I Pass!!!

Irah Aizi
Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Pass My driving test!! Finally!!![kwn anya:jagung~ jagung~jagung~]


Oh, well, at first, Saodah-Seonsaengnim gave me a LOT of comment o my driving. she said I am too SLOW on changing the gear , and I don't know how to drive. She even said I am not ready!! Eotteohke!??
I felt like want to surrender!!!
And become like Junpyo.... When he is mad, and playing games... he will be saying..
"Chugo boryeosh.. Chugo beoryeo.. Chugo byeoreyoshh...."

Then, that night I was crying and thinking of tomorrow's test. Uwaaaa!!!

Huh!!! I do the Solat Hajat, recite the Quran, and pray..pray...pray.. and pray...

The Test Day!!!
I got the same JPJ person.. Still remember his name Mr. Rodzaki!!


After I went in the car, and do "whatever" to get marks, then I asked him..
I still remember all my friends and Kak manje "Don't forget seat belts!!"

Then I started to be cool, like Woobin.. Yo Yo Yo... LOL.. :p
Ira : Do you still remember me?
JPJ : Hmm.. NO!
Ira :(How could you!!??)
JPJ : Which one?
Ira : I am the one that nearly collided with someone's side mirror. The proton crasher!
JPJ : Ah!!! I remember!! Waa... You can still remember me. It's been so long time already.
Ira : Yeah! Hehe.. (Muhuhahaha.. He is amazed! My chances!)
JPJ : Ok! Start the car!

Then I drove.....

As what FarahTerung ask me to do "Have a chat with The JPJ person", I did that..

Ira : I got PLKN next week.
JPJ : Owh, really?? Where?
Ira : Rawang....
JPJ : Owwh.. Templer Park is it?
Ira : YES!! That one! Just nearby though..

Then.. silence...... for a while..

Then I started again...

Ira : Waa.. SO many lorries here!!
JPJ : Huh?
Ira : There's so many lorries....

Then he didn't reply... -.- (Oh man!!! )

Then... his cellphone rang...

I still drive normally... Ngeehehehehe.. O_O

Then, there's traffic light. I stopped....

Time to drive again...

OMG!!! The engine's stop!!! Eotteohke?? EOtteohke????

I pretend to be cool, and start the engine back. And continue drove.

Uwaaaaaa!! THANK GOD he is busy with his cellphone.

Then I continue driving. At the kampung site, I wrongly change the gear to 4, the car starts to
Bergegar.. [mwo ya??? bergegar... ermm... vibrate!!! hehe]

Then the JPJ said " You use gear 4 la dik!"

Gaaarrrhh!!!!!! Eotteohke???
I am again, change the gear with a Cool still.. like nothing happen.. :p LOL..

Then.. finally!!!
I Pass!!! Kyaaaaaaa!! Thanks Mr. Rodzaki!!

Thank You Allah!!
I even did the Sujud syukur at home...
SO so so... thankful!!

Then, Omma also happy.... In the car, she even babbling about the past again.. and still thankful.


Owh... and Thank YOU guys!!!
Sya [She called omma many times because she is worried about me]
FarahTerung[She called me after my test finish]
Amal & Farra [They both also worried about me!!]
Kak Manje [She asked me at YM how's my test! Kak Manje still owe me some Durian... (drooling)]
Aliea&Ieyla[Aliea was calling me just after my I went home/Ieyla SMS-ed me!!]

I don't know that all of you care for me THAT much!!

And my PRESENT for passing my driving test is........



I was sooooo happy back then, when the MV is out... Thank you Hyukkie for the present... (day dreaming

Yay!! I am happy that I pass and the Super Junior Comeback!!!

Thank You Allah!

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3 Response to "I Pass!!!"

  1. Nas says:
    March 16, 2009 at 10:26 AM


    tambah nama anya....sbb blk teluk cempedak trus tanye mak anya Maze lulus ke tak...(kat Teluk Cempedak tak ingat ape dah..sebok berenang jd Jandi..hahaha!!!)

    Pegi PLKN bile?amek ni haa..ade anya beli benda dr Telok Cempedak... =p

  2. fathmah says:
    March 17, 2009 at 2:20 AM

    yayy to iraaa! yeah,thank you to ALLAH,nevertheless. i'm happy for you. my mom used to try 6 times,then pass. haha.

  3. Ira The Antagonist says:
    March 18, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    Anya : Nak!!! Nak!??!! Maze lulus la anya!! hehehe.. YAY! anya ingat maze dimane2 jua anya berade... :p

    Fathmah : Yay! Thanks to Allah! I passed!! Best! Now I am all tenang! :)
    Omo.. 6 times...?? Lucky me :p hahaha