Wedding vs Uncle Din's Kenduri

Irah Aizi
Saturday, November 27, 2010

Uncle Din is like a second father to me.. well, I guess..
I mean he always treat me nicely.
He is Abah's old bestfriend aka our rich neighbour(LOL)
When I was in in Elementary School, I always go play at his house.
He always hugged me and kissed me. ^_^

Ok! Enough about him.

What I like about my Uncle Din's kenduri is that...... I get to taste ALL foods there!

In Wedding Kenduri, I get to eat one food only... And that is... Nasi Minyak...
uurrgghh.. Boring already! :p

Today I went to Uncle Din's house and you know what I ate....?
Guess! Haha!

Ok Ok.. I'll tell you! I mean... I'll list it! ^_^"
1)Yong Tau Fu
4)Curry Mee
5)Ice Cream
8)Kuah Nangka+Chicken Curry+Ketupat

And believe me he told me to taste ALL foods!!!
"Girl, eat slowly ya? At leats taste all the foods here tau?" as he hugged me.
Haha! OMG! I am extremely fullllllll!!

Uncle Din, buat la Kenduri lagi! I'll come! ^_^

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