Happy new year!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suke sangat tuka2 layout.. 

Okay.. since the Christmas Fever just finished yesterday.... I've changed the layout..
this layout is for New Year, since Hyukkie bought me lots and lots of stuff from Y.E.S sale.. hahahahaha

Ok, that's all I've gotta say....

And this layout might be my real layout for now.. I won't change it again.. I might change it, but.. not in the mean time.. huhu

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!

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I want to HUG him!!!!!

Irah Aizi
Friday, December 25, 2009

Mason-sshi!!!! SARANGHAE!!!
He is just soooooo cute and adorable...!!
If I ever go to Korea, I will definitely find him and Hug him!!!!!
So cute model and actor.. hahaha
I find himself a  bit Handsome too!!

So awesome, he is so famous in Korea!!!

Born in March 21st, 2007!!
Omo!! You are almost 3 years old, Mason-ah!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Mason-sshi!! Saranghae yo!!!!! (crazy fan)

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Irah Aizi
Thursday, December 24, 2009

woah!! o_O

yesterday was awesome...

we go for Girls Day Out, right???
But now..

i mean today.....

everything just..... so quiet....

Kinda weird though....

Yesterday was full of laughter... but today... it's all so silent....
Yesterday was full of smiles... but today... i have a straight face all day....
Yesterday was a blast... but today... i have to do chores....
Yesterday was full of walking together... but today... I walk alone....
Yesterday was like the happiest day of my life... but today... it's a boring day...

It was like... everything just change....

what happen????? weird!!!


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7G's Day Out

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wo0t! w0ot!!

hhehehe.... 7G girls day Out again!!
And this time... it was awesome!!!!!
But sad.. Wanie, FarahSOya, and Myra can't join....
Yah!! I miss you already!! aigoo...

Well, anyway.. we are planning to go to Time Square to play bowling.. like before.. we used to do it after we finish our SPM. It was a VERY3x beautiful memory!! We took the public transport 100%!!

Transport by LRT!!

But before that, Sya brought us to have breakfast next to SOGO mall. We go eat at a 'Medan Selera'

MasD, Farra and I had Nasi Lemak Sotong as recommended by Sya.
The others had Maggi Goreng and Amal only had roti bakar..

Then we head to Times Square by LRT again...

There, we saw two group were mouth-fighting.... I didn't saw it, but the others said that one of the group was behind us.. (seriously! i didn't see it!)
They all run away.... "Yah! Jangan la lari! nnt obvious la!!" but they are sooooooo degil, they ran..
leaving me behind walking alone...... be brave~ hahahaha

Before that, we went to Etude House to buy my Cleansing Foam.. huhu
And took a few pictures at the shop.. hahah.. Pinky-ish~

Then we go BOWLING!! we play 2 games!
wehehehehe.. First game Amal won.. Second game MasD won!!!

OMG!! While playing, farra was busy ketip kuku.. huh! After she cut her nails, then she strike so many times.. hahahah

While playing, mesti la caught some photos... I mean hundreads of photos.. heheh

One roll of bowling ball, one picture... hahahah.. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT we have photos of it.. heheh

After that, we head to Pavillion for our lunch. We took the monorail to Pavi..
This was inside the monorail... Sesak2 dalam monorail pun we still have time for pictures.. heheheh (seriously, mmg sosak napas eden!!)

Then we went for lunch at Pavi's food court.. haha.. so delicious...
Najah - Popia
Ira - Chicken Cashewnut rice(I prefer Octopus's)
Farra - Spaghetti~~
Izan - Chicken Chop (sedap!!)
Amal - Asam Laksa ( I want to eat this first, but can't find it...)
Sya - Teppanyaki
MasD - Little Wok (Chicke Wing Fried Rice)

Najah was busy with her Milo, and I was busy finding the cashewnuts..

ALL of the busy eating... hahahah...

