I am a director! LOL

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can you just believe it! I am a director!!!
I am like.. soooo young! (hehe)
I am one of the Board of Directors for 'Saranghaeyo Korea Club' !
Directors of Communications & Publicity! ^_^ (Nice, right?)
You can call me 'isanim' now~ LOL

And today, I went to meet the other B.O.Ds, and our 'Sajangnim' deul.. I mean.. Managers.. The only manager that I can remember is Mr Yun Jaejin. (Jaejin??? hehe FY Island! Joking2)
And I get to know other eonni, like Zira, Tira, Hazs, Yokee, ShienYin, and Jen.
Along with our so-call-mentor Ms Yeepei.
Yeepei is a reaaalllyyyyy nice person! ^_^ Like her already!
And Jeff, which we all appoint him as 'Oppa' . Even Eonni that is older than him, still call him 'Oppa'!
He is... cute~ (Korean, mestilah cute! LOL)

And btw, for your info, I am the Magnae!!! Hehe! *bangge*

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