The day I feel sorry...

Irah Aizi
Friday, September 09, 2011

Today, sumthin happened.
It was a small misunderstanding which ends with a seriousresult -_-"

Gonna put initial for their names, not gonna reveal them in public, though if they read this post, they know themselves who is who ^_^"

It was a lovely day to start with.. (tibe-tibe LOL)
I went to Wanie's house for baking, cuz she needs da Cookies for her open house da next day, and we were happily baking our delicious cookies...weeee...
I planned to go to Hanan Tajima's (LOL!) open house around 3:30pm with Masd, but since we finished baking around 2pm, so we decided to go to Puteri's Open House to meet our old teacher, Puan Raja.
Since Shafi already called me asking are we coming to Putera/Puteri's houses or not though.....
And there we gooooo, around 3pm after Prayers and waiting for Wanie to get ready(*tongue out*).
On our way to Puteri's, we came across N and R (initial starts here!hehe)
We asked them "What are you doing at Putera's, aren't you goin to Puteri's?"
N repied dat she'll go there with her dad since her dad on his way to pick them up.
So, there we go leaving them both without knowing their real situation.

As we arrived at Puteri's, Putera was around so Wanie whispered to me "did Putera leaves N and R at his house and went here?"
and I was like making the "watever" face...haha!
After had a reallllyyyyy short conversation with Puan Raja, S asked A to picked N and R sumwhere around A's house. So Masd and me was dragged to the "tempat kejadian" with A. Masd drove her car and saw N and R walking to a different direction, so we chased them.
A went out from the car first asking them to get in da car, but N started to cry, so I went out of the car to fetch N.
R was wayyyy in front leaving N alone.
They were kinda pissed cuz we were like ditching them in da rain.
The misunderstanding was open house was at Putera's first, then at Puteri's, but as the arrived at Putera's all of us are already at Puteri's. So there goes....

A quickly ran after R though. Like a Korean Drama, chasing after a girl in da rain. haha! cool! It really happens in real life :))

Masd and me tried to convinced the sulking N to followed us to Puteri's. They were already insisting on going cuz too embarrass i guess. It looked like they were the one that too excited to be friend with us while we just playfully treated them T_T
We took about almost an hour to find them on the road and convince them to go back and forgive u. We didn't mean to do that on purpose though...
That's when I felt so guilty and sorry to N and R cuz we did that to them, tho it sounded so simple, but we have to jaga our kawan's heart also maaa...

and then,
Time passed by soooo quickly, and I was late to Hanan's houseeee.... Anticipating to eat Hanan's Nasi Ayam but........................... TT_TT

Only get to chat with Hanan for a while, had some drinks and went home........ ahah! Hanan gave us duit raya!! Assa! ;p

The best part is that A chased R in da rain like a lover! The important part of the day! ;)

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