Then after that, we go to Pavi's Etude House..
THEY ALL tried ALL of the make-ups... i mean ALL the 'tester'
So shameless!!!
And we tried out the new Glittery Eye-Liner... LOOK!!! see our eyes...

Then, we go to Red Box to ask about the payments and stuff...
We are planning to go Karaoke for our New Year Celebrations..

Then, after asking, we go take pictures inside the Red Box.. Shameless again!
MODELS of the YEAR!!

Take picture next to a Bar..
(Sya!!! Burung Kasawari lagi laaaaa!!)

Then after that we headed to KLCC to go home, since it's too late and I am sure the monorail already sardin...
we walked, OK!!?? A bit far la.. but still can survive.. heheh

Owh! we met Raja NurHazirah (Cikgu raja ape ek??? Raja Nur..... Selalu konpius!)

Then we went home by Bus.... WOAH!!! jam in the city, we took 1 hour and half to get home...
But believe me, it was SUPER chaos in the bus.. Who else did it if it weren't us..?? hahaha

Well, anyway... it was a BLAST!!!
REALLY enjoyed it.... We laugh the whoooooooooole time!!!!!!
SERIOUSLY!!! we can't stop laughing..

We all had soooooo much fun!! especially me!!! huhuhuhu..
And rindu ku towards najah hilang dah.. it's been 5 months since we last saw each other..

7G!!! I really3x had fun hanging out with you guys!
Without u guys, my life would be miserable!

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Merry Christmas!!

Irah Aizi
Monday, December 21, 2009

After been a while.. i changed my layout blog!!!huhu
Change my layout to 'Christmas' moment..
although it's not my religion's day..
just want to have fun and fit in.. huhu

Layout baru!!!!
Still got Hyukkie up there!! kahkahkah

Will change it after Christmas over.. haiiiiiyaaah!!!

owh... just want to tell u..
this what Omma and Appa bought at Gintell yesterday... (Christmas Presents)

GINTELL I-So Shake And Shape (hahah... Diriku akan menge'shake' kn diri untuk Meng'shape' k n body ku!)

GINTELL Gold Massage Chair (Ah~~ Lepas ni SEHAT la beta!!)

GINTELL G-Vibo Hand massage (Jalluddin Hassan jadi Duta nye.. Aigoo~)

ahah!! after this I will have a great body... ahaks~
But this stuff will come like a week later...
so have to wait... huhu

Sya!! Kite kurus dulu ye?!

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Irah Aizi
Monday, December 21, 2009

OK!! It's been a while....

I was EXTREMELY BUSY these pass whole days! hahaha...

believe me! really3 busy!!
I got classes EVERYDAY from Monday to Saturday!


But as busy as I am, I still can spend my time hang out with my peeps! huhu

With FarahSoya - Sunway (Hutang lagi.......)

With Mas/FarahSoya/Myra - KLCC watch 'Ninja Assassins' wo0t wOot! THE BEST!!!

With Farra/Farizan/Amal/Sya - watch 2012 and bought umbrella together~
Cerita Lebih Lanjut Tekan Sini

With Farra/sya/Farizan/FarahAlia - KLCC watch 'Zombie Land' and 'MySpy' (KELAKAR GILE!)

It was awesome!! But I am VERY EXTREMELY sad right now.. I havent met Najah for like....... i don't know.. last I met her was went we go watch Harry Potter.. well, it's like ages ago!! hahahha..

I hope this coming hangout I will meet her!!!

Good News!!!
Appa bought Machine-like-threadmill!! hahaha Since I am on my 'Kurus-ing my body' time, I can't wait for the new I-So(what the name again,omma??) hehe.. forgot!
It will arrive about 3 to 4 days .... And Appa also bought a new massage chair!! hahahahhahaha...
After this No-More-Back-Pain!!! hahahahhaah

Now I am currently planning for a new hangout day for 7G before the rest of UITMs peeps going back for the 2nd sem!
hmm... still planning??
And Hopefully MANY peeps will follow!!

