[Blog]Layout changed! Yay!

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February has come.. ^_^
Since February is my birthday, I want to change my layout..
and maybe celebrate my birthday with my Dashing Three Musketeers!!


I made this layout myself!!!! MYSELF!!!
hahahahaha.. I am good now... LOL...

though I only take the HTML body from other layout.. but I did change 90% of it to make my new layout...

So I designed my own layout, and only play with the HTML coding... muhuhahaha..

One thing I didn't change, and that is my Header aka blog name..
I changed to 'Musketeer's Princess' just now, but I changed back to 'Hyukkie's Princess'..
Because Hyukkie's Princess is so precious to me..
though I love my other 2 musketeers, Taeminnie and Yejunnie..
But my husband is still Hyukkie.. :p

Yejunnie & Taeminnie are my namdongsaeng only!! ^_^"

How I wish I can celebrate my birthday with Hyukkie, Taeminnie and Yejunnie...

Happy! Happy! Happy!
Bye2 January, Hello February!!

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