Now, It's my treat!

Irah Aizi
Thursday, July 23, 2009

This week I get some BONUS from Appa, because I took care of Appa the past few days...
Since I want to eat Octopus Shop's Tomyum so much, I decided to treat Sya and Wani.. So we went there just now, to eat at Octopus. Hehe...

Owh btw, since I woke up late this morning, Sya scolded me and said 'BODOH' to me.. SHE IS SO MEAN!!!!

Then, she stayed at Wanie's house.
I went to Wanie's house and picked them up to go have a lunch at Ampang Point. I already promised to treat Sya, but since Wanie too Sebok, she also followed. hahahaha...

Before we went to makan, we go to the Kedai Baju for a while. We tried this one couple dress. Mine is Pink and Sya's Yellow. Here's the dress we wear in the fitting room.

#1 I look cute right??? Hahahahhaa.. me, always the cutest! Bwahahaha..... Oh! btw, we bought this dress. Ahaks~

RM21.00 for each dress. Cute right? Just admit it u guys... Aigoo..

Yah! Just don't lie to us la... We are cute right?

Stop it la. We are cute, we know. Even if you deny it, I know deep in your heart, we are cute!^_^"
Elelelele... Sya... gedik skali ya kamu...!! Pose seperti itu... Huh! Kite je pose yg same O_O"

Yaaaaah~~ Lie is not good!! Well, no matter what, I know your heart says We are cute and pretty! The cutest girl ever!!!
Hyukkie : Yah! Ira-ah, Neoneun Neomu2 yeppeo yo!!

Then we went to eat..... Octopus~~~ Here we come!!!

Ira : Crystal Noodle Tom Yum
Sya : Crystal Noodle Tom Yum
Wanie : Chestnut Chicken Rice
owh, we chat2... talked... gossip2...
Talked about.. ehem2... kutuk2 sket... :D
Then we force wani to eat what we want her to eat!!

I ENVY her!! Wanie is a bit thin than before!!! She is more smaller that before!!!
But me??? still the same!! Must go on diet!!!!!!! Andwea ireohke!!!

We ate and share foods together... I refill my green tea 3 times... First me calling the waitress, second time Wanie called the waitress to refill my glass. :p Hahahahah...

Perut penuh air..! dgn supnye.... Huh!

Then after that.. window shopping!!! Hahaha...

She is in the next fitting room. We weren't wearing tudung, so no pic for this dress. It was stripe dress. Mine was yellow, Sya's pink and Wanie's Orange....
This is Wanie, the girl next door! Hhahaha...

Then, we go find some other dress!!
But we found this instead!!!!!
Our stars t-shirt!!!

This is Wanie's ~Aries~

This is Ira's "Pieces"

This is Sya's *Aquarius*

Then after that, we headed to......... The REJECT SHOP!!

Jjang!!! This is the dress I choose to wear!!

Some pics of us...

Sya tersekat kat celah bedah. ^o^
Sya's dress is pink. Nice pose,right?

Mine is Blue!!! More like a blue+green... I dunno~~
I did pose a great one right? :p Woah!! I have the SHAPE!!! 24, 28, 22 cutting! ^=^

Sya1 : What are you looking at?? :p
Sya2 : Heee, just watching at how beautiful you are.
Sya1 : Aish~ I take that as compliment though. You are pretty the way you are!
Sya2 : Thanks!

Ira1 : Yah! you are cute!
Ira2 : Well, Thank you! You are cute too!
Ira1 : Thanks!
Ira2 : Let's go get Hyukkie!!! Kaja~~

CAK! We look like ice cream right?! :p
One thing from me....

Kenape dua2 tgn nk same je pose nye????
sebok je!!
We do look like ice cream!! ^_^"

I pose like.... Korean Model!! Gahahahahah!!!
Sya??? Hmm.. Just as usual! :p (me so jahat!)

Wanie met 2 of her friends there... (older one... didn't even expect that..)
I met Harith!!!! My old long lost best buddy in tuition!! He was with the 3 girls.. (Harith, friend huh!!? Duuh!)
and we met Mariah~~~ As I expected, she was on the phone with.... Kyian KK! Hahaha...

After that, went to buy Jagung "Sweet Corn In Cup"...
And Baskin13Robin!!! Kyaaaaaa~~~
Macadamia Ice Cream for me!!
Cookies Ice Cream for Sya!!
(Mianhae wanie..forgot your eskrim)
We eat a lot though... Hahaha.. THAT the purpose of us went out actually..
E-A-T!! ^_^

That's all for now....
Oh.. they both stayed at my house for a few hours...
And Sya even eats more rice after went back home...
and she forced me to eat too!!! Mwo yaaaa!!????

It supposed to be about me treating them for lunch!!!
Not Dress Model!!! Uwaaaa!!!!

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3 Response to "Now, It's my treat!"

  1. Nas says:
    July 25, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    woohhooiiii!!!yek!yek!!! blog ape kah ini!!!

    ooo..makan octopus x blanje anya~xpe laa..~xnk ajak g mane2 dah....(merajuk)

    maze!cepat la siap!nk g tgk harry potter ni!!basuh kaen pulak dulu...(-_-")

  2. HaNiM PoSh says:
    July 25, 2009 at 7:32 PM

    baby ckp maze bodoh??g cili mlut dia..
    korg suka kan posing dlm fitting room...slagi x kena hambat ngn security guard mcm tu laa..
    nk octopus..uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. HaNiM PoSh says:
    July 25, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    baby ckp maze bodoh??cili mulut dia..
    korg suka sgt posing dlm fitting room kan?selagi tak kena hambat ngn security guard mcm tu laa..
    nk octopus..uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa