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Irah Aizi
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG! OMG! (I can't believe she did that!)

This afternoon I followed my mama to Tesco, and while we were at the cashier paying for our groceries, the next cashier short-fat auntie were like sooooooo ANNOYING!!!

Seriously! She should say that the "counter closed" properly to the costumer, but then she was like soooooo damn stupid sarcastic with her 'babi' face "Sorry ok! This counter is closed! go to another counter! cannot read this sign ke?"(she speaks malay btw.. while pointing at the "Counter Closed" sign)
I can't stand her stupid annoying face! Sooooo make people PISSED OFF!!!
She kept looking at the husband-wife couple with THAT SUPER STUPID ANNOYING face while walking away.
Seriously, the customer were like 'OK! FINE!' (the husband-wife customer said it out loud, I can hear it)

Ok.. I admitted there was a "counter closed" sign, but the sign was quite SMALL, so it's not really both at fault, either the cashier or the customers, but the cashier shouldn't have said with that annoying tone!!! 
I know she is tired, and that is the time where she'll relax2 a bit after closing the counter, but she shouldn't  chased the costumer away with a 'harsh' tone like that!!!
She didn't even say SORRY to the husband-wife couple.... OH MY GOSH!

If I was brave enough just now, I would have took her pics to show to you guys ALL!! >_<#

It's YOUR job to guide the customer, not chased away the customer because it's already your off-duty!!! (stupid people! If you go to Times Square, where chinese sell stuff, they were soooo generous to the customer.. Malay people are soooo annoying and stupid sometimes!!)
I went to Etude House MANY times to buy and tried new products, the chinese sales girls were all soooo generous and didn't care if I tried soooo many of their 'tester' products (7G did tried soooo many 'tester products there, but the sales girl were all layan us)..But malay just now, OMG! so annoying and pissed people off!!!

Because of people like HER, I sometimes ashamed of being a Malay-Malaysian... -____-"
Thank GOD the husband-wife couple just now were Malaysian, if foreign people, they would have talk bad about how Malaysians are!

Oh My Coach,
화난 이라 / Annoyed Ira
(Although I was not the victim, but I felt sorry for the husband-wife couple) 

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