My Chingu got Secret Admirer and I got Animal -.-"

Irah Aizi
Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is weird!! Not that my chingu got secret admirer thingy, just that I heard a few animal's voice lately....
I have alibi for that!!!!

I heard Elephant's sound last week! and Sya was the alibi!
Then just now I heard Horse's sound! and Omma, Appa, and 2 dongsaengs were my alibi!!!

What's got in to me???
I heard wild animals' voices at my neighbour!! I mean, wild animals!!!?
Omma even looked outside with a torch light to look for the Horse.
It DOES sound like a horse!!!
And it DOES sound like an Elephant!!
I am not lying!!!

Is it me, or did I misheard it???
And maybe it's my SAKA??? Uwaaa!!! museowo yo!!!

Ok! enough with this scary movie!!

Now! about chingu! Won't say her name, but she have SECRET ADMIRER!!
I want one too!!
She said that guy keeps calling her on the phone, but when she pick up the phone and says hello, the person won't reply!!
Maybe because the guy want to hear her voice.. Waaaa.. so romantic!!!

My other chingu also have secret admirer!! It was her cousin, but the way he react towards my chingu shows that he in into my chingu...
He pretend to hold my chingu's leg as he said it is dirty. but in other side, he just want to touch my chingu's leg! What a romantic excuse to hold my friend's leg!!
And then that guy tried to salam with my chingu. And since my chingu can't resist it, so she reply the salam...
Gaaaah~~ What a romantic things to pretend, just so that he can touch my chingu!!!

Well, that's it!!!
My chingu have secret admirers, And all I have is... Saka???!! Man! This is annoying!!

Why? WHY me???

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