Raya 1

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Awesooooooome! Met old friends.. very very old friends.. From elementary schools I say!

Well, actually today Wanie. Soya, Masd and me went to Semenyih (which is very near to Kuala Pilah where Farra was prison-ed LOL) for a Nikah event... But shamelessly we went to that event with a casual outfits instead of wearing Baju Kurung... -__-" Soya's fault! ;p
She asked us to accompany her to Najmi's house, then she said not, then she said yes again cuz we pursued her to.. kahkahkahkahkahkah! Poor Soya~

Oh! HIGHLIGHT moment!
Soya tried to do a stunt by jumping across the quite-big sofa, she managed to jump at the first trial, but on second, she failed... It was an embarrassing moment though, but since only 7G were around, less shame for her! haha! And she end up with a bruise at her knee... Soya... Soya..

Oh! I wanna brag bout sumthing unimportant LOL!
Najmi's Mama's Sambal Belacan was DAEBAKKKK! I am craving for that Sambal Belacan.... LMAO!
We ate quite a lot though at Najmi's ;p

Then we stop by Nottingham Campus for Zuhur Prayer ^_^
Masd showed us her campus..
Then we headed back to KL for movie with Shafi's peeps...
Embarrassing moment again, we lost inside KL City... WE, KL-ians were lost in KL City... haha!
But finally we found our way and got out from the unknown-neighbour to a know-neighbour :D

We met quite a number of Old Schoolmates! From Elementary to Secondary Schoolmates!
And thankfully, they are all so nice and we chat a lot.. Unlike before(dat story which I wanna forgot pffftt!)

After done with Smurf Movie, 7G went to eat at Tony Romas with accompanied by Azizi, Izzat, Putra and Amirul.. We chat, chat, chat and chat until 8pm! -_-"
Keep on asking 'what are u up to now?' 'which school you went?' 'what courses are u guys taking?' and stuff like that...
It was a pretty cool conversation we had and with a i-dont-wanna-eat-anymore faces!
Tony Romas' food portions are big! A lot! Many! Me and Masd had to share the foods together...
Thank god, Putra the 'Gargamel/Garbagesmell' came to the resque, finished our leftovers.. haha.

And then we performed our prayer before going back home...
What a day we had!

and It was soooooo effin nice to travel with 7G in  a quite far distance T_T
Wanna travel like this with then sooo badddddllyyy... :')

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