Irah Aizi
Monday, December 21, 2009

OK!! It's been a while....

I was EXTREMELY BUSY these pass whole days! hahaha...

believe me! really3 busy!!
I got classes EVERYDAY from Monday to Saturday!


But as busy as I am, I still can spend my time hang out with my peeps! huhu

With FarahSoya - Sunway (Hutang lagi.......)

With Mas/FarahSoya/Myra - KLCC watch 'Ninja Assassins' wo0t wOot! THE BEST!!!

With Farra/Farizan/Amal/Sya - watch 2012 and bought umbrella together~
Cerita Lebih Lanjut Tekan Sini

With Farra/sya/Farizan/FarahAlia - KLCC watch 'Zombie Land' and 'MySpy' (KELAKAR GILE!)

It was awesome!! But I am VERY EXTREMELY sad right now.. I havent met Najah for like....... i don't know.. last I met her was went we go watch Harry Potter.. well, it's like ages ago!! hahahha..

I hope this coming hangout I will meet her!!!

Good News!!!
Appa bought Machine-like-threadmill!! hahaha Since I am on my 'Kurus-ing my body' time, I can't wait for the new I-So(what the name again,omma??) hehe.. forgot!
It will arrive about 3 to 4 days .... And Appa also bought a new massage chair!! hahahahhahaha...
After this No-More-Back-Pain!!! hahahahhaah

Now I am currently planning for a new hangout day for 7G before the rest of UITMs peeps going back for the 2nd sem!
hmm... still planning??
And Hopefully MANY peeps will follow!!

Yaaaahh!! EVERYBODY SHOULD suggest one hangout event ok!!????

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
Saebok mani badeuseyo~~

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