My friends went home (part 2)

Irah Aizi
Friday, November 06, 2009


Hangout again....
Again and again and again and again and... no ui ge jakku doraga.. wae geuronji mollaaa..hey~
Amal was there, Farahsoya was there, Wanie was there, Farizan was there...
so nice...
I wish others were there too... Nadiah, Farra, Sya, FarahAlia.....

Today went to Ampang Point(dekat je..)
We go Bowling!!! like we use to do... like we use to have fun with... like we use to...
hahah.. thank god I'm not the looser... hahahahha
i got second last place... better than last, right????
Wanie won first place... and Wafa at last.. hahah.. Sorry my friend!

and I am totally miss that time...
Where we use to go out, bowling and karaoke.. hehehe...
nice time we had..

I sang It's You(Neorago) song by Super Junior!!
Amal join to sing the song too.. and end up disaster!!!! ahahhaha

we all go dangdut inside the karaoke room!!
Memori daun pisang..~~~ gerudi meh!! gerudi ramai2.....
and we had Ice Cream also!!

I miss THEM so much!!!!!

And we went home by Abg Daim again!! hahaha..
(seronok nye ade Supir mcm FarahSoya ni!)

I miss them!
And I really2 hope 7G will reunite again! One day...~~

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1 Response to "My friends went home (part 2)"

  1. farraNICHKHUN Says:
    November 19, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    sempat lg letak lirik 2pm - again & again!!! ahahah :)
    missss jay so badly :(
    hmm aku da dgr lagu br diorg!
    tired of waiting 2 besh! :)