Raya 2

Irah Aizi
Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jjang! Went out 2 days in a row for Raya! kekekeke..
Today we all went to Najwa's open house. See! a loooot of us!
It was sooo freakin fun though, we laughhhhh like there's no tomorrow! (mcm biasa lah!)
Especially because of "alia-can't-stop-laughing" issue! Oh my, seriouslyyy Alia can't stop laughing for crying out loud!

oh, btw, Najwa's foods were yummeyyhhh! I ate twice!!

After that, Shafi's shamelessly called Syiqah to go for her open house afterwards.
Hahaha! then we went straighttttt to Syiqah's house... actually I wanna meet Mas though, that's why I was kinda excited crashing Syiqah's Open house. Haha!
Oh oh oh! and I met with Anis again! ;)

Funny things happened today that made us LOL-ed. Can't tell in public, but will surely keep it in mind.
(ha! i don't believe, cuz I will totally forget it, Amnesia~)

Since I am too full from Najwa's, I only eat a bit slice of cake at Syiqah's house, plus shared it with Wanie and Soya.

So far, everything went well as planned, Alhamdulillah.
Hope our reunion will always ends with a smile on our face :)

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