Farewell Dinner For Ira and Nadia

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since Nadia and I are going to leave for our Military Service [Cheyy, mcm kat Korea plak, Sume artis laki kne pegy.. :p] We had our LAST Dinner together!! [Majimak Dinner] Hehehe

This is Nadia, Sya, FarahSoya[Someone wants me to stop wrote her the terung one] and Wanie!!
At the Parking LOT!!

We had a GREAT time!! We do something unforgetable!! Bwahahaha...
and that is......
Eat the disgusting foods!!
♦Tomyam+Sorsoup [Blueek!! Nak Muntah!!]
♦Tomyam+Lychee [Ige Mwoyaaa!!???]
♦Chicken Chop+SorSoup [Want to puke more....]

Bwahahahaha.. I can NEVER forget how Nadia and me tricked and forced FarahSoya to eat all this disgusting foods... Hahahaahahahaah

Poor FarahSoya!! Hahaha.. Even the Good Wanie tricked her too!!! Kyaaaaa~

After dinner, we go walking2 in the mall for a while.. Caught some more unforgetable pictures...
Especially the... the... the... [Aaaaaaa!! Can't Tell! too embarrass!!!]
Then we caught these pictures!!

[Ignore Nadia's pose everybody!!! LOL]

Hah!!! We are the CHILD again!! Kyaaaa~~~ Friends Forever!!!

They were like trying to make fun of FarahSoya.. FarahSoya wanted to take picture in some unthinkable place, so Nadia said 'This place is more GOOD that FarahSoya's choice!!"
We are sooo mean to Farah! Mianhae!!!

I will miss you guys!!!!! [Only Nadia and me pose, the other two laugh... What are you guys laughing about???]

Nadia caught this picture , but her face is only half-caught.. Muhuhahahahah....

Chey, Playing with phones.. hahaha. Crazy!!!

We ate at Train!!!! LOL.... Hahaha.. [Perasan! Berangan je keje! :p]

I will be Missing you guys! Yah! Take care of yourself eh???
To Nadia : Do your Military Well!
To Amal, Farra, MasD, Sya, Wanie, Farah Alia : Do your license well! And Take care!!
To FaraSoya, Mira : Have a great life! Take care!! JAge your license elok2! :p
To Anya&Along : Take care of Sya for me!!! If she get sick, treat her well!! Muhuhahaha Jangan bg dye makan banyak sangat and makan ice!! Nanti sket2 demam...
To Oppa, Omma and Appa : Don't miss me!! :p
To DOngsaengie Aliea and Ieyla : Take care of my Hyukkie and twins eh!!?? :p

Saranghamnida Chinguya!!!Bogoshipeo yo!!!~~

Yah! Hyukkie-oppa! Your wife is now at Military Service! When are you going huh?? :p
Saranghamnida Hyukkie!! Bogoshipeo yo Hyukkie-Husband!!!

I Will miss You and the rest Super Junior!!!!

Bye bye EVERYBODY!!! Saranghae!!!

Annyeong Haseyo! I go first!!!!
Na Ganda!! Jal Jayo!!!

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♥One Day with Dongsaeng♥

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday-16th March 2009
I met Aliea and Ieyla!! Two of my dongsaengs!!!

We met at Tesco je...Hehehe

But it was really FUN!!! They both are soooo adorable!!

This is Aliea and Me!

Here's Ieyla and Me!

They helped me find some shirts and pants for my Military Training.
But we ended up only looking ALL the cloths instead of buying them..

They are also good towards Omma. Omma went somewhere else, leaving the 3 of us behind, Aliea and Ieyla was like 'Eonni, where's Omma!?'

They are sooo cute!

While we were looking and finding cloths, we found the 'Free' note.
Then I was like,

Ira : Omo! Free?? Take it! Take it!
Aliea : EYh? Jeongmal?? Free?
Ieyla : Eonni! It's free size la!! Mwo ya!? (clever one)
Ira : Eyh? Buhuhahahah.. Yeah, free size..

Suddenly Ieyla being the nerd one..

Ieyla : Eonni? What is this size F? I never heard of it before?
Aliea : It's size Free la, Ieyla!
Ira : Yah! Just now you are the clever one, and now..?? Aigoo..

I still remeber that! Gahahaha..

And we were like talking about Super Junior All day!!!

Ieyla 24/7 asked me to buy something for my Husband Hyukkie..
And the we went for a Drink... yummy~ Ice Blended Mocha!!
Kyaaaaaaaaa.. Mashitta!!!

