 25, 2010

I planned to wake up at 10:30AM today, but I was woke up by my message ringtone at 7:50AM
"Meseeeeeeeejii~~" was heard,
I took my phone and looked at the message,
"He passed away with his Grandma on a car accident this morning"
My eyes widen as I read the text, straightly I think about her, without stopping I kept thinking about her.
I am tired and sleepy but I can't sleep, my brain won't let me sleep.

Immediately I text her "Are you OK? I am sorry to hear that."
The only word she replied was "I am not OK"

I started to get worried. I called her.
She was crying.
Her voice makes my leg trembled. I can't stand up straight anymore.

She told me the whole story, with a frequent stop.
She tried to explain everything to me but she stopped it with a whine and started crying again.

She said she will be ok. She ask me not to worry so much about her.
But deep inside her, I know she needs me.

Right now I kept thinking and worried about only Exam and Her.

Why is she so far?
Why I can't reach her?
Why I can't hug her in a time like this? 
Why? Why?

I wish I can go there and hug her.
I wish I can go there and comfort her.
I wish I can go there and let her tears fall on my shoulder.
I wish I can go there and let her cry on my lap.
I wish..... I wish....

I felt so useless when I am not around her right now.
I felt so hopeless when I can't comfort her right now.
I felt so worthless when I can't let her tears fall on my shoulder.
I felt so meaningless when I can't let her cry on my lap.
I felt awful... So awful...

She is a part of my life.
Bestfriends.... NO! We are more than bestfriends!
We are like sisters! 
Like twins that never be apart.
Like water that never be divided.
Like real diamonds that never breaks.

She is
My life. My love. My darling. My sweety. My dear.

My love! Please stay strong! Please pretend that I was there for you.
Please.. I beg you.
Although we are far away, but you are in my heart. I am in your heart.

Sarang ah!!,
니 사랑 이라/ Ira Your Love
(I miss you)

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  1. Lia says:
    February 25, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    al-fatihah kepada arwah..
    kite t'kjt dgr berita tu..
    anything bgtaw kite ye..