Laser Day!

Irah Aizi
Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ho yeahhhh! First time I went to Laser tag-ing with friends.. I mean lotsa friends :)
The game was kinda cool though, you get to shoot people without hurting them literally, and can sweat urself. (kire undong la tu kan? teehee)

The best part was when dat Abang Filipino suggested to let him take our pictures while battling.

Some faces showed that they played the game seriously, but most of the faces showing that we fooling around a lot in the battle room haha!
btw, Najwa = Gargamel/GarbageSmell ;)

I saw Tiew, Joseph, Matt and Suwen played this thing before, so I was kinda excited to try them out.
It was kinda addicted at first, so we planned to go for a second battle next week :DDD

and gonna go again with 7G next time around ;)

It was the day where FarahSoya dangerously drove her car.... cuz we're practically late, (padahal kitorg sampai awal dulu! FSGDHDJFKHSGSH!)

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