Korean Dayout!

Irah Aizi
Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today, I went out with Ieyla, Aliea and Niera.
We went to a Korean shops and Korean restaurant.
The restaurant name is "B. Station"
I heard of this restaurant before, but I didn't know that the place was this near. haha!

We all ate Chicken Teriyaki. It was pretty delicious though.
Teriyaki is okay than Kimchi.. LOL! (Mianhae Koreans~)
Then after that, we saw a ChristmasTree-look-a-like, with polaroids hanging at it.
I was like "let's take some polaroids!"
We took 2 polaroids, and brought one home. cool! Other one, we hang it at the tree.
and we get to decorate our polaroids with some cute stickers ^_^ and "my awful" handwritings! -_-

Wanna go there with 7G! and take polaroids together! :)
and Rowena, Alia and Jocelyn too!! And I will try to bring Lyna along when she come! ^_^

really had fun with dongsaengs today! :)

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