February CF ^_^

Irah Aizi
Friday, February 13, 2009

~IraSya Band Fake CF~

IraSya Band Is getting famous around the Asia and will steal the title 'BestOfAsia' from BoA as said by their Manager, Mr. Kliwon. (Hahahah.. I am dead laugh to this one)

Recently, IraSya Band has signed a contract with two company and will be the Main Model for Anycall-Not-so-haptic (No offense to Anycall, I am just joking! Please don't Press Charge me! Sorry) and Kliwon ChikedisTM for one month straight. After the new advertistment of Kliwon ChikedisTM has realesed, Kliwon Chikedis sold out for just one week. The Kliwon ChikedisTM has been the No.1 Best Chikedis in whole Asia. Kliwon ChikedisTM is now available in Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. (Hahahahahaha... I can't stop laughing!!!)

IraSya Band also will held their first Asia Tour Concert around the Asia including Korea, Japan, China and Malaysia. (Hahahaha.. This is killing me!!!) The first concert will be held in Padang Sekolah Bukit Indah, Malaysia. And the tickets is half sold in just 5 minutes. IraSya Band Fever is spreading to the whole Asia. (Bwhahahahahhaha.. My head went crazy!!)

Some sources said that their album sold out through out the Asia and Europe and has reached to USD150,000000 and they will be the top 10 of the Milionaire of the world beating Nadia Hilton. (I wish!! I wish! Nadia Hilton?? Kahkahkahkahkah)

Sources form SyaeRa@KliwonNews

Just JOKING!!!!
Okay.. this how MY day goes...

>_o Cha Cha Cha~
WInk Wink~~

Today, Sya went to my house again...
We do OUR Job, and that is SNAP pictures.

Jubah and Baju Kurung Model
I looked like a model, but Sya.... I don't know...

Ah! We acted like a 'Maling' again!!!
Today we stole Omma's Kari Daging and Rice.

Yum..yum... (Drooling)

It goes like this,
Ira : *while taking the Kari* Yah! Sya! Palli!! Before Omma's back.
Sya : Maling again?? Hahahaha...
Ira : Hmm.. What to take again?
Sya : Water? Where is the ice??
Ira : Inside the fridge la!!
Sya : I dunno how to do this???
Ira : Just put the Ice inside the cup la...
Sya : Yah!! Omma's back! I go upstairs first!!
Ira : YAH!! YAH!! What about the water??? Aissh...

Ampunilah dosa2 Kami!

Well, before we eat, we online for a while.
Online our YM, chatted with Anya and.... ??
Well, not sure, ask Sya who she chatted with,
because I am busy downstairs do the Laundry and Cleaning the Kitchen.
Seems like Sya is the LandLady and Ira is the House Maid.

Wuuuh, So tired I am...
Omma cooked and she left all the stuff she trashed while she cook...
And I am the one who cleaned it all up.

Owh, before ALL of the above happened, we caught a few Crazy Pictures.

1-Pink February Girls
(Jijik..Jijik...Jijik.. Hahahahha. I can't accept this!! Aaaa...)
Nadia has the Sya's Baju too.. Well, the Baju is mine
I wore Sya's dress, Sya wore my dress. ^_^

2-The February Black
We are white, just the Jubahs are Black..
Oh man.. Sya's tududng ruined the Title... *_*

Hhahahhaha.. X_X

3- Coming Home From Kuliah Subuh
(Aren't we a good girls.. Well, February Girl always the nicest.. Hehehe)

4- The February Good Girls
Sya, did u remember what the Ustaz tought us at the Kuliah subuh?? Because after I read this Japaese book, I think I lost everything. X_X

And lastly, We discover a MERMAID in my Room!!!
Well, Sya said it is Dugong, O_o
But I said it is Duyung!

This mermaid is Clever, she can READ books!!
I am Going to be RICH!!
LOL...LOL... Bwahahahahahhaha..

February girls CAN'T be stop!!!
They CONTROL this February..

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10 Response to "February CF ^_^"

  1. Hazim Says:
    February 14, 2009 at 10:24 PM

    salam.. hi korang.. kat umah nk berlawa ke.. ape kes.. haha.. :D

  2. Ira The Antagonist says:
    February 14, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    Hazim ::: Hahahaha.. biase la.. model..
    nnt klau hazim dtg kite berlawa2 la lg..
    pastu tgkp gamba.. hehe..
    hazim dtg? O_o

  3. penglipur lara says:
    February 14, 2009 at 11:10 PM

    IRASYA BAND!!!! (screaming until admitted to hospital for 2month due to voice box injury)
    don't worry meh..she's fine..

