Soya's Open House

Irah Aizi
Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today was Farah Soya's Open House!
Haha! So cool she even rent a tent for her open house.
She held a small "Tahlil" plus Open House though.

Chaos happens today =_= duhh! Supposed to go to Soya's house around 2pm,
at 12pm : Soya changed her plan and asked us to come at 12:30pm cuz she gotta wrap the tent at 2pm. at that time, I was at Umairah's friend's house, Farizan still not yet ready, Wanie still stuck in traffic jam and others are lost!
Waiting for Farizan to get herself ready took lotsa TIME! I had to wait for her under da hot weather..duhh! Super sweaty!

And at the end of da day, we reached Soya's house at 2pm as well... haizz.. baik tak payah change da time..

Today I met Azim, Yusuf and Shahir after a looong time :)
And met Uncle Azmi ^_^

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