Indepedent Girl!!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, July 18, 2009

I bought this cool and stylow dress!! hahahahaha...
it is cute though.. I mean the shirt..
makes me look like Koreans.. hahaha..
(perasannye ^_^" )
Well, I bought it myself..
Kumpul2 Duit dan beli!


Hello!!! Annyeong Haseyo!!!

Today is a good day! Huhu..
I bought Super Junior stuff!! Kyaaaaaaa~~
(Talked about Suju's stuff, I still didn't pay and get the 3rd album from Aliea&Ieyla yet)

Well, Here it goes.. Mrs. Praba got headache today, so she call out a day for our class 1 hour early..
I still have 3 more hours to the next class. Then, me and Alia(classmate) went to TimeSquare..
(Shhh.. Omma didn't know!! Don't U dare tell her!!)
We went to watch 'Skrip 7707' movie... haha.. since we got 3hours, better not to waste the time, right? Gahahah..
I wanted to watch Harry Potter, but since I already made yaksok(promise) with my chingu, so I watched dareun(lain) movie!

Well, the movie... hmm.. dunno how to explain.. but it was good. Just good! LOL...
(if i watch Harry Potter, then ofcourse I'll say 'AWESOME' haha discrimination!!)

Oh! Before we watch the movie, we go for lunch first!
I eat Cantonese Mee, and Alia eats 'Green Pepper Chicken Rice' (Yaaa~ Alia's dish sounds delicious!)
I eat the cantonese mee until finish!!!! So delicious!! Yum~~~

Then, we watched the scary movie. Have to admit, the story was scary.. but didn't scares me...
Since I am scared of Thriller Movies more that Horror Movies.. :p

Then after the movie finished, the clock strike 2 PM.. Our next class start at 2:15PM...
So we went to Surau quickly to Solat...
Before that, I dropped by at 'My Star' shop.. and bought some Super Junior stuff!

Here it is!!!
I slotted my handphone inside this 'Super Junior Handphone Bag'

I have new and cute Pencil Box now!!! I use it now!!! The old pencil box, Mianhae!! This pencil Box is so soft!! huhu~

'EUNHYUK' phone keychain!!!!!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~ With Hyukkie's name on it and the picture of him!! OMO! this is my MOST valuable treasure!!!

And last but not least TAEMIN name tag with his picture! (i dunno why i bought this nametag.. I just took it and pay)

Here's the stuff I bought!!! Kyaaaaaa~~ My MOST Valuable treasure!! Kyaaa~

Then, because of this stuff, I am late for class... for real!!
45 minutes late!!! Mwo ya??

Since today is first day of 'Malaysian Studies' class, the lecturer only gave briefing for 45 minutes...
And THAT mean, we arrived just after he finished his briefing...
OMO! We are dead meat!!!

.................... ^_^"

Mianhae for lying! :p
Acctually, thank god! The lecturer is sooooo nice that he just said "I'll give you the briefing on next class, just tick your attendance here!"
Kyaaaaaaa~~ That means I attend the class!! Though I didn't really REALLY went to class..

The Lecturer is sooo nice and Cute too!!! heheh.. I wonder if he married already or not?
YAH!!! What am I talking about??? :D

Ok! That's all for today! I got new Super Junior stuff! And I "attend" the class today, though I didn't. Hehe

EYh! not finish for today story yet!!! Mianhae Manje Unni! Aigoo..
Almost forgot...
Kak Manje! Gomawo yo! Thanks so much for the Caramel Pudding!!
For your infomation, Caramel Pudding is my FAVOURITE snack!!
Jjang!!!! This is the pudding! Kyaaa~ So delicious!!!
(Don't mind my way of dressing.. Just look at the pudding... -.-'' )

To Kak Manje,

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi,
Lain Kali Bagilah lagi.

Lepas makan suke rie,
Esok luse beli banyak sikit ye....?

Hahahaha.. Gurau je Kak Manje oi!! Ahaks~

Well, That all for today!!
I had fun! Watching Music Bank!!
Hyukkie~~ I saw you in music bank just now! Well, Just want you to know that.. Huhu..

I want to buy more usable Super Junior stuff and Eat Caramel pudding in the future!!!
Gu Junpyo!! Suddenly I think of you?? Wae yo??

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2 Response to "Indepedent Girl!!"

  1. Anya says:
    July 19, 2009 at 7:26 PM

    omma!!!!maze ponteng kelas!!!ikat kaki die!!!

    eleh..nape x pakai name tag tu mase g pelita ritu..lalallaa~

    Maze!!banyak duit eh membeli belah..blanje anya xnak..!!lepas ni xnak rase ayam terlebih kicap maze dah..!!

  2. Ira The Antagonist says:
    July 20, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    xde mase nk pkai nametag tu..
    buat malu je..

    Anyaaaaaa.. sampai hati anya!!
    mcm terpakse mkn je mskn maze tu..

    Ish1 xponteng la.... terlambat je...