Amal's Surprise Birthday

Irah Aizi
Thursday, May 26, 2011

First time ever eating steamboat with 7G!
Awesommmme plan, Wanie! Our PA! the best PA in the whole universe! Ahaks! ;)

Though I am having exams this time, and the others were waiting for their results and Amal's Bday! ;)

TWO amazing things happened today!
First. Amal's un-prepared birthday turned out to be prepared, thanks to the restaurant which co-operate with us with a Birthday Song for Amal ;)
Second. Myra ate a loooootttt! Worth eating steamboat though! Next time, bring Myra again for steamboat! ;p

Amal almost cried because of the Surprise Bday Cake Event for her...
And At the end of the day, We confessed for hundredth of times that We LOVE each other and will always love 7G! ♥

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Irah Aizi
Sunday, May 01, 2011

Exam is near!! Very very very near...
And the worse thing is, my head is full of craps!
I haven't study for my finals yet, and I am gonna die!!!

Ok! Irah.. stay calm...
You have to focus on exams! Aja Aja Fighting! Ganbatte! Chaiyookk!

And another worse thing is the other 7G friends' college break will be this whole May and they are dying to hangout. I can't twenty four seven struggling for my finals.. since they are already PLANNING for the hangouts =_= aigoo.. mereka yang tidak tahu erti sabar!
Never mind, at least I can have a day break and take away the heavy rock on my head..

Please pray for me, my fellas!

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