    OH! back to the story,
    IRASYA BAND!! SARANGHAE!!(still screaming xinsaf2)
    Well..ermm..well ..
    I'm your NO.1 fan!!

    Since u guys in the industry..
    you really help me to become rich..
    now I'm a billionaire..
    Thanks 2 u..
    because ..

    ever since..u guys started singing..
    many windows and glasses r broken..
    thanks 2 u meh..
    many people come to make windows with me..

    call Olang Kayo Baru at 01x-xxxxxxx
    Kami pakar dlm pembikinan tingkap..
    cakap saja..
    Mau tingkap bolat, 4segi, tingkap pecah pon bole..
    Jgn malu2..
    Call sama saya..
    Saya kasi discount 10 sen..sbb saya suka sama lu..(olang lain xdpt woo)

  4. Ira The Antagonist says:
    February 14, 2009 at 11:43 PM

    Penglipur Lara...

    She is IraSYa Band's fanatic fans...
    aren't u the Leader of Our Official fanclub...
    PenglipurLara Club...
    THat's the name of our official fanclub...
    and the official colour for our band is.... ermm..
    (nk muntah... jijik...)

    Ira : TO all my fans, especially Penglipur Lara FanClub, Thanks for supporting us!!!
    Hope you guys will be our fans forever...
    I love you guys!!


    Owh, I do need one Cermin Bolat please, because these days fans keep coming to my house, and screamed.... so my 3 windows kinda pecah...
    so I need 3 CErmin bolat, please!
    Telima kasih ya apek, saya akan jd customer tetap lu maaa.... jgn risau... dan diskaun jgn lupa maa...

    Thanks to Our Fanclub, Penglipur Lara for supporting us!!
    Saranghamnida!! Hope you'll looking forward to our asia tour concerts!!


  5. Ira The Antagonist says:
    February 14, 2009 at 11:45 PM

    Ah! Before I forgot...

    To all my fans, especially Penglipur Lara fanclub, don't forget to buy and taste the Kliwon Chikedis ya!!??
    KAmsahamnida!! Saranghamnida!!

  6. sya\(",)/ Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 12:02 AM

    pglipur lara!!!awk mmg!!!mmg!!mmg!!!bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(gelak guling2 smbil mengalirkn air mate yg deras TTT__TTT)
    hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah(cmne nk stop gelk ni)kihkihkihkihkihkihkih....kahkahkahkahkahkahkahkah(breath in..breath out...)hahahahahahahahahahahaahahha =p adeehh..pnt gelak...

    btw...sokonglah band kami..kami jnji akn buat yg trbaik d mase dtg..n skng ni tgh sdg lksanekn projek..iaitu..mengeluarkn satu album sehari.."ONE DAY ONE ALBUM"..
    dah laku kn..nk buat camne..
    erm..haa!!lupe nk bgtau..dlm satu album tu ade 13 lagu..so..total..semiggu 91 lagu..kalo sebln..390..kalo sethun??..haa renug2kn..dan selmt beramal...

  7. Ira The Antagonist says:
    February 15, 2009 at 12:15 AM

    390 lagu sebulan...??


    owh, saya cume rap je...
    so mulut agak berbelit je la...
    Vocalist ialah Sya...
    mulut dialah yang akan robek...


    Band ni ade MAIN DOctor sendiri..
    so asal concert abes je , tros kne pegy jumpe doctor tu...
    Asal recording habes je, tros gi jumpe itu doktor...
    betolkan mulut Ira dan Sya....

    Producer, penulis lirik IraSya Band ade dlm lebih kurang 50++ la...
    so sbb tu lagu byk...
    org dgr pn muntah2 dh...


    Band ni sebulan je...
    Dlm bulan february je...
    so sbb tu lagu kitorg byk..
    konon sebulan bagaikan setahun ♫♫♪

    Lalalala... ♫

    IraSya Band - Moto Kami Ialah...
    "Sebulan Bagaikan Setahun"

  8. Nas says:
    February 15, 2009 at 3:29 PM


  9. Ira The Antagonist says:
    February 16, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    Alamak!! Kita ada Anti-fans la...

    Hahahah (gelak guling)

  10. fathmah says:
    February 16, 2009 at 9:57 PM

    alamak,i need to bash that anti-fan XD


    im still searching ALL OVER Singapore for that kliwon cikedis !!

    .. but up to no avail T-T

    tell me kt mane ade jual.

    boleh i recommend kan kat makcik jual2 makanan kat kantin skola =D