Oppa???? Wae?

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was listening to SHINee's "Romantic" after the Maghrib prayer [don't get me wrong, I already finished solat and got nothing to do after recite the Quran. so I listen to music ^_^]

Sunday, While I was cleaning [more like searching for something], then i saw this yellow envelope!

I was like... O_O"
"Who gave me this??? I think I never receive any letters with this hand writing"

Then I opened the envelope...
It's a birthday card!!!

I was like "What is this?? I never receive this before??? Who's is it from...???"

Then I opened the card..... [Jeng jeng jeng~~]

It wrote "ur Bro"
So... I was guessing it is Aizat...
Then I started reading the contents.

Happy B'day aku ucapkan kat ko. Ko 2 dh 18 tahun lepas nie x de mcam skola. Kalau ko amek form 6 lain ar.Haha. Jaga diri elok elok kalau dh masuk university nanti. Aku tau ko bley masuk Uni pnye. Gud Luck.

Ur Bro,

*Ingtkn nk bg smalam, tp ko g enjoy ngan membe2 ko. xpe ah. "


Happy Birthday I wish to you. You are 18 years old now after this it won't be like school life anymore. It's different if you take form 6. Haha. Take care of yourself after you go to univercsity. I know you can get to enter Uni. Good Luck.

Ur Bro,

*I was thinking of giving you this yesterday, but you went to celebrate with you friends. It's ok. "

OK! This is odd??!!!

It was not from Aizat though... I know Aizat's handwriting so well!!
It was..... O_O X_X ~_~ -.-
The signature also wrote like 'Azim' ... So.. POSITIVE! Azim!

Wae gure!!?? Wae??!! Wae gapchagi!!??

To tell you the truth, we fought with each other in 2005. When I was form 2 and he's in form 3.
It was my fault actually, why we fought. T_T erm.. 70% my fault, 30% his fault.
Gahahahahahahah!!! [Gelak guling2]
Well, My Chingu knows that. So I won't tell why we fought. You guys know what happened, right?

WOAH!! Muhuhahahah... Both of us cold-hearted.

Well, and to be honest, i did cried when I was reading this card. My heart beated faster.
I don't know why... Nun mul[tears] just went out! Terharu la konon.
And at that time, my Ipod was playing the Jonghyun's Hey ya song.. [Lagu menghayat hati.Tahap leleh pnye!]
MAN!! It even makes the atmosphere go sad... T_T

And until now, I didn't talk to him yet... :p
Segan! O_o

I didn't say Thank you to him yet, for giving me this card.

I'll said it here je la...

Azim Oppa! Kamsahamnida!!

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3 Response to "Oppa???? Wae?"

  1. sya\(",)/ Says:
    March 10, 2009 at 5:05 PM

    erk!!!!!O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O

    pe ni???betol ke??wae???is that true??betol ke ni?? xcaye la..!!ish..yeke??tipu la..awk jgn men2...[-x

    (cukup!!ni je cmnt..tekejut yg amat..smpai lidah terkelu..otak jem smpai x leh rembes hormone...tgn x dpt signal dr otk untk menaip...ni je yg mmpu..mian..)=p

  2. Ira The Antagonist says:
    March 10, 2009 at 6:23 PM

    xcaye! dtg la umah ku!!
    [bile nye...??]

    tgk btol2!
    klau xpn , awk ambek buku azim lame2 tu..
    compare kn tulisan...

    diriku pn terkejut!

  3. penglipur lara says:
    March 31, 2009 at 2:26 AM

    that's mean he still love you gurl no matter what..
    it is proven that deep in side his heart u r someone very valuable..
    his little sis..hehe..