Irah Aizi
Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy~ Happy~ But not so satisfied o_o"

I made Yejunnie gif pic just now..
OMG! It took 6hours to finish making these gif!!! 

My adorable Yejunnie in the house~~~ Kyaaaa~~

Haish~~ laju nye!!! 
When I upload this, suddenly it become faster.....
Wae gure???!!!! It supposed to be slow-motion...

And the colour, it should be 'pink'.. but when it uploaded, it turns 'peach'...??

This is the second one, (fast too??) It's the same vid, but different texture....

2versions... but not so satisfied~~
Need to practice more!!! 
Well, no worries though, since this is my first time making this kind of gif :)

another one Yejunnie's gif.. :p
I made this one about ...... 1 hour only, i think! haha 
But I need to practice more, right???

Eunhye Unnie, How is this?
(i think i learn it from u.... )

♥♥Currently In love with Yejunnie's smile~~~~

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