[Blog]Happy Birthday Ate Rowena!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is my close filipina classmate friend's birthday!!!
Since she is a foreigner and older than me, so I sometimes call her 'Ate'..
meheheh *i am young*
(owh, mr. onny said I am old, 19 considered old!)
But I am still in teenage-life.. lalala

Since Rowena wants to eat at Pizza Hut, so we went to KLCC for lunch, after class.

We ate a lot!!! Pastas... Pizza... soup of the day.. garlic bread...
And... Rowena paid for us. I mean she treat us!!

Maraming Salamat ha Ate Rowena! Mahal Kita!!

Then after that we go walked around in the KLCC (nothing much to do..)

Hot Girls caught on TV!!!

This was in front of the.... (aww, come on! You guys know where is this right?)
Well, better tell la. It was in front of the Petrosains.. hehehe..

Then after that, we are out of idea where to spend our time (oh btw, we went to clebrate 2 things, Rowena's birthday and Assignments finished) *giggles*

We sat on the bench for discussing our 'Drama' presentation.
Jocelyn will make the script (well, usually I made script, just too lazy. LOL)

Then after finished our discussion, we headed to TGV, since Rowena wanted to watch some movie.

We went for......


(suddenly I found Ju-On poster with Korean writing...)

Well, though I NEVER understand the previous episode of Ju-On, but this Episode somewhat quite understandable.. =ㅁ=
But still, I don't know the purpose of this ghost...
Why it wanted to kill people by possessing someone?
hmm.. Only the writer knows.. haha

Oh! BTW, the story is quite FUNNY!!!
Seriously, the child's scream, the halmoni(granny), the crazy guy who want to find his 'little ma' and the Shaman Girl is soooo makes me laugh!!
I laugh more often in the cinema than shock.

Jocelyn was tooooooooo afraid with ghosts, so she just close her eyes and ears inside the cinema..
Poor her! We all dragged her to watch the movie she doesn't want to watch.
Sorry Jocelyn-ah~~

After that we went to drink some Young Coconut..
zzzzzzzzz *frizzy*

Then after that, bought some 'RotiBoy' and went home...

We SURE had fun today!! Although my leg are killing me!!!
It was sooo nice!

Happy Birthday Ate Rowena!!

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