Yaaaahh!! EVERYBODY SHOULD suggest one hangout event ok!!????

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
Saebok mani badeuseyo~~

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Irah Aizi
Monday, November 09, 2009

"Ku sangke Kembung hingga ke pagi, rupe2 nye pancit di malam hari"

Today I have Islamic Studies class. It's our first class. But from FIC student, only I came..
huh~ alone~~~~ (tiupan angin sepoi2 bahase~~)

then..after class, Sya ask me to follow her do facial at 'Herbaline'

see, merah2 my face after having this facial..
If anything happen to my face .. "NUR SYAFIQAH AMARUDIN!!! SIAPLAH!!!"
woah!! nice~~~~~
The massage and all~~
kyaaaaa~~~ (diriku bagai puteri bunian) O_O ha??

then we went home...

Now what???!!!
Just sit at the road side and mourning???? hahhahahahaha
at least I get an experience about Flatted car's tyre.. heheheh

I went home maghrib again..
Omma mad at me..


Saya bukan burung mama..... lalalala



Always having cerekarama with Omma..
Well, what to do..? That's Life!!

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My friends went home (part 2)

Irah Aizi
Friday, November 06, 2009


Hangout again....
Again and again and again and again and... no ui ge jakku doraga.. wae geuronji mollaaa..hey~
Amal was there, Farahsoya was there, Wanie was there, Farizan was there...
so nice...
I wish others were there too... Nadiah, Farra, Sya, FarahAlia.....

Today went to Ampang Point(dekat je..)
We go Bowling!!! like we use to do... like we use to have fun with... like we use to...
hahah.. thank god I'm not the looser... hahahahha
i got second last place... better than last, right????
Wanie won first place... and Wafa at last.. hahah.. Sorry my friend!

and I am totally miss that time...
Where we use to go out, bowling and karaoke.. hehehe...
nice time we had..

I sang It's You(Neorago) song by Super Junior!!
Amal join to sing the song too.. and end up disaster!!!! ahahhaha

we all go dangdut inside the karaoke room!!
Memori daun pisang..~~~ gerudi meh!! gerudi ramai2.....
and we had Ice Cream also!!

I miss THEM so much!!!!!

And we went home by Abg Daim again!! hahaha..
(seronok nye ade Supir mcm FarahSoya ni!)

I miss them!
And I really2 hope 7G will reunite again! One day...~~

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My friend went home (part 1)

Irah Aizi
Thursday, November 05, 2009


WANIE the kedah girl went home!!!!!
Wanie and FarahSoya are on holiday.. They just finished their first semester...
I really Totally horribly miss them! hahaha especially wanie because she studied in Kedah, far far away from the land of urban... hehehe... owh, miss Farahsoya also.. kehkehkeh...

We went to watchmovie in Times Square....
"Cloudy Day With A Chance Of MeatBalls" (Hah!! The long name of the movie, but still I call it 'Meatball' only... hahhaha)
The movie was.... AWESOME! GREAT! SUPER FUNNY! and YOU! should watch it!
I really wish that it could rain ice cream... OMG!!!!!!!! (but I don't want to end up like 'The Mayor' GEMOK akibat banyak makan)

After that we go fishing.....
Fishing kepale hotak hang!!!!

no la... We went jalan-jalan... Go shopping...
Oh! Wanie and FarahSoya.. THEY SHOPPIN' LIKE CRAZY!!!! LOLz...
They bought soooooo many clothes.. and clothes... and T-shirt with hoods.. hehe..
I want one, but it's just not my size... uwaaaaaa..... :'(

I miss FarahSOya!!! (walaupun ddk dekat, tp JARANG jumpe.. -__-" )

and I miss Wanie!!!! (she is the far-away girl!)

They both so cute!!!!! and still miss them!
(adakah picture ni supposed to be this senget or I didn't rotate???? ape2 je la.. haha)

Ni la akibatnye kalau Bestfrieds pulang ke KL.
Hangout je keje.....
esok pun!!

