Another Laser Tag

Irah Aizi
Thursday, September 15, 2011

This time around, another laser tag-ing with fellow friends.
And today Farizan, Amal, Hanan, Azizi, Tiew were here!!!

Another day with laser tag, and I wore BLACK!! yeahhh!
And you know what? it does effect da score!
Last time I always scored lower than them all, but this time, hell yeaaah I was in second place! ;p

And after dat, we ate Tiew's recommendation, "snowFlake".
it's a small stall with a nice ABC and Bubble Tea ;)

Went home with Hanan :)
With 6 of us girls in the car, but since MyVi is surprisingly big, so we don't feel so cramped.

They all dropped by to my house for Solat Maghrib, and we gossip for a while inside my room. Haha!

Seriously, I miss 7G alreadyyyy!

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