I love This Morning's 6AM

Irah Aizi
Friday, July 10, 2009

Uwaaaaaa!!! Well, I set my alarm at 6AM.
Then, I woke up at 6AM this morning, but my eyes still needs some sleeping, so i decided to close my eyes back! :p and since my alarm have the 'snooze' thingy, so I'll be wake up every 5minutes.

Well, the 5minutes' sleep was unforgettable!!
I dream of me in the Korean world!! Well, I am not sure what "Korean World" it is, but there's SUJU, SS501, and Ju Sang Wook!!!! (Although I am not fancy towards Ju Sang Wook, but it's an honor for me to dream about him!! And now I am in love with him !! Andweaa!)

Well, the dream goes like this, we were at some 'new built shop' and we all were cleaning it....
I'm not sure, but Hyukkie and me.... Aaaah~ This is the best part! We were cabut the rumput together. Laughing and enjoying cabut the tumput.. ^_^"
Aaaa.... Me, Hyukkie and Teukkie were cabut-ing the rumput, while kyuhyunnie lie down on the grass... So cute!Uwaaa!!!

The suddenly, I don't know what happen, I was holding SangWook's hand!!!!!! I can surely feels the hand of SangWook-sshi! So.. Manly Hand.. :p
He dragged me to his car, If I'm not mistaken, it's Mercedes.. or maybe the Korean Car that usually used in Korean Movie.. Not sure, but I know the car was his!! HAHAHAH!!!
We were holding hands... I can feel his hand... aaa.. Want to hold it again!!!.. I keep and keep and keep holding his hand! Well, at first, he held my right hand with his left hand. While his right hand drove the car. Uwaaa!! So COOL man!!
Then he asked me 'Dda-ddeut-hae??' (It means 'is it warm?') Uwaaa!! The tone of him asking me was... so manly and like my BF or something!! (Aaa!! Wish it is true!!)
Then I smile, he smiled back. Then at that time, i took my left hand and holds his hand tightly, while usap-usap his hand. Both my hands held his left hand (Tangan Berak!!?? &_& xpe la! Asalkan laki tu hensem! Hahah)

He is pure manly!!! This is Ju Sang Wook!!!

He is handsome right? Well, I'll be honest here! At first I don't like him. But then, after I experienced the 'MAN' in him, I stared falls for him! Although his face not as handsome as Hyukkie, but he is older... and i think his face looks mature enough to be my husband!! Uwaaa!!! I want him! (Yah!? What's wrong with me??)
Like Sya said, we should find an older and mature guy to be our life partner. So... omo..omo...!! Mwo ya? I can't fall for him like that??!! I want Hyukkie!!

Uwaa!! I started to have feelings towards my dream-BF here!! He held my arm so gentle and manly. Like he cared for me.

Owh! Then, while we were holding hands in the car, down at the basement, I see ss501 swiping the floor. I can see Jihoo Seonbae's face clearly holding the broom! Hahaha...

Kind of odd isn't it?
Maybe the Synopsis of my dream is...

Ira is SangWook's GF - Ira helps the SUJU and SS501 with the "place" - SangWook was a rich guy - SangWook don't want to see his GF(mate kelip2 ni!!) working like a 'maid' in that shop - he dragged Ira in his car and drove away - SS501 looks sad with my leaving(that i see JiHoo Seonbae's holding the broom with his sad face looking at me!) - then SangWook tried to comfort me so I won't be angry at him, he holds my hand - SangWook acted manly and gentle as he care for me

Uwaaa I feel so pampered! Maybe that's the plot of my dream!! ahah!!

I Want To Dream Of Me&SangWook-sshi life AGAIN!!

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    July 11, 2009 at 11:15 AM

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  2. sya\(",)/ Says:
    July 11, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    mimpi terbaru yg mnjijikkn!!

    erm..asl x mmpi kite pkai ksut baru tu ;;)

  3. Ira The Antagonist says:
    July 11, 2009 at 7:26 PM

    eee!! kite lg sanggup mimpi tengok JiHoo Seonbae sapu sampah drpd tgk awk pkai kasut bru tu!! araseo!!??

    Ahah! Kite dh ade BF.. Ju Sang Wook!!