Then, Omma invited us home.. I mean Omma invited them... :p

We chat... chat and chat about Super Junior all day!!! Hehe.. In my room!!
Owh, they bought 'Super Junior t-shirt' for me!!! and I got Eunhyukkie's bracelet! :p
Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~~ So Cool!!

Then we dance... and dance.... dance..... and we record it! :p

Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, SNSD's Gee, SHINee's Replay&Romantic..... hmm.. what else??

Kyaaaaaaaaa... Then, my family went out, we all went down stairs.. going to watch Music Bank together!!!
Daradada Call me, call me.. LOL.. Taegun sang 'Call Me'.. And Ieyla went all crazy! :p

They went home at 6.30 pm.... Their Appa picked them up.. Their Appa is sooo sporting..
Owh, They are rich too though, their Appa use Mercedes Benz Class E (If I am not mistaken)

Wah!!! Sooo long! It's like spending ONE day with my Dongsaengs!
I want to spend more time with them again!!!!

When they are home, I watched our dance again.... Kyaaa.. So funny!!!
I can never forget the day!!! Muahahahahah!

Aliea-sshi Ieyla-sshi Saranghamnida!!!!

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I Pass!!!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Pass My driving test!! Finally!!![kwn anya:jagung~ jagung~jagung~]


Oh, well, at first, Saodah-Seonsaengnim gave me a LOT of comment o my driving. she said I am too SLOW on changing the gear , and I don't know how to drive. She even said I am not ready!! Eotteohke!??
I felt like want to surrender!!!
And become like Junpyo.... When he is mad, and playing games... he will be saying..
"Chugo boryeosh.. Chugo beoryeo.. Chugo byeoreyoshh...."

Then, that night I was crying and thinking of tomorrow's test. Uwaaaa!!!

Huh!!! I do the Solat Hajat, recite the Quran, and pray..pray...pray.. and pray...

The Test Day!!!
I got the same JPJ person.. Still remember his name Mr. Rodzaki!!


After I went in the car, and do "whatever" to get marks, then I asked him..
I still remember all my friends and Kak manje "Don't forget seat belts!!"

Then I started to be cool, like Woobin.. Yo Yo Yo... LOL.. :p
Ira : Do you still remember me?
JPJ : Hmm.. NO!
Ira :(How could you!!??)
JPJ : Which one?
Ira : I am the one that nearly collided with someone's side mirror. The proton crasher!
JPJ : Ah!!! I remember!! Waa... You can still remember me. It's been so long time already.
Ira : Yeah! Hehe.. (Muhuhahaha.. He is amazed! My chances!)
JPJ : Ok! Start the car!

Then I drove.....

As what FarahTerung ask me to do "Have a chat with The JPJ person", I did that..

Ira : I got PLKN next week.
JPJ : Owh, really?? Where?
Ira : Rawang....
JPJ : Owwh.. Templer Park is it?
Ira : YES!! That one! Just nearby though..

Then.. silence...... for a while..

Then I started again...

Ira : Waa.. SO many lorries here!!
JPJ : Huh?
Ira : There's so many lorries....

Then he didn't reply... -.- (Oh man!!! )

Then... his cellphone rang...

I still drive normally... Ngeehehehehe.. O_O

Then, there's traffic light. I stopped....

Time to drive again...

OMG!!! The engine's stop!!! Eotteohke?? EOtteohke????

I pretend to be cool, and start the engine back. And continue drove.

Uwaaaaaa!! THANK GOD he is busy with his cellphone.

Then I continue driving. At the kampung site, I wrongly change the gear to 4, the car starts to
Bergegar.. [mwo ya??? bergegar... ermm... vibrate!!! hehe]

Then the JPJ said " You use gear 4 la dik!"

Gaaarrrhh!!!!!! Eotteohke???
I am again, change the gear with a Cool still.. like nothing happen.. :p LOL..

Then.. finally!!!
I Pass!!! Kyaaaaaaa!! Thanks Mr. Rodzaki!!

Thank You Allah!!
I even did the Sujud syukur at home...
SO so so... thankful!!

Then, Omma also happy.... In the car, she even babbling about the past again.. and still thankful.


Owh... and Thank YOU guys!!!
Sya [She called omma many times because she is worried about me]
FarahTerung[She called me after my test finish]
Amal & Farra [They both also worried about me!!]
Kak Manje [She asked me at YM how's my test! Kak Manje still owe me some Durian... (drooling)]
Aliea&Ieyla[Aliea was calling me just after my I went home/Ieyla SMS-ed me!!]

I don't know that all of you care for me THAT much!!

And my PRESENT for passing my driving test is........



I was sooooo happy back then, when the MV is out... Thank you Hyukkie for the present... (day dreaming

Yay!! I am happy that I pass and the Super Junior Comeback!!!

Thank You Allah!

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Super Junior Back!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Junior's Comeback is EVERYWHERE in my websites...

In my myspace, crunchyroll, forums, blog,....

Click The pics to see bigger Version!!




But too sad, because I can't watch them on TV!!!
I'll be going to Military Service~~

Oh! And I ONLY look at HIM!!!

ONLY HIM!! ♥_♥

Kyaaaaaaaaa!!! Gaaaaah!!! He is always in my heart!!
He is ONLY in my heart!! In my eyes, heart, ears[what the??], mind!!!!!
HE is the ONE!!! Only Lee Hyuk Jae!! Eunhyukkie!!!

Hyukkie is SOOOOO Handsome!!!
In the MV, he with the glasses.... *Melts*


I Don't want to leave Super Junior!!
I felt like leaving the all my Oppas when I go to Military Service..

Oppa!! I won't leave you!! NEVER!!!
Although I will go to Military Service, I WON'T ever forget You!!

Oppa!! You are still in My heart forever!! *crying*

Bogoshipeo!! Saranghae!!

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Naega naega naega meonjeo Nege nege nege bbajyeo bbajeo bbajeo beoryeo Baby Sorry Shawty Sorry Shawty Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo Sumi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo naega michyeo michyeo Baby

Ira in SuperJunior-fied!!!

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Oppa???? Wae?

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was listening to SHINee's "Romantic" after the Maghrib prayer [don't get me wrong, I already finished solat and got nothing to do after recite the Quran. so I listen to music ^_^]

Sunday, While I was cleaning [more like searching for something], then i saw this yellow envelope!

I was like... O_O"
"Who gave me this??? I think I never receive any letters with this hand writing"

Then I opened the envelope...
It's a birthday card!!!

I was like "What is this?? I never receive this before??? Who's is it from...???"

Then I opened the card..... [Jeng jeng jeng~~]

It wrote "ur Bro"
So... I was guessing it is Aizat...
Then I started reading the contents.

Happy B'day aku ucapkan kat ko. Ko 2 dh 18 tahun lepas nie x de mcam skola. Kalau ko amek form 6 lain ar.Haha. Jaga diri elok elok kalau dh masuk university nanti. Aku tau ko bley masuk Uni pnye. Gud Luck.

Ur Bro,

*Ingtkn nk bg smalam, tp ko g enjoy ngan membe2 ko. xpe ah. "


Happy Birthday I wish to you. You are 18 years old now after this it won't be like school life anymore. It's different if you take form 6. Haha. Take care of yourself after you go to univercsity. I know you can get to enter Uni. Good Luck.

Ur Bro,

*I was thinking of giving you this yesterday, but you went to celebrate with you friends. It's ok. "

OK! This is odd??!!!

It was not from Aizat though... I know Aizat's handwriting so well!!
It was..... O_O X_X ~_~ -.-
The signature also wrote like 'Azim' ... So.. POSITIVE! Azim!

Wae gure!!?? Wae??!! Wae gapchagi!!??

To tell you the truth, we fought with each other in 2005. When I was form 2 and he's in form 3.
It was my fault actually, why we fought. T_T erm.. 70% my fault, 30% his fault.
Gahahahahahahah!!! [Gelak guling2]
Well, My Chingu knows that. So I won't tell why we fought. You guys know what happened, right?

WOAH!! Muhuhahahah... Both of us cold-hearted.

Well, and to be honest, i did cried when I was reading this card. My heart beated faster.
I don't know why... Nun mul[tears] just went out! Terharu la konon.
And at that time, my Ipod was playing the Jonghyun's Hey ya song.. [Lagu menghayat hati.Tahap leleh pnye!]
MAN!! It even makes the atmosphere go sad... T_T

And until now, I didn't talk to him yet... :p
Segan! O_o

I didn't say Thank you to him yet, for giving me this card.

I'll said it here je la...

Azim Oppa! Kamsahamnida!!

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