♥7G Day Out♥

Irah Aizi
Sunday, March 08, 2009

7G's Day OUT
"We are friends forever!! We are like siblings! Like Barbie and the twelve dancing princess except that we are only 11.. bwahahahaha.. We will be 11 forever! Together forever!! Saranghamnida 7G!!"

Firstly, we went for Bowling...
At Ampang Point. I went there with Omma, the others by Nadia's car and some went by bus.
[Owh, Nadia had her license already, so she drive]

Ira, Nadia, Farah Terung, Farra, Myra, Amal, Wanie and Farizan.

Here's OUR names on the Bowling Screen.
Ira > Super Junior [Muhahahaha]
Nadia > Bah Bawchi [LOL, She is always the craziest]
Farah Terung > Soya JPJ [She just pass her driving test at JPJ]
Farra > Farra Jerry [She is so addicted to F4, but it's already old school]
Wanie > Puhliss [She reminds us of someone.. kekekeke]
Myra > Whatever [She donesn't know what name should she put]
Amal > Barieng [Only she knows the meaning of this name ?_? ]
Farizan > Kulup Bee [Buhuhahahaha.. Poor her, Nadia gave this name to her]

[Bwhahahahaha.. I can't stand all these names... mitcyeo!! Crazy!]

And Then, We go C-R-A-Z-Y...

We caught some Pictures.... Kyaaa~ We Love Each Others!!!!

Who want's to Play Bowl!!???

Well, Myra won, her marks was the highest.
and then.... I don't remember... :p
[Because we play for FUN! Not to win!]

Then, we went for Karaoke....
Kyaaaa~ We sang LOTS and LOTS of songs...

Let's dance together, get on the dance floor, the party won't starts, if you stand still like that, let's dance together, and turn of the light....

Wanna party like this just sing along.. Oh Oh Oh Just spend a lil bit of money.. Oh Oh Oh We gonna dance all night to the break-a-dow.. oh oh oh Bila beramai2 kita mula berdansa.. [LOL]

We went for lunch at McDonald... Kyaaa.. we ate the same things... Hehe..
Owh, and don't forget we do gossips a lot.. but not the dosa(sins) one ok!! It's about US! So.. it is consider as non-sinable.. muhuhahahah..

Then, we went for futsal...

Tired... Tired... [Are you kidding me?? 7G NEVER get tired]

Ira becoming a MONKEY... Kyaaa~ Hyukkie the Monkey.. :p
Crazy aren't we? Mitcyeo!!!~

After playing the Futsal.. We caught some more pics before went home.

7G Girl's Day OUT RULES!!!
We ROCK the Sports Planet!!

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    Saje je tau!!

    aaaaaa.. diriku dh xkeruan!!!