Classmates Bonding

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Went for second round of Johnny English today.
And this time with fellow classmates and a lecturer.
There's Rowena, Alia, Tannaz, Junsyung, Wen Zhen, Ruveeni(??) and Mr. Bernard.

Cool huh? This is the second time I'm hangin' out with a lecturer and classmates.
Mr. Bernard was a cool lecturer though, just like Mr. Peter.
He is not literally my lecturer though.

Oh! and after the credits of Johnny English, there was this special part where Rowan cooks for dinner.
It was pretty hilarious though, first time watching this, we just went out while the credits are on.

After the movie, we separated. Mr. Bernard, Tannaz and me walked all the way to KLCC to take the LRT.
I feel quite comfortable with Mr. Bernard, he talks a lot though. haha
BTW, Thanks for the treat, Sir! teehee..

I wanna have many bonding time with my classmates.
I am an anti-social girl before I must say, I am never a nice social girl who likes to make new friends and all, but this time I feel otherwise. I guess making new friends doesn't kill.

Bonding time with classmates and lecturer ROCKS! :)

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