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MBLAQ (sebutan M-black)

Irah Aizi
Monday, November 02, 2009

They are so hot!!!
Panas! Panas!!!

They are Rain's trainee la.....
Mir is mine! kahkahkahkah...

Names : SeungHo (leader) - G.O.(former member of TYKEY's) - Joon (HOT!!!) - Mir(MINE!) - Cheondung (Sandara's lil bro)

This is Joon and Mir..
Joon is the one yang suke bukak2 baju tu.. (damn his abs hot!)
and the second one with scarf is Mir.. My Mir!! (Hyukkie-ah, mian!!)
Oh! BTW, Mir looks much like FT's Hongki!!!

This is Joon being The Teletubbies korean version..
OMG! 'Po' part was soooooo same!!! He has po's voice!!!! So cute!
Tinky Winky - Bora Dori
Dipsy - Dubi
Lala - Nana
Po - Po

OMG!!! So CUTE!!
They are so adorable!!
Will be the next a-i-dol in korea!!!! and Mir still in my heart! He is 18teen, same as me! and we are zodiac picses! Same!!
ahah! Jodoh lg la tu....~

thank you for telling Eonni about this, Ieyla!!

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change my blog's URL

Irah Aizi
Sunday, October 25, 2009

nak senangkn everybody...


ha!! just my name!!!!

easy for everyone to remember.. lol..

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Biase2 je....

Irah Aizi
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Huh~ So tired... baru lepas date dengan Lee Min Ho... ^____^"

MinHo-sshi dtg Malaysia \(",)/ yay~

huh! muke diye sangat3 licin!!!!!

And I got to be friends with Anis. (Mas's other bestfriend)

Tapi kn... lps difikir2 kn balik, malu gle la MinHo tengok muke I merah2 jerit2 name dye..

xnak jumpe dye lagi!!!!!!

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There goes my chance on watching 'Haeundae'

Irah Aizi
Friday, October 23, 2009



(looooooong sigh)

I wanted to watch Tsunami at Haeundae today...
but end up watching 'Chaw' because Tsunami is not in Cinema anymore...
There goes my chance.... Aigooooo~~

(though 'Chaw' was awesome and funny!!!! hahaha... I can't stop laughing..)

I went to Time Square (again...) today with Dongsaeng Ieyla and Dongsaeng Aliea today...
Man! They are rich!!!

CDs, Strips, cards, keychains, watches and many other stuff!!
dlm lif.. as always...

Because of that, they all out of money.. hahahahaha
And I didn't bring much money, so we just but corn in cup and waffle for our lunch....

owh! and while walking we saw "Hanguk Ramyeon" restaurant!

We ate BIBIMBAP!!!! yum yum~~

(manade yum yum! xsedap pun! I like Korean, but Korean food, not!!!)

So, we just eat...... and eat... without any heart!..... LOL..
But the look was delicious! (only the appearances, don't judge the book by its cover!)

After that...
we go watch 'Chaw'
OMG!!! that cute ajuhsshi from Sassy Girl ChunHyang is soooo funny and handsome too!!!
so handsome.. hahahahah...

And he show his soft-looking butt in this movie!! OMG!!!! So berani and funny!!!!

It's a movie about boars aka BABI HUTAN!!!!
(haih~ cite ni pn nk tgk ke..?)

ok.. then...
we go to 'Etude House' for a while..
looking at the products....
hmm.. not bad..... for Dongsaengs, they say the products not too expensive, but for me a body lotion costing RM45 is expensive!!!!!
VERY VERY expensive!

Being 'Duta Etude House' heheheh
Until here... I hope I can take picture with the REAL Junpyo... (Lee Min Ho-sshi, Jeoneun MinHo-sshi neun coha haji aneun de, hajiman MinHo-sshi neun neomu cwigo ya!!! Debak i ya!!)

So tired today!!!
and have to take care of Granny again..

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