The Sunday

Irah Aizi
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Izan's lil sis birthday today :)
Happy Birthday, Ihah!

It was a day where I said goodbyes to Wanie, Amal and Farizan.
Blimeyy! It was a very exciting yet sad day.
The freaking last day for me and Wanie to hangout, cuz we have started our college life already...
Wanie and I spend a whole lotsa time together these past 4 months and all were very precious memories :')

And now, all ends here T_T (eh, Harry Potter's quote? LMAO!)
I bet we will be busy and kept on missing each other. like before.. haha!

Anyway, good luck to us, 7Gs on starting our semesters, and to whom are now facing their finals!

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