College Life started =|

Irah Aizi
Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yaaaah~~ It's already started!!

First of all, I am sooooo SAD!!!!
Don't have korean classmate!!! Andwea! This is unacceptable!!!
I want one...!!! There's only Filipino, "Talaga??? Buhay Ko Si Ara!!!"
Well, and the class is so boring, didn't have any JalSaengkin Namja in class! Cannot cuci mate!! (How to translate JalSaengkin Namja in english?? Ah!! Good Looking guy!)
Uwaa.. God! At least give me some cute classmate la! Cannot study like this la... Aiyoo~~

Owh! I am independent girl now! My second day of class went well! I go to College on my own! No guardian!! Gahahaha... I even went home by leg!!! I mean.. walking home.. Hahah.. Exercise!! Exercise!!

Owh, I make new friend though.. Alia. She is a nice Malay girl. She is from Putrajaya. Man! Jauhnye!!
And I talked to the filipino girl, only that I didn't ask her name. I'll do it later then...
Hmm.. Alia and I didn't go well though. We just talked. About accounts.. Duh!!
Owh, and she is a nice girl. She gave me her time table. Uwaa.. How should I repay you!!?

Ah! Cham! While I was on my way home, I saw the chinese PLKN Delta girl. I forgot her name though.. I thought she is Li Pei, but then Li Pei was the other girl from Charlie..
Huh! So many chinese, i forgot easily.. My Short-term is back!! Andwea!!
And I thought Bao Wei was supposed to study in SEGi too, but... hmmm.. I don't know.. She said she will go to SEGi.. Omo! Miss Bao Wei already!! LOLss

Hmm.. my class went well. The teacher was understandable. haha. I can do 'Journal Entry' and 'T Ledger' thingy.. Hahaha...
I've done my homework... Hmm.. tomorrow no class. I will have class on friday, since the Economy and Quantitative Class not started yet.
So now, my class will be on Monday, Tuesday and Friday only!! Asa!! Johda!! Haha

That's all!! I am all alone in the class. I want to talk to that chinese guy, he looks a bit cute. At least i have someone to look at while study. But Eunhyuk is cuter la!! Ofcourse la~~
Please, I want Korean classmate!!! One only also can ma~~ A korean girl also i accept!! I want someone to talk with!!! in Korean!! Want to major my Korean speaking!
Debit my Korean Speaking, Credit my Malay Speaking. hahahahha...
Debit Korean friends, Credit Malay Friends... Hahahahahahahahahhaha.. That's the 'Dual Effect' of accounting!
ROFL!!!! Well, whatever!

That's all for today! Hope to see Bao Wei soon!!
Hope my 7G Chingu will do well in their study life now!!!

Chingu yaaa~ Jaljinaesseoyo? Eojjetdeun, Jalhaebwa! Joshimhae juseyo!! Yedeul-ah~ Jeongmal Saranghae yo!!
(Guys! How are u doing? Anyway, Good Luck! Take care of yourself!!! I love you guys so much!!)

MasD!! Good Luck on your Hamilton... Hamilington??? Hamigton..?? yah! mwo ya??? i always forgot MasD's college!!! Mianhae Mas-sshi!

Yah! Ira-ah!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!
Jal HaeBwa!!! I'll study hard!!
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!! Jal Butakdeurimnida!!

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