Farewell Dinner For Ira and Nadia

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since Nadia and I are going to leave for our Military Service [Cheyy, mcm kat Korea plak, Sume artis laki kne pegy.. :p] We had our LAST Dinner together!! [Majimak Dinner] Hehehe

This is Nadia, Sya, FarahSoya[Someone wants me to stop wrote her the terung one] and Wanie!!
At the Parking LOT!!

We had a GREAT time!! We do something unforgetable!! Bwahahaha...
and that is......
Eat the disgusting foods!!
♦Tomyam+Sorsoup [Blueek!! Nak Muntah!!]
♦Tomyam+Lychee [Ige Mwoyaaa!!???]
♦Chicken Chop+SorSoup [Want to puke more....]

Bwahahahaha.. I can NEVER forget how Nadia and me tricked and forced FarahSoya to eat all this disgusting foods... Hahahaahahahaah

Poor FarahSoya!! Hahaha.. Even the Good Wanie tricked her too!!! Kyaaaaa~

After dinner, we go walking2 in the mall for a while.. Caught some more unforgetable pictures...
Especially the... the... the... [Aaaaaaa!! Can't Tell! too embarrass!!!]
Then we caught these pictures!!

[Ignore Nadia's pose everybody!!! LOL]

Hah!!! We are the CHILD again!! Kyaaaa~~~ Friends Forever!!!

They were like trying to make fun of FarahSoya.. FarahSoya wanted to take picture in some unthinkable place, so Nadia said 'This place is more GOOD that FarahSoya's choice!!"
We are sooo mean to Farah! Mianhae!!!

I will miss you guys!!!!! [Only Nadia and me pose, the other two laugh... What are you guys laughing about???]

Nadia caught this picture , but her face is only half-caught.. Muhuhahahahah....

Chey, Playing with phones.. hahaha. Crazy!!!

We ate at Train!!!! LOL.... Hahaha.. [Perasan! Berangan je keje! :p]

I will be Missing you guys! Yah! Take care of yourself eh???
To Nadia : Do your Military Well!
To Amal, Farra, MasD, Sya, Wanie, Farah Alia : Do your license well! And Take care!!
To FaraSoya, Mira : Have a great life! Take care!! JAge your license elok2! :p
To Anya&Along : Take care of Sya for me!!! If she get sick, treat her well!! Muhuhahaha Jangan bg dye makan banyak sangat and makan ice!! Nanti sket2 demam...
To Oppa, Omma and Appa : Don't miss me!! :p
To DOngsaengie Aliea and Ieyla : Take care of my Hyukkie and twins eh!!?? :p

Saranghamnida Chinguya!!!Bogoshipeo yo!!!~~

Yah! Hyukkie-oppa! Your wife is now at Military Service! When are you going huh?? :p
Saranghamnida Hyukkie!! Bogoshipeo yo Hyukkie-Husband!!!

I Will miss You and the rest Super Junior!!!!

Bye bye EVERYBODY!!! Saranghae!!!

Annyeong Haseyo! I go first!!!!
Na Ganda!! Jal Jayo!!!

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  1. anya says:
    April 23, 2009 at 7:53 PM

    maze!!balik la!!!bosan la..dah lame tak gaduh..nk cilok idea blog sape nihh...!!!

    pulang lahhh!!!!!